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  1. I gotta say mustang I've been watching the progress on this project you are doing and it's definitely awesome! Good job man! Peace
  2. An easy way also is just Switch to R-73 in TWS and you can keep the TDC Box on the tgt and it wont auto lock a BVR contact and just switch to ER when ready to lock and fire, although I'm sure you already know this but this is a good tip for newer fellas in the Russian birds! Peace
  3. Reason why 104 is popular IMO is because they are an extremely chilled out crowd with no heirs about themselves. They are easy to talk to and don't pretend to sit on some sort of all knowing of pedestal when talking to you. And that's how it should be. Simple equation: More friendly = More people join to fly on your server. More Ego = More people give you the middle finger and go fly on the 104th LOL! Peace
  4. I have this issue as well and it would be nice to know how to fix it? Anyone from ED willing to reply as to why more than 1 monitor messes up the night vision? Anyone know if changing any values in any file could fix the aspect ratio for NVG's when they are on? Peace
  5. Registered waiting approval of account. Peace
  6. Zerol I cannot find my name on that list, and i hope KDR is not counted when someone shoots you down with a missile, because this happened to me yesterday and coolhand by some retard on your server. Peace
  7. Mustang the pack is missing DoctorK's Pit in it, as it currently only contains textures but no shapes unlike the previous pack you released , just thought id give you a heads up. Peace
  8. I think also the network code is not very efficiently managed
  9. I agree about Tacview Frostie, this app seems to drop FPS for everyone quite substantially including myself. I think Yoda is also right also about having some sort of LOCERF Modpack which would really improve things for everyone across the board. That way we would be on the same page and no opportunity for ambiguity. Just curious guys, what mods were people using that could affect the server? Peace
  10. FC2 doesn't seem to be very stable in handling events. I hope we can have some sort of test event every month at the very least once so that we can test the parameters of the game and find out what works and what doesn't My request to ED is could you please work on stability for MP and how events are managed properly please for the next patch, many of us will be happy to contribute our time and machines to stress testing anything new. @51'st guys it wasn't ERI or Leavu, yoda explained this very conclusively even on comms after the event, it was other factors. There were only 4-5 people
  11. Truly Drool worthy :shocking:
  12. Slam everyone? So calling you out on your BullSh#t is now called slamming is it? I see... must be fun living in that delusion you call reality.
  13. Just out of curiosity how long have you used Hyperlobby? Or rather how long have been in this Lockon community? You seem to be talking about adaptation.... Who exactly are you to tell us what to adapt to? "Realtime communications features to the current ED server browser" lol.... all i gotta say is you must be incredibly ignorant or delusional to think ED will implement any of the features that HL has in the present or for that matter in the near future... Tell ya what... Go ahead wait till that "Feature" is implemented and till then myself and others will use Hyperlobby. You talk
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