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  1. Just a simple question: is TACAN working with Super Carrier (can't make it working) ?
  2. For the sun don't know but for the moon yes it's possible.
  3. Would be nice to have service airport truck for refuel like this with flash lights
  4. I downloaded the mission and I saw police car on screenshot (I don't have Syria map) the only thing you have to do (I thiink) is to replace police cars with another vehicle unarmed
  5. You have the good version, the mod has not/will not be updated The only thing you can do is to edit the mission to disable mod needed: 1-after saving original mission open the .miz with WinRAR 2-open the file "mission" with Notepad++ 3-edit/delete the section "[requieredModules]" to "--end of [requiredModules] you can now open it in ME 4-edit your mission, then save it
  6. Correction, make test yesterday with Civil Objects in 2.7.4, vehicles don't move now and some items make screen flashing .........
  7. You don't need VPC mod, just the fix for lights, for me some items of Civil Objects come back to life with the fix
  8. Civil Object are outdated, only vehicles are usuable, but ...... since this fix it seems that It's working (VPC Fix for 2.7 middle topic), make à try
  9. Just don't hide the stick .....
  10. You are right, missed this information, thanks for the link
  11. Really nice work, love the boats, will you share the harbor tugboat ?
  12. Thanks for the link, I know how to make a static template, but what I want is to save a group of static objects and place it anywhere I want in another mission
  13. You can have your mod folder where you want in your pc, like this it's totaly independant from DCS ex: I have F:\DCS World OpenBeta and for my mods F:\Mods, like this for those who have two or more DCS (OB, Release, .......) only one "Mods" folder.
  14. I find OvGME more simple to use than JSGME, you can manage DCS and Saved Games folders with only one mod folder.
  15. Humm it's in Yak-52 in your screen
  16. There will be no A-4E-C folder in Input/Config until changes are made in DCS. As soon as the changes are saved, DCS will create the folder A-4E-C
  17. Possibility to create model with static objects would be really nice. Every time I prepare airshow event I have to rebuild the environment, should like to have possibility to save it and load it where I want.
  18. The trees mod will replace only the files concerned
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