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  1. let me test it on my game PC at home when I can ...
  2. Oh, and this was what the config looks like in TBTk.
  3. OK, most of you know how TouchBuddy works. You have multiple tabs that display groups of buttons and/or modules, and each button can send user defined macro lists to the currently active window. Now, with v1.3, I added a module that automatically creates a transparent area in selected tabs to allow other applications to be "seen" through it. The following is the same profile as the above picture, I just selected another tab. The click-through module also allows the user to define where they want the named window moved to (relative to the TB window), and also tries to resize it as required. It also forces the "NOACTIVATE" flag into the named window state so you cannot accidently click on the displayed window and give it focus (which will minimize any full screen game window). As the module can be placed on a layer, you can then define buttons to be on a higher layer, which will then cover parts of the transparent hole in the TB window. The second image shows the TB window with buttons placed on a higher layer, covering the transreparent area that should display the whole VP window underneath. (BTW, when TB exits it will move the named window back to where it was, and attempts to return it to its original height/width). NOTE: This has been tested only on my laptop, I`ll have to find some time to get the LUA stuff tested on my home gaming rig.
  4. both :) Give me a while to get this working and i`ll post some screenies
  5. I think thats something I should be doing... the last time I tried VP, it wouldnt run. I`ll grab the latest and see what I can do.
  6. So, without actually reading the rants/vents/ramblings of 12 pages of circular discussion :) what are the conclusions here? cheaters suck exploits suck cheaters who use exploits double suck Lockon does not have the in built tools to allow server admins to ban players by name or by IP address telling people not to do something just means those that do will ignore it anyway some people here disagree with another bunch of people here some people diagree with both the above groups ED now know about it and are looking into a fix (possibly for LOBS i guess) this thread will go on and on, round and round forever, until either the fix is out, BS is out, Duke Nukem Forever is out, or someone puts this thread out of its misery and locks it the above three groups will then start another thread, talking about something else (usually about how the F-15s are getting a hard time with the latest patches, or how sucky the accurate fuel consumption simulation is for the SU33, or that the SU25 has the wrong shade of black on the tyres/tires), but it will end up back on this thread with some lateral change of topic a fourth group of people will then wonder why the hell they are here in the first place and p_ss off over to Fighter Ops and/or Falcon4AF and/or EECH2 ...or did I miss something vitally important here? :) If ED are looking at the problem, it will get fixed... of course, all the server admins have been absolutely screaming out for remote administration tools for lockon since day #1, with or without a dedicated server EXE, but these items never got picked up, so the only people who can actually run a server or kick players on a server are the people who have (real or virtual) desktop access to the servers themselves, policing is pretty hard to do. Play with what you have, be grateful for what you can play, look forward to future fixes and releases, make changes where you can, work around or ignore the things you cant change... but please guys, sometimes I wonder if we are all on the same side.... I`m not looking for "THIS GAME ROXORS! EVERYONE SHOULD BE PLAYING IT, AND IF YOU DONT YOU ARE LAME!", but the LO community is small enough as it is without in-fighting about something that the game supports but shouldnt, and you cant actually do anything about fixing it, changing it, or forcing people not to use it. Now, repeat after me: Breath In.... Breath Out... Breath In.... Breath Out... Breath In.... Breath Out... Breath In.... Breath Out...
  7. (And both the VVS504 A2A and A2G servers are back online again after a small unscheduled hardware outage that I didnt spot until this morning. Sorry about that)
  8. Windows multitasking defines which CPU or core an application is assigned to (unless the program itself is forced to run on a specific CPU/Core). If a task is ready to be run, the system will hand off CPU time to whichever CPU/Core is next ready to run something. By default, Lockon will run on whatever CPU/Core is ready to run something, and hence lockon itself can swap between CPU/Cores.... it doesnt care which one, it just wants to run, and the system happily passes it to the next available CPU/Core that can run it. Using procaff to start an application just tells the system that the named application (lockon in this case) can only run on Core #1. It doesnt mean that other tasks cannot run on Core #1.... if a task needs to run, and the next core that is ready to run something happens to be core #1, it will run on it, but with lockon running almost all the time, core #1 tends to onloy run lockon. Most applications run then sleep until they need to do something. Only when they wake up do they get run. Games on the other hands tend to never sleep.... they want to run flat out 100% of the time. So telling procaff to run a game on one core means that the game will only run on that specific core, and will mostly use all of the CPU cycles it can get. Now, the other "normal" applications will sleep until they are requested to do something. In the case of the graphics drivers, they sleep until something tells it to draw/process something. It will then request CPU time from the system. With the game running as much as it can on core #1, the system will hand out CPU cycles on whichever CPU/Core is "free" to run something, which would mostly be core #2 in this case. As games become more and more multicore aware, they should be able to use ~100% of all the cores. The game will want to run 100% on as many cores as you have, and the system applications will wake up and do their work as well, taking CPU cycles away from the game but only when they need to. The two combined should be able to use 100% of all the cores (or as close to it as you can get).
