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  1. Can we get a Hornet over Caucasus with the new scripts please? Not that TF-71 start 130 miles away from an SA-10 site BS! Would me much appreciated!! S!
  2. FIXED POSSIBLE FIX: Seems to work now that I'm no longer running luae.exe as administrator.
  3. **Note, the last '\' symbol does not appear in the quote box, but is there in the files. Looks like it should work. Still doesn't. Checked my directories, and everything is correct. The script just draws a blank. If I try to generate a mission after the stock first mission, the script says it's unable to open the files in the scripts mod directory.
  4. I second this. I've double, triple, and quadruple checked my file paths.
  5. I'd say its pretty good as it is. If defending from a long range shot, you just need to notch the tomcat that is guiding it. He'll lose the TWS track and the missile will go ballistic. If it does turn on its radar, you should already be notched and pumping chaff. There's a pretty good chance it goes for the chaff instead. I think the implementation is fine, but that's just my opinion. TL;DR: Get gud. The r77 on the other hand is pure magic, and very horribly implemented.
  6. Here is a quick fix I made several months ago for the Tomcat. Simply extract and copy the CoreMods and Sounds folders to your main DCS folder. They have been tested online, and do not invoke integrity check failure. It should be noted that the mod will have to be reinstalled after every update. If you are unhappy with the mod, simply repair your DCS installation. This mod improves the pitch whine of the intake side, and attempts to reduce the effects of the roar while on the tarmac. I also attempted to improve the wind sounds when on the deck/ground. Enjoy!! -riboyster https://drive.google.com/file/d/13EgdKQmkiIFGXthtgk57Ag9ypscLydxJ/view?usp=sharing
  7. It says freeware, but I hope if it launches you guys open up a gofundme account so you can have my money.
  9. I incorrectly entered my target coords, and erased my JSOWs manually. Now I am unable to enter coordinates or altitudes of any time. On the stores screen, each store with JSOW has the word ERASE below it. If I erase them again, the stores go back to standby mode during the erase, then return to ERASE mode when done. Is this proper functionality? I can't seem to find anything online. Thanks.
  10. I think at this point you can trust ED to get shit done accurately. Keep in mind the government is watching. ED is not going to release classified information and get shut down and jailed. Common sense, man.
  11. I recall the original tomcat release AI using AIM54s appropriately. Pretty sure this bug was introduced in the 1st patch.
  12. I should note that a clean su25a can climb like a motherf#@%er too though, so be wary.
  13. The frog will out turn the cat. Fight vertically, that is your strength.
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