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  1. Hi I have see this video: Thank to the mythical Grimm Reapers and Jabbers. But my english is very poor, and ask you if is possible explain to me step by step the computer setting. bye
  2. Thank for your support. But it is a shame Mirage 2000 it is out in the 2016 ? after four year it is still incomplet ? be careful ED you risk your reputation as well as losing customers.
  3. Hi, INS ( offset ) bombing in the DCS open beta seem broken, I would ask who as installed the last stable version of DCS, in DCS stable version works or not ? bye
  4. You are right, will be effect coronavirus ( covid-19).
  5. BETA VERSION: reserved only for tester team. STABLE VERSION: for public and all modules on store will be always in stable version. Once every one, or two months update to the next stable version.
  6. All modules obviously also from thirdy part....
  7. On store only modules and game in stable version, and beta version reserved to tester, SYMPLE.
  9. I'm sorry to read certain posts, (not that Flarp is completely wrong) however it is true there are too many incomplete modules and we should pay attention to those who "open the doors" see Veao, perhaps we could consider releasing finished modules on stable versions of the game and make updates every two or three times a year, when you are sure of what you are doing.
  10. so will we get updates every two weeks? This fact does not convince me too many modules never finished, also the desire to extend the audience of alpha testers only leads to confusion (yes alpha tester because the game will always be in beta).
  11. ivo

    A7 Corsair

    :lol: :lol: :lol: M-2000 my best module ( with F-14 and F-16 ).
  12. Hi very helpful I hope ED corrects the defect.
  13. Thank a lot I set two for quantity but where is the multiplier bellow the quantity there is set for distance. Please let me know, thank again.
  14. Thank Ramsay how I can drop two or four GBU12 concurrently ? I set 02 or 04 but Always only one drop….
  15. Thank this help with CCRP but with INS offset targhet at moment is impossible to hit the ground targhet
  16. Hi thank for your suggest but the diamond misaligned persist,
  17. I'm learning the bombing right now I'm sure I'm going to be wrong, so far I seemed to understand that it doesn't have the precision of the F-16
  18. same here, also with INS precion bombing ( offset targhet ) the bomds drop too far....you have some possibilities with jtac. M-2000 is very bad as bombing
  19. Hi try to change position or elevantion when its get orange is because or its is too far or there is an obstacle
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