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  1. Ok after further digging around it appears I have it somewhat working. When first starting up DCS World I was only getting half a screen and couldn't click full screen. I was able to move the mouse down the screen till I got it to light up and clicked it....joy
  2. Hello all, It appears after a clean install that I Start up DCS 1.5 and get the opening screen but nothing is clickable. I see my login info but it is small with an arrow going to the right, any help please. Regards, Grump
  3. Nomad and Packman...without you two it would not have been much of a challenge... We of RvE congratulate the both of you along with the rest of the participants for a fine match. I agree that you were not blown away except for the last match. The two of you along with the rest of the participants fought valiantly. We from RvE are grateful of the competition.
  4. <S> Gentlemen and I would first like to thank all for the extreme amount of time that all involved and committed to this and all past RF's. I participated in RF_2 but not with my squad and unfortunately I had to leave early. On this one I stayed to the end except couldn't stay for debriefing I would say that I had probably the most fun playing this game ever. What a great joy it was to fly with a group of like minded gentlemen. I think by luck that somehow I survived, for the life of me a can't figure out why as I don't think of myself as even an ok BVR pilot. Heck most of the tim
  5. I tried the new debug and this is what appeared in the white box after I pressed 'S' to start the game. As usual it showed disconnected. Hope this helps. <S> 0,00 210,96 259,72 1,53 1,00 0,00 4087,89 3002,19 0,03 0,00 5,50 0,80 0,00 0,00 5,50 -56970,00 4085,70 3029,00 -56970,53 4087,89 3029,07 0,00 0,00 0,00 67,50 67,50 320,00 320,00 4700,00 0,00
  6. This program sure does look good and would be of great help for my old eyes but unfortunately I am having the same problem as the last version. When the mission is loaded and the screen first comes up I see the change in Virtual Panel go from Disconnected to Connected. Once you push the 'S' key to start the mission the panel returns to the Disconnected in upper left of Virtual Panel. Sure wish someone could find a fix for this. It looks good and a wonderful idea but not working for me.
  7. Neg...go to Start then control panel then System...
  8. <S>...Thought that I would say that I am having the same problems getting VP to work. I am going through a router so wonder if it could be that? Anyway hope to find a solution soon as I somtimes have trouble seeing the gauges in plane.
  9. Ok a couple of things here that may help you as I had the same problem with my stick for a long while and this is what corrected it from all that jumping. First go to options/input/device set to thrustmaster cougar and axis/go to right and click on test...make sure smoothing is set to 0. Second go to the Lock On\Config\Producer file and make sure ForceFeedbackEnabled is set to false. Set deadzone and curves in game. You are good to go. <S> =RvE=Grump
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