  9. that pretty much sums it up. I changed motherboard and CPU, but the rest of the system was the same (drives, memory, graphics card, etc)
  10. Slow indeed :) OK, how can I explain this.... if you have multiple cores, then you can have two applications running at any one time, one on each core. With multitasking, the system will generally make a task that wants to run be process on the next available core/cpu that is ready. So if Lockon is running pretty much flat out, but can ONLY run on one Coreat a time (whichever one that may be), then the rest of the system will be able to use CPU time on the other core. On my system, I used the procaff application to ensure that lockon only ran on core #1 (but only to remove the online stutter) Core #1 - Lockon Core #2 - everything else So when lockon hands off its graphics calls, the graphics drivers can use core #2 without taking any clock cycles away from core #1.
  11. I still prefere Top Gear's Robin Reliant Shuttle :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9TBgkJC3co
  12. I ran lockon on a single core using the procaff application, but that was only to remove the online network stutter you can get on some systems when running on multi-core machines. If my system didnt have this problem, then what I said above would still be true. With multi-core, when an application is hammering the system but is NOT properly multi-core aware, it will only use one core at a time, allowing other applications to choose the next core than is currently "idle". In this case, the graphics drivers end up using the spare CPU cycles on the other core. So, in short, even though lockon itself is not multi-core aware, the rest of the system services and programs will use any CPU that is available, including the graphics drivers.
  13. multi-cores do help a bit, but not strictly how you would imagine. I upgraded from an AMD 3200+ to a AMD X2 4800+ and nearly doubled my frame rate... took me a good couple of hours to work out that the core that wasnt running lockon was being used by the graphics drivers (90-95% on one core with lockon, 50-65% on the other core for gfx drivers).
  14. If there is anyone else on here that had signed up on the TouchBuddy forums but never received the forum joining email, please PM me with your account name so I can go take a look at your permissions, and fix accordingly.
  15. Sorry about any delay with "stuff", just got back from a fantastic 1 week work + 1 week vacation break in California, and the jetlag has kicked in today. Work will commence on TB stuff when the following conditions have been met: When I know what day it is When I think I have enough "wife time" to keep her happy When have worked out WTF I was supposed to be working on before I left
  16. Hehe... Its not like I havent tried... a few times :)
  17. *should* be fixed now, just log in with your username and the password you chose when you created the account. If it doesnt work, PM me on here and we will get it fixed somehow :)
  18. I think this thread's subject of "Cable snap on Kuznetsov, bye bye Su-33" might be a hint.
  19. ggg87, can I take those pictures and upload them into the gallery on the TouchBuddy forums?
  20. Ebay is usually a good place to start looking for the 8" touchscreens. Use this entire string a good start for a search: Most of the cheaper touchscreens have a native resolution of 640x480, but allow "scaling" to display higher resolutions. This tends to make the display look blurry, so if you can afford it, look for screens that say they have a *NATIVE* resolution of 800x600. If a screen does not specify its NATIVE resolution anywhere, assume its 640x480. The Innovatech TM-868 is 640x480, but sneakily the lowest setting it allows you to use is 800x600 (with scaling), unless you select the "show all resolutions" setting on your system. TouchBuddy can do profile scaling at load time, so it will rescale and resposition the images/buttons to match a screen resolution that is different to the one that the profile was originally created for. A profile created on a 800x600 screen will still be in proportion on a 640x480 screen. It also copes with wide screen resolutions by either squashing them so they fit, or keeping the aspect ratio of the buttons and the layout.
  21. Glad its working :) As I just posted over on the TouchBuddy Forums:
  22. so, its working now? The next major release will have less "new features"* and more "making it look nice and slick", with things like a preferences program to make all this stuff point-n-click. Also looking at other things to make TouchBuddy more user friendly, to give better and more detailed error reports. (* - There will still be new stuff, there are several things whizzing around my brain right now).
  23. As Rugg has mentioned, this got fixed yesterday (how this one got missed I do not know!), so go download the latest version (v1.3.0 revision 12), and all should be working correctly.
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