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  1. Nice Models.. Anyone know why the Sim-Mod site is Down?:(
  2. Good News we waiting :thumbup:
  3. 3GO you are all great!!!!:thumbup:
  4. This is a great thing! Finally we will see a serious plane...:smilewink:
  5. Still Thank you Vyrtuoz, i will contact Ezor , Thanks for your support. :thumbup:
  6. Hi Vyrtuoz, Thanks! it works fine!:thumbup: I had only some trouble to implement the XML Debriefing into my PHP Site. Is it possible to have some more information about implementation of the PHPTacview.rar into an php site with the folder's or a little guide? Thanks in advance..
  7. Here some Nice Detailed Screen of The Plane, Simulators and Cockpits http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/6079/f22ausairforce182kz7.jpg http://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/imgs_cockpits/lockheed-f22a.jpg http://www.militaryparitet.com/editor/assets/cockpit_-_panel%5B1%5D.jpg An F-22 Simulator http://www.producersairforce.com/images/F-22ckp.jpg http://www.producersairforce.com/images/F-22.jpg http://www.aviation-news.co.uk/media/raptor3.jpg Nice Plane's photos from FighterOps Forum: http://images.google.it/imgres?imgurl=http://www.usminc.com/images/trainers/cockpits/co
  8. It's Great!, Will be also great have the cockpit similar to real plane, or an avionics like the other planes already modelled in the game. Congrats!
  9. Hi all, To stay in the argument, my wish list is : 1) The amphibious means like tank or Amphibious assault ship, that can travels over water and earth.:D 2) New Ships like for example: Cruiser, BattleShip, Destroyer, New Carrier of the varius European Nation.:) 3) New Maps! We Flied over over this same territory for 4 years , we like it, but damn they are always the same..;)
  10. 1) F-16 Block 52 2) Su-27 Flanker 3) F-18 Hornet 4) Apache
  11. Ah wow!:megalol: This is great NEWS! .. i mean also for future of DCS.. I think people can helps the ED with some works for accelerate the times about the release of the future aircrafts! :smilewink:
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