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  1. This is not the case with activation. I have had 1.1 installed on 2 computers with the same number, Different hardware. I did this to test my problems I was having to see if it was hardware related or what. I ran both copies at the same time online because my problem was only with online gaming. I did burn an activation to do this. But they both ran just fine, as far as starforce is concerned. Didn't help much with my problem except I found it wasn't machine specific. A reinstall of windows is seen as a Hardware change with starforce. Even if you use your backup of the RegKey. So that b
  2. so how do we test these models in lockon? Is this possible?
  3. If you have flown single player on ace settings then you should have a basic idea of how it works. Most of the squadrons are willing to help out a newbie to a point. We do ask that you know how to use your radar correctly and know how to fly your plane. If you haven't read the manual, do so. Print off your Key commands because there are many of them to remember. Use your Comms to help you Identify your friendlies, so you don't shoot them down. The best way to do comms is with Teamspeak.
  4. Well Netstat really didn't say much. It quit when I launched lockon. Kind of strange if you ask me. the command I used was "netstat -abv > netstat.log"
  5. I have done the lan setup. As host I didn't get any shuttering, my client did if I recall correctly. I wasn't really testing at that point so I wasn't taking notes. Netstat will log connections to a text file. I think I will try and see if there are any odd addresses after I start multiplay
  6. I think it is hardware related, because as far as I know the Intel systems are not having the problem, only AMD systems
  7. Now is everybody using an AMD CPU? I am using an amd Athlon XP 2700+ @ 2.17 Ghz With an ASUS board and Via kt400 chipset
  8. I just tested the Onboard network adapter idea. I used a 3com pci nic 100 megabit card. Same issue with that card as with my onboard lan. :(
  9. is everybody that is having this problem using the onboard NIC controller?
  10. I dont think he was talking about the forum, he was talking about the actual web site.
  11. That doesnt seem like a very good answer to me. I think the better answer would be "We are currently having trouble with paypal that we are working to get resolved as quickly as possible. We well let you know when this issue is resolved. sorry for the trouble and inconvenience this may have caused you." Dont you think?
  12. It would be nice to get some feed back from Eagle Dynamics, I do thank all of you end users trying to help me out.
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