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  1. I tried everything...shadow related every setting, I cant get rid of this problem.
  2. Hello fellow Simfriends Love DCS 2.7, it's a work of art! Thank you ED Team! Is there anything I can do, to reduce the problem which bothers me for some time now...it's visible in the raw video I made to show. The Transition from soft shadows to hard shadows is sometimes very distracting and kills the Immersion for me. Sometimes it depends on the zoom level, sometimes it looks like the surface has a influence... Best visible from 1:35... Can we do something against it? Thank you. McDan out
  3. Here we go... Gold Medal for beieng first whiner
  4. I am so happy that in today's world of "I want to have it right now", there are still people who actually have some common sense...Thank you for the nice post! :thumbup: McDan out
  5. Exactly ...guys I don't say buy everything without being cautious, but seriously, ED is the only company, which made our dreams come true in the past 10 years...:joystick: So just drink 2-4 beers less next time you go out, buy the package and support our beloved hobby!!! :thumbup: McDan out
  6. Thank you, but it just keeps hanging on the loading screen without any error message, I guess I just wait for the update...:noexpression: McDan out
  7. ????...excuse my question, is it possible to get working in the latest patch or not? Thank you McDan out
  8. Workaround for the time being...just program osb7 to a button...works for me until solved :joystick:
  9. I absolutely love my wolfpack Tshirt, the print and shirt quality is top notch :thumbup: any chance of ordering more somehow? :music_whistling: Kind regards Daniel
  10. DITO! :thumbup::pilotfly::joystick:
  11. :thumbup: looks wonderful!!!
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