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  1. And... if you have an Oculus, you don't need Steam VR in any way to play either version.
  2. I just wonder why you are doing it that way? Instead of the standard S4 on the stick (IO) and the Boatswitch on the throttle (UMD) you can set whatever you want through the SetShiftButton command. I use S3 for IO (like on the Cougar) and the pinky switch for UMD. Either way, you always lose the buttons switches who play the layer roll, if it's not S4 and the Boatswitch then in your case it are the EORIGN and EOLIGN switches, either through the SetShiftButton command or through your way of doing it. But your is much more complex. Just MHO.
  3. LOL, but once it's started it's just one click away, no hassle.
  4. Red points are the area's to be pressed. So 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. Otherwise you press 2 buttons at the same time. Check the event tester.
  5. Click on Camera + RMFCD and select 1 monitor there. If that doesn't help, delete options.lua in C:\Users\Your name\Saved Games\DCS\Config and restart.
  6. There's an Input/Output subforum (https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/70-input-and-output/), you probably get more answers there then in the General Tutorials section.
  7. It ended "officially" but then it didn't and since then i did read more then a couple of times that the free upgrade still stands until this day. And if not, why not go with a cheap license? A few option for this are: https://www.vip-scdkey.com/ or https://www.cdkoffers.com/ Some websites like Guru3D offer discounts on these from time to time so you can get them even cheaper.
  8. update: - The Trigger1 and Trigger2 declarations need to be placed out (before) of the main part of the script. - There is a ")" missing in this line: MapKey(&Joystick,TG1, TEMPO( 0, EXEC("Trigger1();"), 500); // Split Trigger Function Call TG1 It should read: MapKey(&Joystick, TG1, TEMPO( 0, EXEC("Trigger1();"), 500)); Then it compiles just fine.
  9. When coming out of DCS in VR mode and you close DCS in that mode, it will open in VR again next time you run it even when you don't use your headset. This is because you forget to disable the VR enabled setting in the VR tab of the DCS setting (easy to forget and it's messy next time if you want something to try in pancake mode). This means it will also run in the set VR resolution giving you a crappy image in 2D. There are a few options though to make it work in 2D or VR directly without going through the option screen and turn off/on VR and close/restart DCS to make the switch (ED
  10. For me this part does not compile. I get a syntax error: ; expected in the first line (int Trigger1...). Problem is that i can' find the error...yet. int Trigger1() { if(Joystick[TG1]) ActKey(PULSE + KEYON + DX1); //Replace DX1 with your Macro or key combo or DX command }
  11. No clickable switches and dials in the old FC3 cockpits. If you want to click on things inside the cockpit and see it moving while doing so, you'll have to go for the high fidelity aircraft (F/A-18C, F-16C, etc....)
  12. If the zoom bindings are not a solution i would look into camera bindings.
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