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  1. Hi, this time the bandits never show up ? Maybe I did something wrong during Aerobatics ?
  2. Hi, I've killed the first one but the 2nd is immortal. I've engaged them after the airshow attack. I couldn't say if they were mid way across the base when I engaged as I was N/E of the field myself by chance. I shot the 2nd one until I was out of ammo. I could see some impacts but with no effects
  3. Hi guys, Regarding the pressure, I'm just curious what the message means ?! I would expect either a QNH/QFE but with a complete pressure like 2992 or 1013 or whatever the pressure of the day. Here I'm just confused. Cheers, Mat
  4. I must have done something wrong but my Warthog (received today :D) has lost is default profile while updating from B3 to B4. Maybe I should dl and install the full B4 ? Anyone else has the issue ?
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