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  1. Don't agree, it doesn't work for you ? Don't use it, it works fine for others and many video makers, so let it be present for those who use it with success
  2. Working for me, made a mistake in .lua For those who want it, edited by Rudel_chw and me today, OvGME ready https://www.dropbox.com/s/ptof7g2on0jay10/CIV - Civilian Vehicles v1.96 (by Joe Rowe).zip?dl=0
  3. Tried several things in .lua with no success
  4. You'll find all links to make the mod working here Read all posts because you have to download mod wich works with 2.7.xxxx and fix wich goes in DCS core
  5. Is clock "ckecked" in mission editor (bottom) ?
  6. Not sure ReShade works with VR
  7. Is the module activated ? Did you dismount the gunsight ?
  8. Barthek already makes textures for Caucasus and Normandy (only summer for this one)
  9. C'est possible car à l'installation Reshade te demande le chemin d'installation (browse) et là tu lui indique le chemin ....\DCS World\bin\DCS.exe tu sélectionnes Direct3D 10/11/12
  10. Yes you can, go to the A-4E-C folder in Saved Games\.....\Mods\aircraft\A-4E-C....\Skins\ME and copy paste the file "base-menu-window.png" I join
  11. You can upload it on Dropbox or Google Drive (for example) and you'll be able to create a link to share the file
  12. It seems version on screenshot is 2.0.0 Beta 5.1 so there is a problem
  13. I fly this bird since the beginning and I lead aerobatic team, I don't need AoA gauge and never look at G Meter, with the usual just "sensation" make the job. Real aerobatic team I represent gave me parameters and tha's all. A link to teh manual would be fine
  14. For all aircraft, or just for Gazelle ??
  15. Cool, you are an artist, take your time you make so big work to have boats on the DCS's ocean
  16. It would be nice too to have few cilvilian boats but it's another history
  17. I know but don't want to install all the mod for one boat
  18. If a day you have time to lose, french frigate La Fayette .......
  19. Found the problem: CVN was in red coalition, in blue one no problem.
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