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  1. Ciao, mi riferisco in generale. Grazie per le tue skin, sono le migliori in assoluto.
  2. Sicuramente lo acquisterò non in pre-vendita, l'unico rammarico è che immettono nuovi moduli, lasciando a tempi indefiniti il completamento di quelli esistenti, oramai è questa la politica. D isater C ompany S trategy.
  3. PI mode doesn't works
  4. Hi, yes from M-2000 release about 2016 it is still broken
  6. Thank for reply, I have already done but nothing....( I would see if the INS bombing its still broken ) I hope works
  7. Naaa you are a good boy :lol::lol::lol::lol::thumbup:
  8. YES I have lost to write with INS offset because in manual mode I can drop the GBU 12
  9. Hi with last update how to drop GBU 12 ? I follow the usual metod but nothing...:joystick::joystick::joystick:
  10. Thank a lot, and about INS offset bomb wrong there are new ? Mirage my prefert fighter.
  11. I would sell my soul to the devil to be able to fly the all finished modules
  12. QuiGon says: Move it over the IP position and use PAL to designate it. The vertical line should then move to the actual target heading. But nothing the diamond doesn't lock the near targhet. ( I have set the targhet at 5.080 nm from IP ) Range RA 5.080 where I wrong ? bye
  13. Thank this evening will try, and let you know bye
  14. Thank a lot, could you esplain me how to do, I can set the lat N and long E for IP then I set bearing range and altitude for targhet before I set computer targhet, fuze nose tail, select the righr bomb on the drumm and arm its the I on the seat pilot set master arm on and mode A/G but the diamond doesn't lock in automatic the targhet. bye also thank to Spiceman.
  15. Thank to all, I have done ( believe ) but what it is for ? I thought it was useful for bombing in automatic mode over the targhet as I fly over the cloud without see the targhet...but nothing happened... bye
  16. Hi I have see this video: Thank to the mythical Grimm Reapers and Jabbers. But my english is very poor, and ask you if is possible explain to me step by step the computer setting. bye
  17. Thank for your support. But it is a shame Mirage 2000 it is out in the 2016 ? after four year it is still incomplet ? be careful ED you risk your reputation as well as losing customers.
  18. Hi, INS ( offset ) bombing in the DCS open beta seem broken, I would ask who as installed the last stable version of DCS, in DCS stable version works or not ? bye
  19. You are right, will be effect coronavirus ( covid-19).
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