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  1. Hello ! First, thank you for the H-6J, great addition ! But, I can't find a way to fire anti-ship missiles YJ-12 and YJ-83K by the H-6J. (yes antiship role, attack group, etc....) What's funny, cruise missiles KD-20 and KD-63 are fired by the H-6J against naval targets without any problems....
  2. +1 No delayed fuzes bombs, no order for me !
  3. Great mod !!! With Skynet script it's a must have ! And KS-19+Fire Can AAA is amazing, finally a post WWII "Flak" same as this other great viper sim !
  4. SEA: _No earth curvature simulation , at 50ft ASL you can track at >60nm. _Radar displays a track for all object placed over the sea, even if it's a boat at 0knt "docked" at an harbour's pier. GMT: _No buildings or forest masking. _Civilian traffic undetected. Currently AG radar is the eye of Sauron. ^^
  5. Thanks for the vid', very interesting and funny. :)
  6. After today's patch, F-14A no weapons (but with underwing and underbelly pylons), 2 fuel tanks, at about 36000ft. With 2 fuel tanks I can't go over mach 1.2 After jettison fuel tanks I reach mach 2.2 Going through mach 0.9-1.2 zone with the F-14A is a real pain...
  7. https://i.imgur.com/aCGwmNl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/WpZsaCx.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ZOzuMyS.jpg https://i.imgur.com/MlkjeH3.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BJLvEeT.jpg https://i.imgur.com/MuAnl9E.jpg https://i.imgur.com/wDqf6et.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RuuwpUi.jpg https://i.imgur.com/t6YLFnR.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YbIAjvv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/F7VmXtG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ENu91yo.jpg
  8. Very nice work Reflected ! The sad thing is DCS skin's weight... >200Mo a skin, so the full pack is >5Go. A lot of space disk only for skins...
  9. Same issue here, but even without autopilot at Mach1.1 TIT go over 1200°C and both engines stall and fire (and fire extinguisher don't work). Altitude 38000ft, empty loadout. And it seems the plane have difficulties to go over Mach 1.0, and after a long time (level flight) when it finally reach this 1.1..... Booom !!! Engine are on fiiiiire !!
  10. But in Stored Heading INS Alignment procedure, confirming the latitude & longitude in the DED is not needed unlike Norm procedure. So it may be the issue with datalink not working.
  11. In addition to Stuka's quote: Aquila, after looking at your 2 tracks, I don't see lasing issue in most part of TGP's FOV. You even lase backward. The only spot where I see an issue is indeed near sidewinders, and so an idea comes to me. I did myself 3 tests. TGP on the left wing hardpoint, without ECM pod, with ALQ-184, and with ALQ-131. What I observed is that TGP's mask limit at 9 o'clock is always the same regardless if an ECM pod is present or not. Even if you have no ECM pod and your TGP could lase without issue at 9 o'clock, masking profile used is the one with ALQ-131 (the most restrictive). And a small safety margin is present too. Mask zone occurs a bit before physicaly crossing the ECM pod limits (or other stuffs). It confirm the above quotes, and mask zone seems correct in regards to the most restrictive profil imposed by DCS. So in the TGP + sidewinder configuration, the mask zone works (in DCS) as if you have an ECM pod on each wing...
  12. Yes it's very tedious.
  13. Same here ! At release the map was pretty smooth but since some times when at ground (especiallyat Incirlik and Ramat David) FPS are very low (I drop down to 18fps in some places at Incirlik).
  14. One of the numerous and frustrating ED's mysteries.... (coalitions change mod is an other exemple...):dunno:
  15. I did. I understood it will be a free core game feature, but I wanted to insist deeply on that point to mark ED's subconscious . ;) And I'm not interested to pay for control the IADS.
  16. I hope clouds position will be synchronized between host/clients in multiplayer.
  17. Not in DCS. I just come back from testing it and without P-19 SA-2 Fan Song TR is inactive.
  18. For info: in the mission SA-2 miss SR P-19 so it can't fire at F-4E and they land at Damascus Int. F-4E don't engage Mig-21, they fly strait to land.
  19. I confirm what Pilot Ike said. Track and log attached. RADARMig21.trk dcs.zip
  20. Hello ! Red/Blue Task Forces are a great addition, but only default aircraft liveries are available. So it's a bit useless for now. All liveries should be available. Thanks.
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