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  1. That situations has not new. W7 on January 14, 2020 get without suport by Windows (in fact, a dead operation system), and the same situation get when ED turn to 64 byts only system some years ago..
  2. From old 2018 "Wags on Moscow" post Hind has been on develop, and coming to release on Q2 2021. Show by Wags on old Syria map video and by Mi8Pilot on a January 2021 interview. AH-1 has talked by ED team coming after Apache. Develop has subject to changes.
  3. AI updates has on progress
  4. Belsimtek was not gobbled by ED. Belsimtek and ED join forces and now, old Belsimtek studio change your name on 2018, the studio continue working on the Mi-24 and other projects.
  5. Sa-5 has in progress, with others AI units. That was show on 2021 and beyond video. In fact, the Sa-5 EDM 3D models has into DCS directories and only missing implementation and funtionality. Has the same situations with other AI units and objects.
  6. ADM-141 TALD, Mk77, Mk-40 and AGM-45 has present as 3D models into DCS World main directories. Missing the implementation and funtionality. Has a GATOR CBU-78 mine disperser with mines BLU-91 and 92 mine not announced (Mi8Pilot talk on Mi-24 interview with ED dont have implemented yet a minelaying system and mine use).
  7. If you talk about the last Wags video (DCS: F/A-18C Hornet | Defensive Systems Update), by january 8. That show a system on develop and not release on open beta / release version.
  8. More extend translation by Stormbird https://stormbirds.blog/2021/01/09/new-dcs-mi-24p-information-translated-from-russian-interview/
  9. By the Russian military secrec act is a problem, ED dont go to make them (dont like get to jail by a game). Has the same situations to a F-14D by Heatblur or other aircrafts.
  10. Infantry Manpads has player controler on DCSW from CA release, and usable as a FPS.
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