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  1. DCSExposer transcript all Wags interview by CasmoTV
  2. 3rd party can´t go to make nukes with that need implement that effects into the core as fire, napalm, etc. And ED, from some problems with some weapons build by 3rd parties, has put them under your control. All equipment, weapons and othes need get to ED to add to DCS, 3rd parties dont have ability to update DCS free..... In fact, the Mig-21Bis Leatherneck nuclear bombs has only a bomb with a big conventional explosion, nothing more.
  3. Crowfunding has been a disaster in the past, remember WW2 project and how them get out of money when intent build the Bf-109K-4, the first aircraft, need to rescue by ED, and continue them the project. Developing has very expensive.
  4. Worked on on your Mallory by 3D modelers, 5-6 by coders, and someone's by "militar" contract (M2000, Av8B, Tucano......), ED has x3, x4..... That quantity. Enviado desde mi RNE-L21 mediante Tapatalk
  5. A Turboprop with professional contract with a air force..... as ED with others modules.
  6. By Cobra (Heatblur team), Develop update and Forrestal delayed yet. https://www.reddit.com/user/Cobra8472
  7. Not bad see them not only on piston propellers, turboprops require the same update.
  8. By Chizh on russian forum..... Actual "poligon count" on DCS modules and AI.... (only external models, no cockpits). The team need "raise" the detail if like reach the "bar" on actual modules. In the TS page, the 3D model has not recent, was build with 3DS Max 2012 and Mental Ray, and posted on Jul 12, 2016 (near 6 years ago). About "TurboSquid 3D" models, some long time ago (5-6 years) I was on a team with like reach the 3rd party statuts, that purchase first a TS 3D model, and need redone them by some problems with mesh, animations and text
  9. И да, есть и другие 3D-объекты, которые нужно обновить, такие как корабли, самолеты, транспортные средства, оружие и другие, но это только вопрос времени.
  10. A-10A: 336000 A-10C: 337000 A-10C II: 385000 AJS-37: 650000 AV-8B N/A: 523000 CE2: 800000 C-101CC: 748000 F-5E-3: 196000 F-14B: 1400000 F-15C: 306000 F-16CM: 732000 F/A-18C: 517000 F-86: 230000 L-39ZA: 317000 M2000C: 393000 Mig-15Bis: 259000 Mig-19P: 618000 Mig-21bis: 398000 Mig-29A: 600000 Mil Mi-8: 278000 Sa-342M: 600000 Su-25A: 176000 Su-25T: 77000 Su-27: 293000 Su-33: 300000 UH-1H: 253000 Yak-52: 390000 WW2: Bf-109K-4: 94000 Fw-190A-8: 468000 Fw-190D-9: 126000
  11. From DCSExpose, Full Transcript Air Combat Sim Podcast with NineLine:
  12. From ED Screenshots sections: P-47D Spitfire LF Mk.IX F/A-18C Hornet AGM-88C HARM
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