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  1. Kudos to you! Had the problem and your fix worked for me to.
  2. I got this problem and sorted it out just today. screen shot here: Everything is still clickble - just not visible. I had Windows 7 automatically check for a Nvidia (GTX275) graphics driver update - which seemed unlikely as I only built the PC 2 weeks ago. Low and behold - updated and now working...
  3. I've just come to reinstall, reativate since I lost my system to a RAID-0 failure. I got the same whitescreen problem - the menu screen was functional but blank image elements, making it impossible to use. I updated my graphics (Nvidia) card driver, rebooted, now it works.. :-)
  4. oh yeah, had a spate of collisions last Sunday. Wingie was returning to formation as I made a sudden climb. Very nasty head-on collision. Sometimes you share the blame, other times the AI just wants a good kicking.
  5. Ah now I understand better. I've been confused by having played through countless missions in the 'Georgian Oil War - chapter 1' campaign, only to end up flight missions like 'security guard' again and again, even when I've succeeded in the mission objectives. So if I have a lousy run, with a number of deaths, I lose points even if I refly the mission? I've had the mission fail screen come up a few times, I've then reflown. Does a win then push me back above the campaign failure score? though it was getting a bit repetitive, I'm still enjoying it, and look forward to having the experience
  6. The end of the Flight Simulator line is NOT good news for anybody. Not for Flight Sim enthusiasts, Add-on builders or 'competitors'. The huge marketing power of Microsoft keeps the genre visible. New customers are drawn into flight sims because of the availability and mainstream acceptability of the Flight Simulator product line. Many of these gamers soon find there way to DCS, and other Combat Sim providers. Without this big glossy stepping stone, a valuable stream of new customers will simply stop. We have to hope that the FS line might be released to an independent studio, much like XSI, or
  7. Maybe I will give the script a try. Does this just automate the affinity resetting that I occasionaly do when the flight/game app is loaded, or does it offer more performance as well?
  8. Nice work, definitely at it's best when the Shark is on screen :-). Some great post processing work going on in there too.
  9. Phew...fluked it. 1. Took out 2 Anti-Air assets from the convoy 2. Circled round to the base, on the other side they're not obscured by the trees. Managed to destroy everything with the help of the other flight (and minimal assistance from wingman...who didn't seem to be in the mood to). 3. Got alert on Helicopter about a minute after all the other targets were destroyed (took out all the buildings just to be sure.) 4. Took out the Mi-8, took a surprising number of canon bursts... 5. Avoided flying over remaining convoy on way to FARP. Yippee..love the twangy rock music of campaign vi
  10. Escape key, then press the QUIT button on the Mission Paused - Interrupt pop-up. Usually you want to do this only when you've had the mission success notification.
  11. Consoles have an architecture that's built for ONE job, to run games, games written specifically to match the capabilities of that hardware. This hand and glove match-up makes for games that look fluid and play great. Look carefully though and you'll see that the PC versions of many of these games are doing more, with richer textures and higher resolutions.
  12. I know how you feel Silent Warrior, though I finally gave in and ordered it online.I had Black Shark for about 2 weeks, wondering if it was beyond my capabilities, or at least the time I was willing to devote to learning. I'd fly the Instant Action mission, without actually being able to shoot at anything. Finally, at the end of my Christmas holiday, with a couple of days to burn I decided to jump in with both feet. Read *some* of the manual, watched Wag's excellent videos, made my own notes. Compared to a standard PC game its a hell of a steep learning curve, but then I'd finished Fallout
  13. Having the option of making your pilot invulnerable is a very useful feature, given how often mine gets killed. I do wonder what criteria is used for the awarding of medals. Repeating the 'Dawn' campaign mission earned some shiny medals because I was taking out about 20 ground units every time I tried the mission...
  14. Good tips Frederf! Ouch! It's just taken me about 15 attempts to complete 'Dawn', and then only by adding a third ship. Just flown 'Coda' for the first time, something tells me this isn't going to be easier. :-)
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