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  1. Either remove the stick (not available in every airplane) as Crash Master says or make use of a headtracker to look around/behind it.
  2. Running MFG Crosswind pedals, Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle, Virpil WarBRD base with Thrusmaster Warthog stick on it and reflashed the VIDnr of the Virpil base to match that of the TM Warthog base so i could keep using TM software. Works nice.
  3. Started of with a CH set, now have MFG Crosswinds with modded footrests, they are just superb. Been thinking of getting the damper mod. In the pictures in the first post, the modded footrests are shown in various forms as is the damper mod.
  4. Make an extra profile special for VR (hint, name it VR...). That works just fine. That VR Headset profile after starting a DCS session in VR is something that bugs me too. It's confusing.
  5. Jumping is gone but edges on far clouds flicker/shimmer a lot. Lots of extra bugs ported over from OB into Stable.
  6. You can try that out real quick. Copy your entire stable over to another location and make an open beta version out of it (use Skatezilla's updater launcher tool to do this, piece of cake). Since OB and stable are on the same version number right now (which means there is no actual OB at the moment, or vice versa since they ported quite some extra bugs over into stable) you can see for yourself the difference in performance between old 2.5.6 and new 2.7.1 and the decide if you want to upgrade.
  7. And... you can always use this tool to do whatever you want with it: Change version, update, repair, run multiple versions side by side, start 3th party software, start with various profiles etc...
  8. You don't really need to at the moment, stable and open beta carry the same version number and are exactly the same product.
  9. Some modules behave a bit weird like the F5-E module were comms don't work with \ once airborne (for whatever reason) but does work with NoseWheelSteering "S". Weird...
  10. Cool setup. To get quicker answers, i would re-post your message in the Input/Output subforum: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/70-input-and-output/
  11. Click your account name top right of the forum - select account settings - click signature on the left (bottom of settings list) - enter your text in the signature field and make sure View Signatures is set to on (but i guess that's on otherwise you would not know about it).
  12. @Headwarp & peachmonkey: get a room
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