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  1. - On progress improve the animation of the infantry and ground vehicles.
  2. Viper Mini-Update By Wags Wags talk about the teams: - AH-64 team (I suppouse Modern Helicopter team with the Mi-24, BS-3 and others). - Modern-day fixed wing team (Viper and Hornet, and previously modern). We can added to them. - Core team - WW2 Team (Mosquito and others) - Map team (Marianas and others) - TDK and Terrain Engine team - Dynamic Campaing team - Mockup capture team (Infantry team?) - AI Team - WW2 assets team - Modern Assets team - Supercarrier team (Ship team?) - CA team (Land team?)
  3. Supercarrier was put on preorder on January 2020. Supercarrier was put on EA on May 2020
  4. A-10C have SADL (Situational Awareness Data Link) datalink, F/A-18C has not been SADL, only Link 16, and actually, ED has none talk about how the F/A-18C share ground targets or if has capable to make them.
  5. 3rd parties has build own codes, and dont touch the core, only to your modules. Meanwhiles ED go to implement on the core as a API to work on all modules as actually the radar, damage model, air to air missile, the future supercarrier funtionality and others APIs. The missile API has on process to implement by 3rd parties from ED core. Datacard was show by Wags on a late video, but has not been release yet. Others has on progress and ED get info when that has done.
  6. On DCS directories, has been update on the last patches.
  7. Fire bombs has only a previous steep on the Napalf / FAE incendiary bombs. On DCS have none implemented yet: - AN-M69 Submunition, on E6R2 cluster adapter, a Napalm incendiary bomb. - BIN-200, a Napalm incendiary bomb. - Mk77, a Kerosene incendiary bomb. - ODAB-500, a FAE incendiary bomb. - ZAB-2.5 submunition, on RBK-250/-500 ZAB-2.5 with 3 configurations: A: Thermite, B: HE-Termite, thermite + jellied, with ignite when have release. - ZAB-500, a High Expolsive (HE) White Phosphorus (WP) incendiary bomb. The Napalm has a gelling agent plus gasoline or diesel. USA and other West countries destroy your Napalm arsenals on 1990s. On fact, Soviet was ZB500 Napalm bombs, as china and north korea. FAE on USA was CBU-55 / BLU-73A/B, CBU-72 / BLU-73/B, BLU-95 / BLU-96.
  8. TALDs, Firebombs, Datacars and Gen-X decoy require core implementation, and no have exclusive for Hornet.
  9. Chech the youtube channel, the creator start with Victorian, PreDreagnough weapons and scale to other more moderns.
  10. Spain never purchase any Exocet. The Spanish navy ships have Harpoons. Never was planned any antiship missile to Mirage F-1. About antiships, was harpoons on the F/A-18 Hornets and Ships.
  11. ED has a realistic sumulator, no a WT or similar. Please, no.
  12. The cargo aircraft has confirmed by ED team by a recent interview by a russian Youtube channel. More info can found here:
  13. Remarks: Before posting, check previous post to no repeat them. PD: Someone acuse me to delete other member posts. I not have capablity to erase any post on that theme or any theme. The only capable of erase post has the moderation forum members. I build that post to intent maintain update the "ED roadmap", no make a race about "I have the first people on post them". We need intent to: - No double post, check previous posts. - Intent confirm the info, no mods or unoficial sources. - No discussions, move them to the propper posts. - Not put angry if moderation erase a post. Intent make them friendly. - Members must treat each other with respect and tolerance. And Remember: I´m not part or represent to Eagle Dynamics, partner, or a 3rd party, and not have nothing to do with DCS: World develop or updates.
  14. ED increase Persian Gulf with 2 expansions before final release.... not sure what "challenges" has talking.
  15. "Hope to" see in a future Controlled drones on DCS.
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