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  1. Hello all, I'm fairly new to scripting, so bear with me. Maybe someone can help me by showing how to do this or pointing me to the right direction. This is what I want to do: 1) It is a multiplayer arena type of engagement; 2) Once the teams get inside the arena, they slug it out; 3) If a aircraft is hit, it must not die, instead, its radar and armament system must be disabled until the player leaves the arena and gets to a respawn point, where the radar and armament system are enabled again. 4) Player thus can get back to the arena. The
  2. Congratulations to all winners! And thank you ED for choosing Sydy's 1st Brazilian Fighter Group skin.
  3. " Yes, the F-16 has the best thrust to weight ratio in the universe." That's the best sentencen in the universe. LOL. Thank you for doing the video. it was entertaining. By the answers I got in this post I see that the best tactic againts a Mig-15 with a modern fighter is to go boom and zoom. Taking advantage of the F-16's superior power. And that's it. In a gun fight against the Mig, it is the way to go. The F-35 must be your favorite jet then. A BVR monster, not so much in BFM.
  4. Oh yes, they do use the old FM. For what I heard, any AI aircraft that you go against, uses the old FM, while you are with the new FM, with its advantages and disadvantages. Thanks man. Started to observe that, and that's exactly what they do. It doesn't matter if you they are a FW-190 or a Mig-15, they will always do the same pattern.
  5. Yep, it is the Ai, particularly on that The Gauntlet mission.
  6. Thanks man, I didn't know this channel. Quality content.
  7. Hello all, So I decided to try out the F-16 in the last free to play given by ED. It is an amazing dogfighter, and for the record, Dogfight and Missile modes make things way easier. I'm not the world's greatest dogfigther (maybe one day i'll get to the Growling Sidewinder's level) and I know that the AI use the Simple Flight Model, so I could try my luck dogfighting against Mig-29s and Su-27s with relative success. However, I'm having a hard time in guns only dogfight against Mig-15s. Oh boy, those things are pesky. So, my question is: besides my questionable dogfig
  8. Good solution. I'd add doing the same for every other control. Although ED has implemented the Rescan devices feature, which helps, it is always good to not let the computer shutdown your devices for saving energy.
  9. Yes, I'm having stuttering problems with all aircraft in all terrains. i've changed Grass Distance, turned off motion blur and still have problems with stuttering, something I didn't before the latest patch.
  10. Thanks man. I'll take a look at it.
  11. Well, I think the new FM and engine improvements made a whole world of difference. Now I can go toe to toe with a FW 190-A8 without getting behind or losing speed. Also, it is much more stable and the damage model is great. Andi, finally, I think ED tweaked the guns, they seem much more powerful now.
  12. I agree with all that. To add to it, I'd say that you fly the P-47 as you fly the Huey. Always compensating for torque and other forces. I use the rudder a LOT. But once you get it trimmed, you fly only with small inputs. However, if you move the throttle up or down violently, it will show. The nose will walk and it will get out of trim. It's not a simple bird to fly beacuse of the torque. But it gets easier once you pay attention to it.
  13. Well, a FC3 module would be good to start your familiarization with modern jets. Something like the F-15C is very nice to that. But, if you want a full fidelity module, I recomend the A-10 C II. It is a very easy jet to fly and to land, the systems are hard to master, but once you do in the A-10C, the other jets like F-18, F-16, AV-8B become very easy. Not because they are easier than the A-10, but the foundations for system management learned from the A-10 apply to all aircraft. Also, the A-10C II is the module currently more complete (from ED that is). There are modules way more complex i
  14. Here we go again. Custom Snap Views are not being saved again. Yes, they are saved in the session you are playing, but once you Quit, and reenter the mission, the Custom views are not saved. tested it on the F/A-18, A-10C and A-10C II.
  15. The warbirds are good practice all right. Learning to fly them with all the torques, forces, reactions, etc, is valuable, is where you really learn how to be a good pilot. Warbirds are hard to fly and easy on the systems, modern jets like the F-16, F-18 are easy to fly, hard on the systems.
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