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  1. Hi, thanks for confirming! I wasn't sure if the 990 miles could be used or only rounded up to the thousand-miles.
  2. If I bought the Viper today and got 3990 miles, then bought the Supercarrier later on, is that a discount of $3.99 or just $3.00? Does this mean any module that advertises Miles are participating in the loyalty program? It looks like all modules except the Hawk and the BS1 to BS2 upgrade offer Miles. Thanks!
  3. Since I've run out of things to do and I'm still stuck at home, I'm getting back into DCS and finally going to learn the Tomcat. I see Heatblur has their set of tutorials plus this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=262032 but I would appreciate if others could share other tutorials they have found useful. Thanks!
  4. That could be it.... still, a $5 discount isn't a bank breaker. How do I check this "ED miles" thing if I have any?
  5. Thank you for that info and for the heads up on that program silverdevil!
  6. I could've sworn it was by itself with the 50% off offer on the last sale or the previous one.
  7. Hi! Thanks for that info! Is it possible to know the install size of each additional non-core modules? While I have space for 145GB, that'll put my fastest drive close to max and I like to keep at least 20% free space available. EDIT: Whoops! Posted just as you were. Thanks!
  8. I'm a bit short on space at the moment and just wondering how much space DCS would take up if I installed the latest stable branch? Can anyone tell me how much space each of these modules takes up: Hornet, Tomcat, Viper, Nevada, Persian Gulf? I may need to pick what I can fit for now. Thank you!
  9. I could've sworn I saw this module at 50% off/$25. Am I mis-remembering? Thanks!
  10. Really? How long ago did it "used to work"? Haven't played for years but I don't think I managed with this FOV back in the day when I was playing DCS A10C. :(
  11. Thanks for that Coug4r, however, that only sets the default zoom, ie, what your zoom is when you press the NUM ENTER button. The max zoom out is still the same.
  12. Okay, seems like an issue with the .lua files. I tried the F-18 profile and followed those instructions and the F-18 profile was working so without changing anything, loaded up the Su-25 profile and the gauges are working. Yay! But am I at risk of having something fk up due to using the F-18 lua files? Thanks!
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