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  1. Yes, I got the replies I was asking for from him and HB team. Thanks,
  2. Hi, I´m getting a CTD everytime the FFB feature is enabled in the miscel menu. I know the "unofficial" Thrustmaster drivers needed to make it work under windows10 are rather problematic in other sims like P3D or MSFS2020...but I have no issues with the (great) FS Force external application in P3D. My question is this: is anybody using this hardware with DCS?. If so, is there any way to make the FFB feature work with it?. Thanks in advance,
  3. Great!. I have not tested it, actually few flight hours on the F-14. But, sorry for asking, is your statement confirmed by developers (perhaps you belong to the HB team.. ?). Thanks!
  4. Hi, First of all, congratulations and thanks for the impressive F-14 recreation!. I have a question related to the aerodynamics effects of external stores: are they modeled?. I assume they are not, at least in terms of aircraft stability and control impact. I´ve read that you´re working on a more realistic drag model for external stores configurations (fuel tanks and under fuselage weapons, right?). So, my question is if you have planned to include some directional stability degradation due to external stores as points the Natops. Yes, I am fully
  5. Will this mod be compatible with ED´s next patch?. It´s supposed they will tweak some AI engagement behaviours there.
  6. Definitely, ED should look into this in their next patches. Although SAM threats can be *easily* handled by human piloted aircrafts, it results absolutely frustrating and disastrous for the rest of the AI flight... :( Álvaro
  7. I do believe something that easy would help A LOT against manpads, aswell as some restriction in the maverick use. It would be great if minimum maverick distance to the target could be commanded to the flight. Right now the flight keep their track firing mavs until they almost end above the target and at very low altitude. Then they start a quite stupid break manouvre which only further delays their *hot-zone*egression, bleeding at the same time all their energy in an useless turn which leaves them without true manoeuvring capability against a SAM. Aside, reaching this point, and given the
  8. Hi, Any hint about using flight (and wingman) to attack a target defended by iglas/stingers?. I´ve found *quite* easy to handle my flight to deal with -the easier to spot- SAM armour threads...but SAM manpads are always a nightmare for them since always almost all the flight result badly damaged or downed at the begining of the attack. I think ED should improve the flight AI on this respect or at least (a good improvement I think) giving us the chance to force the flight to employ a minimum safe altitude (3000-5000 ft). I´ve not found such possibility in the comms menu and once a flight
  9. JACN

    Microsoft Flight

    Making the most of what my partner has mentioned. SE Superbug still is not the highest standard in realism FSX can offer since our PRO version development is in (good) progress and will use a 100% custom Flight Dynamics Engine, which basically will mean: no realism limitation. The limit will be the data used in the aerodynamic model and Control Laws (real Hornet code based, btw)...and of course the PC computational capability. But so far, you do not have to worry about this.:smilewink: Please, for *informed* discussion about VRS products...please, go to www.vrsimulations.com. Thanks
  10. Patch v.1.0.4.x released! :) Álvaro
  11. Upgrade payware Aside of a completely new and -WAY- more advanced Flight Model (Aerodynamic data-set and Flight Control Laws) it will include aditional features as is ACL and systems/avionics upgrades. Álvaro
  12. No it´s not, trust me...;) PRO will be FAR closer to what a real life engineering simulator is. Amongst other things it will use a 100% custom Flight Dynamics Engine, different than the native MSFS one. It will be a completely new sim inside MSFS shell. Only FSX (NICE) visuals will be used... :) Álvaro
  13. If you like it because of realism...wait until the PRO version :music_whistling: ;) Álvaro
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