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  1. Hi, where is the download link?
  2. ivo

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Great thank propeller is too white
  3. after several years from the release of the module I expressed my opinion of the unacceptable state of the M-2000 in response I received a warning of 40 points. I have removed the form from the game and in the future I will carefully consider whether to throw money down the toilet
  4. I will not buy Razbam products anymore
  5. Hi to all, now the INS precision bombing work properly or its is still bugged. bye
  6. ivo

    Screen mod

    Yes, I think its works only if overwrite the original files in the dcs main directory, doesn't into ...save game...
  7. you have to change the need from DF signal to radio contact
  8. Sorry I have lost in the trasmit message to check Loop.
  9. I have done and its works with only one truck 335 mhz when I want to add another truck es. 336 mhz doesn't works. Then I can add only one truck for navigation DF ?
  10. Thank to all for your support, the problem is that not using the simulator assiduously sometimes I forget the various steps ... bye
  11. Maybe I have missed to put the ogg. file....
  12. Thank razor+r for reply I set in the cockpit as follow Set UHF Radio Mode to ADF 3. Set UHF Frequency Mode to MANUAL 4. Set UHF frequency to 355.5 MHz 5. Set NAVIGATION MODE to DF (Direction Finder) I think the problem is how set the truck option in the M.E.
  13. Hi to all, how I can in mission editor add a truck for emit a signal DF ? ( I have make a mission with a truck bradley that in the advance waypoint set the frequency 355 mhz AM) but when I fly the mission the white triangle for follow the route doesn't show. I set in the cockpit all right ad chuck manual... Bye
  14. ivo

    Screen mod

    Thank I have done but nothing...
  15. ivo

    Screen mod

    Hi, how I can install its? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/3310546/
  16. Hi to all, which version is currently playing block two or three? bye
  17. Hi to all, I have make an custom page for Kneeboard and I have create a new folder into savegame/dcs/... named Kneeboard, and in game I can show correctly its, but I would see my personal page as first page show when I open the Kneeboard, how I can to this? I have to remame my personal page how ? bye
  18. many thanks to all for the exhaustive explanations thank you very much. Bye
  19. In the first post there is an image wirh " margin set by pilot" what its mean ? And how I can set the margin?
  20. Thank, AeriaGloria I will try to do practice.
  21. First of all the yf17 is my favorite fighter very well done. The TA radar ground mode how its works, and what are the right set up its is very slow to show the red and jellow terrain. Explain me plesse. Bye
  22. how I can enable the TA radar ground mode?
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