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  1. Disregard the upper post then. I had that exact same problem but only happened after I installed one of the mods. Sorry I couldn't help you further.
  2. I checked to see if I could remember what mod it was and I narrowed this to 2 possibilities, as far I can remember: Enhanced FPS Over Water Mod, by D-scythe; and Overcast Cloud Mod V.2 by Mitch Janssen
  3. Wait!!!! Before you going to check your MB or any thing else, I'm almost certain that you have some mod installed (probably water and/or overcast mod). If that's the case then you have there your problem and crash reason. Uninstall the water and/or overcast mod. I presume you used Loman to do it so use it to unistall too. Check to see if you now can change cloud density withou any problems (I'm betting you can). Install one mod each time and check to see if it causes any crash. Once you found the mod that is causing you to crash don't use it. Unfortunately I don't remember exactaly what was the mod that give me that exact problem. I only remember it was some water or overcast mod.
  4. Thanks, but I've already tried macro, advanced command and several quantitize time levels but always with some result. I'm keeping the CTRL+Home and CTRL+End for now. If, until I've finished the profile, I can't figure out how to make it work I'll release it with a note referring to the key change. Among others, slider controls flaps where all positions are available, MFD's zoom controlled by rotary, trim by hat, with possibility to reset trim and cursor movement by throttle mini-mouse. I use Track IR 3Pro+Vector, so I'm not going to program any keys for player head view movement.
  5. I have the same problem but only when I install Enhanced FPS Over Water Mod. I really like the mod and have a good frame rate improvement as well, but the lickering I get is pretty annoying. As you I use DC3 when changing drivers but I suspect I'll install it once again just to see if I get rid of the flickering. Currently I reverted to standard water
  6. I'm currently working on a X52 profile for LOMAC 1.1 It will include 3 modes, which will be doubled by using pinkie: Mode 1 (+pinkie) -Taking Off/NAvigation/Landing Mode 2 (+pinkie) -Air to Air Mode 3 (+pinkie) -Air to Ground I'm using the default keys for the profile but I came to a point where there is a combination of keys that I can't figure how to programme in the profile. The combination in question is Right windows+Home and Right Windows+End (Engine Start and Engine Stop). Of course I could change the key for combination, which I already did (CTRL instead of Right Windows) and that solves the problem. However, as I'm thinking in releasing the profile I rather use the complete default key actions. Any one can give me a hand in order to figure out how to programme this combination in the profile? Every time I press the button it only assumes I'm pressing Home or End, and thus the Engine won't start or stop Other then that the work is going well with many of the functions already tested in game and working perfectly. I'll probably still change some functions from one button to another in order to make it easier and more intuitive to use. After all it will have almost all the functions programmed to buttons, hat and axes Many thanks
  7. I'm currently working on a X52 LOMAC profile. It will work with 3 modes (1 - navigation/take off/landing, 2 - AA, 3 - AG) I'll probably use the pink switch also for certain functions. I'm using the default keyboard assignments for QWERTY keyboard in the profile. I hope to have it all done soon.
  8. And don’t think the graphic industry (PC and console) is now so much dependent of raw hardware memory and CPU speed. I’m inclined to believe the difference is now made in architecture instead. The direction I suppose the industry is taking is in taking all they can get from 512 MB and CPU cores running at 3.2. This is being done by optimisations in hardware design rather then any other reason. I do believe 512 MB and 3.2 CPU exclusively dedicated to graphics can really surprises us as long they optimise hardware use and the software it self go along doing the same. This, of course, is just my opinion.
  9. I do hope. The console industry is much powerfull then PC (entertainement aspect speeking). I do hope the PC is not left behind as, how many I may like PS2 or PS3 future games, I still prefer my PC with all it gizmos then the plain consoles. I have Ace Combat 5 for playstation and it is a good game...for the PS2. But when I really want to immerse my self in games there is nothing quite like the PC. But when I look to that PS3 presentation, thats really amazing :) I do want does graphics in a PC too, ;)
  10. I don’t even know what to say. My jaw dropped and I still didn’t find it to talk
  11. Richard Burns Rally screens as well I think this will clear things a bit about this two. Along with LOMAC they're the top of the class. Currently my dedication goes for GTR and LOMAC. RBR are a bit left aside, as the spare time is scarce.
  12. Thanks for your reply Jason and I’m glad I’m not the only one who is using my spare time between LOMAC and GTR. In fact this seem to be the only games I play for some time. In LOMAC I have all option on high but, as you, the water is set on high (the default for high graphics) and the visible rage is also tweaked a bit (using LOMAN). However I don’t get the frame rate to drop so low as for you. The minimum I get is 23 in runway, and while flying over a city a low level is normally between 25/29. I don’t if you changed the day lod from the 40000 initial to 20000, but it can make a difference if you didn’t. I play at 1280x1024, 4xAA 16xAF.
  13. I’m planning to upgrade my processor. I own a P4 3.4C and I’m thinking in going to an AMD 3800. What happens is I’ve been seeing several reviews and the performance difference between to two go from around 15% to 32% (always in favour of AMD). I currently run LOMAC 1.1 with a frame rate around 23 (at ground level) and around 35 (it varies from 35 to 75) at normal flight level I use an ATI X800 XTPE, with graphic option set at high with a small change in day LOD (graphics.cfg change) What I’m asking is if someone with an AMD 3800 can post some feedback regarding LOMAC.
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