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  1. Excellent news! The same helicopters mentioned in the OP? Or have there been changes in direction? :thumbup:
  2. We power it up and have to run a BIT so the computer knows certain components are installed and to account for drag with regard to fuel calculations in the flight plan. We always turn the volume down though.
  3. Still sounds like that to this day in Mike model Blackhawks.:thumbup: Everyone hates it, but I think it sounds endearing.
  4. I remember reading that BST plans on implementing APR-39 in the Huey at some point (It has the fairings on the outside and a spot on the dash to boot), is this still the case? If so and you guys need reference, I found a really good video that shows some of the symbology and what the annunciator sounds like. One thing to note that isn't mentioned in the video, the proximity to the center is not distance, but threat priority. Tighter in on the threat ring is more dangerous, irrespective of distance.:thumbup:
  5. I'd say that's got a pucker-factor of black-hole/10.
  6. I had an approximately 10 FPS reduction when I turned SLI off.
  7. I have 2 GTX-980s and I get 45-50 FPS in Georgia. Not sure what my GPU utilization is though.
  8. Belsimtek is apparently planning on making an AH-1W once they finish the Mi-24p.
  9. If the Mi-8 and Huey are any indication, I don't think its unreasonable to say that something like an MD500 or S70i (Export UH60M) will do equally well. Especially since both would be able to equip a bunch of different weapons, and/or serve as a troop transport. There are a bunch of people salivating over the CH-53 that RAZBAM (I think it was) teased a while back. And that's a dedicated heavy transport with no real offensive capabilities.
  10. I think a run of the mill UH60M would be best, it has a glass cockpit, can be outfitted with rescue hoists, FLIR*, refuel probe* and has the capability of using just about any weapon you can hang from the ESSS pylons, in addition to Volcano mine dispenser. Also the S70i is almost identical to the mike in every way, so information should be relatively freely available. *requires some airframe modification, nothing a check box can't fix.
  11. The UH60A/L is being sold on the civilian market. With the exception of certain systems, like the APR-39 and AAR-57 (which the corresponding systems are emulated in the A-10C and F-15), it should be fairly easy to get documentation.
  12. And have options to add/remove wire-cutters and Chaff/Flares without needing weapon mounts.
  13. They're still working on multi-crew, as Pocket said, but that's more in the lane of ED; and if I remember right they're also working on getting Engine TGT to have an effect as well.
  14. A UH-60A/L/M would be amazing, but I'm incredibly biased. The fact that it can mount all manner of guns/missiles/rockets is an added bonus.
  15. I understand what you're saying. However, I don't think its a problem and it does not bother me one bit that the rotor blade shadows in the game don't look exactly as my eyes see them in the real life. If you want to get this picky, then the rotor blades look nothing like I see them when I'm flying; they look like how a camera would see the bur. You're looking down a very deep rabbit hole my friend.
  16. Of course the game isn't going to render exactly what the human eye sees, that's nearly impossible. The refresh rate of your eyeball is completely irrelevant to the conversation and has nothing to do with why the rotor blade shadows flicker unexpectedly on screen. That said, as a helicopter aircrew member, I can tell you with 100% certainty, from first hand experience, that you DO see the flicker of the blades in the real life. You can stop beating the dead horse now. As I've said earlier, the problem likely does not lie with any technical problem that may be present in the module or DCS world. Rather that it was the frame-rate of the game/youtube being timed to some extent with the rotor RPM being the culprit.
  17. I'm well aware of the blur model for the rotor; however, it shouldn't spin slower. I would be very surprised if it did and would be forced to consume my head covering. The reason you see the non-blur model more than the blur model is because it is spinning slower and thus has more time on your screen; whereas the blades at full RPM (IE blur model) have maybe one frame in 20 at most. That's not even taking into account that your FPS and the blades would appear to stand still or spin slower or more erratically. If shadows weren't calculated every frame, you would know, they would be completely broken.
  18. The shadows are calculated in real time anyway; it doesn't matter if the blades are static or spinning at a million RPM, the performance cost is the same. The problem arises when your FPS fluctuates, due to other factors, and it is rendering frames while the shadows are elsewhere due to the timing of frames. This is exaggerated when FPS fluctuates and stutters. :thumbup:
  19. You have to factor in little hitches and stutters. The blades are spinning at the correct speed and casting shadows appropriately, so it has to be frame-rate. Even if you're getting 15FPS, you're not going to see the blades flicker properly. Its only going to look like it should once you Get above 60FPS consistently. It looks good enough to me, like I said in my earlier post the whole cabin/cockpit flickers because your eyes aren't fast enough to see individual blades.
  20. I can promise you, I have seen it first hand, the flicker does exist. And it isn't really like you see in videos, you see the whole cabin flicker. Source: 244 hours in the back of an HH60M.:pilotfly:
  21. It looks like the frame rate is causing the rotor shadows to go intermittent. In the real life, its MUCH worse; its like the sun turned into a strobe light and can actually make you sick if it catches you wrong.
  22. The tail is shaped like a wing to reduce pilot work load and counter a bit of torque. It also allows the pilot to continue to fly (with a lower power setting mind you) somewhat in the event tail rotor effectiveness is lost, provided there is enough forward airspeed.
  23. I fly in the back of real helicopters, If you're trying to fly a certain heading with a cross wind you're going to "crab" or you're going to drift to the side. I haven't had an issue with the trim ball, except for it bobbling from side to side on occasion when I get a little over-zealous with my pedal inputs.:joystick:
  24. The blades should teeter about the flapping axis.
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