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  1. No real difficulties to follow it. The more difficult is the direction changing wich are ..... so hard
  2. Morpheus

    EDGE 340 Mod

    Not update needed works fine here
  3. Same here, may be ED decide this. It seems some players meet difficulties with it for Gazelle.
  4. Morpheus


    Use software like OvGME to apply mods, like this no problem with uninstall /install for update for example
  5. And 59625 ? What is exactly the problem?
  6. What is your version of DCS ? Only avalaible since for Gazelle.
  7. Impossible to reproduce the problem, and creator of the mod stopped development so ......
  8. You can save single player tracks, when you leave game choose "save......"
  9. You have to find the file where you want to add item, open it with Photoshop or The Gimp, add your texture, save it as .dds and replace the file in game (you can make it as a mod and use OvGME or other). Every update will break your mod and may be Integrity Check
  10. You can merge the two mods before installation as I do like this no conflict. Tu peux fusionner les deux mods avant installation comme je l'ai fait comme ça pas de conflit
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