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  1. I agree with all that. To add to it, I'd say that you fly the P-47 as you fly the Huey. Always compensating for torque and other forces. I use the rudder a LOT. But once you get it trimmed, you fly only with small inputs. However, if you move the throttle up or down violently, it will show. The nose will walk and it will get out of trim. It's not a simple bird to fly beacuse of the torque. But it gets easier once you pay attention to it.
  2. Well, a FC3 module would be good to start your familiarization with modern jets. Something like the F-15C is very nice to that. But, if you want a full fidelity module, I recomend the A-10 C II. It is a very easy jet to fly and to land, the systems are hard to master, but once you do in the A-10C, the other jets like F-18, F-16, AV-8B become very easy. Not because they are easier than the A-10, but the foundations for system management learned from the A-10 apply to all aircraft. Also, the A-10C II is the module currently more complete (from ED that is). There are modules way more complex i
  3. Here we go again. Custom Snap Views are not being saved again. Yes, they are saved in the session you are playing, but once you Quit, and reenter the mission, the Custom views are not saved. tested it on the F/A-18, A-10C and A-10C II.
  4. The warbirds are good practice all right. Learning to fly them with all the torques, forces, reactions, etc, is valuable, is where you really learn how to be a good pilot. Warbirds are hard to fly and easy on the systems, modern jets like the F-16, F-18 are easy to fly, hard on the systems.
  5. Well, that's a common mistake among new P-51 users, me included, many years ago. The P-51 is a fast thing, but it is a misconception that these warbirds are always full throttle on. They are not. They are overpowered beasts, as someone put it, and you need to take care of the engine. Good care. Once you enter the cockpit, if you look at the right, you'll find the Engine Limitations plate. It shows all the limitations the engine has om MP and on RPM. Flying 2700 rpm and mp at 46 inches is only for takeoffs and climbs. Once climbing and gear raised, you have to change to 2400 rpm and 36" MP,
  6. Nice updates! A Wide Area Display? They are transforming the A-10 in a F-35! Amazing work. And...let's wait for the Eagle Dynamics' A-10D III Dragon Slayer.
  7. Hogs in the Sand. Beautiful shot. And Hogs in the Sand is the name of a book by a real Hog driver.
  8. Exactly that. The WCMD compensates for drift BEFORE the bomb opens and only guides the bomb to the target area. It does not compensate for chute drift. So, the only way it worked for me is by reducing HoF to 700-900 feet. This way the bombs opens very close to the ground and the submunitions act faster, not drifting too much away from the target.
  9. I agree with Shadow KT. What it seems is that the CBU-97 falls upwind, and when the case is opened, the chutes will drift over target. With the CBU-105, the bomb opens up right over the target, then the chutes will drift away. What I see is that CBU-105 is guided like a JDAM (that's the purpose of the WCMD kit), thus opens up exacly over the target area. It makes sense with a normal JDAM, that must be guided to the target point, regardless of the wind. But makes no sense with a cluster bomb. Anyway, the only way I got to make CBU-105 work satisfactorily is by reducing Height Of Function
  10. Thanks. I'll try and see what can be done.
  11. Well, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but... I set the SLAMs to FLT low. Fired the missiles, but insetad of going low, they go up and then, midway the missile seems to spend all his fuel anf falls down to the ground. I fired them in TOO mode, and I checked the waypoint height and it is right, close to the ground. Really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Very strange behavior by the missile.
  12. Tested it recently. It is broken. bummer...
  13. Thanks. But I can't seem to find the files for the Huey. I read in some other post that they are encrypted for playable aircraft. Is that so? Or is there a way to work around it? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for that. This is a good thread. I want to add or replace the rockets in the Huey rocket laucnhers with APKWS rockets. How can I do that? Most solutions I have found are only for FC3/LOMAC aircraft.
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