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  1. I have not read all proposition and may be already written but it would be nice to have possibility to create model with static objects by selection on map and copy paste where I want. Example: I made for any virtual airshows a scenery and when virtual airshow organizers change air force base I have to re-build scenery every time, this possibility is also nice when you build scenery with other objects like buildings, defensive walls ......
  2. Just for test, delete (after backup) the file "NS430.conf" located in ....\Saved Games \DCS version\Config and launch DCS (new file will be created as I test for me) EDIT: When "repair\cleanup\re-install" doesn't work, problem is often in Saved Games (wich is not impacted by these operations)
  3. Did you change anything in display settings of NS430 ? If yes try to go in display settings page of NS430 and change "Manual" to "Auto" in Brightness and Contrast.
  4. Something in the mod reduces the reflection on L-39 canopy ? Because these one are textures and specular
  5. Can you try this mod wich (normaly) reduces reflections? OvGME ready, every update break it (goes in DCS core) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rbwz0jhx1kpcpa/Textures Glass L-39.zip?dl=0
  6. I prefer OvGME because with only one mod folder I can use it for DCS core and Saved Games, more easy to use
  7. Just be sure the mod is JSGME/OvGME ready
  8. Morpheus

    besoin d aide

    Aucune idée, trouver un mod équivalent sur un autre avion pour voir comment ça se passe ?
  9. Is it activated in modules manager ?
  10. Barthek OR Mustang, the last installed overide the other, you have to make choice, better using mod manager like OvGME to install / uninstall mod and make test properly.
  11. Why screen for TF-51 ? Have you NS-430 in "Controls" ?
  12. Cool, sure I can wait, it's not à problem for me. Thanks in advance !!
  13. Hi, my skill with Photoshop is not enough good to make this skin so it would be cool if someone could make it for me. We have only one F-86 flying in France and I saw it in Villaroche airshow this month. Another thing, it flies sometime with the real aerobatic team I represent. It would be nice for me to remake their flight. For more pictures just Google FU-675
  14. Ok, change it (Statique/véhicules terrestres) and .....
  15. When they move or static ? Edit: can't made then moving but no problem, they are on the ground (infantery and static)
  16. Un p'tit truc (texture) qui traine depuis .....
  17. Yes for the mod linked in first page, for shaders mod I use the one from Mustang.
  18. Totaly compatible (for what I test it), works fine on for me
  19. Don't agree, it doesn't work for you ? Don't use it, it works fine for others and many video makers, so let it be present for those who use it with success
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