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  1. Just copy the “default.lua” for the aircraft you are using, and rename it as “F16 MFCD 1.lua”, and again as “F16 MFCD 2.lua”. This should solve your problem and allow you to map any of the MFCD to your other controls (not axes).
  2. Pots with two and a half rotations from one end to the other are available. I have use one with a Spitfire.
  3. I find the rate at which you can change the pitch trim of the Spitfire totally inadequate. I have over a 1000 hrs flying single engine training aircraft (prop and jet), and am well used to the need to trim constantly. When you make a flap or power change, you get to know how much trim you need to put in before fine trimming it. However on a normal aircraft this takes 1-2 secs to move the trimming wheel, whereas on the DCS Spitfire it takes very much longer. I have timed how long it takes the DCS Spitfire trim to move through its full travel and it is over 40 secs, as c
  4. Thanks Tanuki - that works perfectly.
  5. Is there any way to re-position the AI display? I run Helios, with the bottom right corner of the total display outside my monitor coverage. I suspect that bottom left is the default (only?) position in which this display appears.
  6. Thanks AG. The updated version fixed my problem. I had already found an interim 'quick and dirty' fix by changing the final line of "A-10C/Cockpit/Script/device_init.lua" to point to "Data/Kneeboard Builder Config/ etc". But I feel happier knowing it was a 'bug' and not me, and it is now fixed. Again many thanks.
  7. Thanks for the very quick response. I will install it tomorrow.
  8. Is anyone else having problems with using Kneeboard Builder with both A-10C and A-10C_2 installed. In simple terms I am unable to move the Kneeboard Display to a different location. Having looked through the various .luas it would appear (to my untutored eyes) that Kneeboard Builder is sometimes unable to differentiate clearly between the two A-10C versions. Has anyone installed KB and used it to move the kneeboard, for both versions.?
  9. I run the Huey in Helios, using a 3840 x 2160 Main Screen and a 1920 x 1090 Helios Display Screen - I also have an 800x600 Lilliput to display Kneeboard data. I cannot get the Gunners AI display to reveal itself. I suspect that it is lurking in the bottom RH corner of my total display, an area which is not visible. Unfortunately my cursor will also not leave the bounds of my display and so I have not been able to 'fish' for it and drag it back. Can any one suggest a solution, other than attaching another monitor to cover the 'forbidden zone'. I have had a poke around in the 'UhH-1H\Co
  10. Stop pestering Capt Zeen. The new A-10C is out shortly - he will have his hands full of more worthwhile activities.
  11. Kneeboard Builder not writing to Kneeboard Builder Config for some ac. I have a problem with some aircraft, notably the Spitfire and the BF-109. It would appear that they are not adding the relevant folders and 5 .lua files to 'Kneeboard Builder Config\Custom Kneeboard Settings'. Consequently the cockpit area is not being rendered. Can anyone suggest a reason, or, better still, a cure for this. I have not investigated whether these are the only 2 aircraft types showing this error. I should have added that I use Helios - although this does not stop other profiles from working
  12. I am seeing a consistent discrepancy between instrument readings on the main DCS screen and those shown on my Capt Zeen's Helios display. This is not a new problem, it was also present in earlier profiles. They are not large differences but do put some of the readings very close to limits. Read-outs on the ground, with throttle closed, are as follows: Main Screen Helios Engine RPM 660 rpm 695 rpm Torque 12 psi 14 psi Gas Producer 88 % 78 % Exhaust
  13. In reply to your question, a pop-up would be helpful. However, the update was very straightforward, thanks to your clear explanation. I will know in future to look on your Helios GitHub. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks, Derammo. That worked perfectly. Excellent response in its clarity and timeliness. No I don't use Discord I am afraid. Since I topped 75, I decided that social media et al was not for me.
  15. After updating to the latest Open Beta version of DCS, I am unable to load any of my Helios Profiles. I am getting a warning notice, saying: "Patching DCS would fail DCS failed to apply patch to Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\Multipurpose_Display_G roup\AMPCD\Indicator\BAKE\AMPCD_bake_page.lua: CONTENT_NOT_FOUND please install a newer Helios distribution or patches with support for this DCS version" Is anyone else having this problem? If not, can anyone suggest a solution?
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