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  1. Checking out 1.5 It had been a little while since I flew any modules in DCS. The upcoming 2.0 and the anticipation of Edge kind of kept me away. I guess I am kind of like a kid waiting for a new toy. Don't want to play with the old one any more because I know that the new one is coming soon. And in fact....I can feel it in my bones. Also in anticipation, I went out and got better hardware, a 27" monitor, ordered Trackir, and am looking to upgrade my video card. SO I am on my way to becoming a serious simmer. My wife is about to kill me $o I am sure that this is a sign that I am getting into deep waters. Anyway! I started into 1.5 with the simplest plane for me, the F86, and then went to the P51, Huey, Mi8, CA, and have not bothered to dive into the other stuff I have. I must say that thus far I am very pleased, blown away is more appropriate. The F86 improved by leaps and bounds! It has a few minor weird things (flaps and hydraulics are a little quirky) but it's not a real problem and I know it's probably being addressed. The Mustang is just great, as are the two rotocraft. I have a few questions though. Maybe some of you have had similar experiences so I want to toss em out there. I posted about the non full screen issue already and was offered a temporary solution until they get it fixed. I know that I can just hit Alt + Enter to get the full screen mode, however. When I do and the screen goes full, my darn mouse is still calibrated for the non full screen. So the cursor is off by whatever the ratio of full to non full is. It's kind of funny to try and get out of the sim using the mouse because I have to fiddle with it until it highlights the EXIT tab to get me out. But!!! When I go back into the sim, it usually goes into full screen. I know this will get fixed soon but was just wondering if the mouse issue was something others are experiencing. When I use my mouse to operate switches and buttons in the cockpit, the aid label that pops up after a few seconds for whatever control I am operating activates and it sticks around no matter what I do until I hit another switch. Again....I'm just wondering if this is something that anyone else is experiencing. As I scrolled through the Bugs and Problems section, I could relate to a number of other buggy things that we all deal with while they get this thing up to snuff. :pilotfly:All in all though, I have to say that these guys have done a stellar job and I am very thankful for their efforts. I will be very glad to continue to support ED and all of their affiliated vendors. I also flew on line for the first time this morning and cannot say enough about it. It has some bugs but who cares! Its great! I was wondering though. The servers have better graphics than my single player. Is there any reason for this. I thought that you pretty much saw everything the same off or on the internet due to your personal settings. Also, is there a way to take that little envelope off of the screen. I tried to check where the messages were located but couldn't find it. I have to say one more time how I appreciate what all of you guys at ED and your vendors are doing. You have truly created the best flight sim out there today. I don't bother with any of my other sims any more. They just don't hold a candle to DCS. THANX GUYS!!!!!:music_whistling::music_whistling::music_whistling: Oh....I'll just tack this question on to save from creating another thread, even though it really doesn't belong here. Why is it that when I log on to the forums, I get auto logged off if I post kind of a lengthy thread or reply? When I respond to someone or post anything that takes more than a few minutes to type up, I get logged out and have to tog back in to post. It is happening right now, even though I see at the top of the page it has my name as logged in already. Is there a way to prevent this?
  2. Could someone please direct me to any videos or tutorials on how to set up profiles on the X52 using the Mad Catz software. There are one or two on YouTube but they're not detailed at all and have nothing to do with DCS. I have gone through the manual and it's just as confusing as sitting there and trying to figure it out by myself. I'm amazed that a company that makes such a complicated piece of hardware offers so little in the way of instruction. :( Thanks guys!
  3. I have been messing with this thing non stop since last night and have had only moderate success with it. It stutters and shutters all over the place no matter what I set it to. It works but then it doesn't. It picks up glare off of everything in the room. Since I put the headtracker.dll file into DCS, it won't shut down properly. Keeps giving me the old "DCS has stopped working" deal. Even got the BSOD at some point. I'm kind of thinking that it's not really all that compatible with Windows10. Not worth the effort at this point. I'll just go out and get Trackir this week. Thx for all the great input guys!!! I'm glad that people are using the free software with good results. Just out of curiosity, has anyone been running FreeTrack in Windows10??
  4. Yeah!!!! So I finally got the FreeTrack to actually work. It does everything that it is suppose to do but there are a few issues however. I can pull the program up, make whatever adjustments need to be made, and get it working ok but as soon as I open any other program, the window completely disappears as though the program has closed. When I click on the icon to open it back up, it says that the program is already running, but there is no way to shut it down or pull it up to use it. That's my first issue. Second problem is a common issue. I have to ad a file to the DCS bin files but I'm not exactly sure what file that needs to be added. I believe that it is Headtracker.dll. I have not made it that far yet because I'm still trying to figure out how to keep the program on the desktop. A good thing is that it runs very nicely when I'm working with it. I am still most certainly going to purchase Trackir but this thing has got me obsessing over how and if it works. I just want to get it up and going to see if I can. I am very computer literate but I never get into the guts of it to where I change registry or move dll files around.:music_whistling:
  5. I have to humbly agree with everyone on this. The Sabre has come a long way and right now, it's very nice. Other than the fact that I have to fiddle with the trim an awefull lot on high altitude cruises (but I have read that this is characteristic of these AC). The plane is perfectly balanced for me. The shadows in the canopy aren't nearly as dark and hard to deal with as others have commented on IMO. And it's head and shoulders above all that dust, or whatever you want to call it that it had before the update. Rudder is much nicer than it use to be for me also. Awesome job Belsimtek!!!!! And thx for putting up with all of my bi$&^%ng and whining! I promise, I'll be more patient in the future.
  6. Thanks. That's a much better deal than what I read before. LOL.
  7. I looked into both Free Track and TrackNoir. I actually loaded Free Track on to my computer and it did not work at all. I looked at the latest update to it and it was back in 2008 or something like that. It does not work on my Windows 10 system at all. There is a statement on their web site saying that they'll be updating it but it was also posted a while ago. I already have all of the hardware assembled. It didn't take but a few minutes to put it together thanks to my 5 year old son's toy box. He's got all kinds of LED stuff in there that already has the battery pack made up and everything. I found a 3 LED toy that works perfectly with no modification whatsoever other than removing the electronic stuff from the toy. But it doesn't matter because the software won't even open on my computer. The Track Noir seemed like it was a lot of effort just to get it up and going. You had to download the initial software and then download and install updates, fixes, and a new thing to deal with Windows10. And.....both had some legal issues with the TrackIR makers with software compatibility. So I just sort of figure that it's much easier just to fork over the $$ and get TrackIR. I was up on Ebay looking and found that IR4 is much less money than IR5. But when I went to the site looking at the drivers, I noticed that the updates applied to both 4, and 5 so I will probably just go with TrackIR 4. I'm not a career simmer. I do this to relax and thus far, my relaxation fixation has cost me a lot of money. :joystick:
  8. So does the bonus allow you to cover 50% of the actual price of the AC or (Like another poster said) does it just allow you to use 50% of your bonus cash toward the module? This is why I never understand the bonus money. I'll use the Nevada test range for an example here: I was saving my bonus money for the NTTR module. Right now the Nevada test range is going for 20% 0ff. I cannot use my bonus money at this point because you may not use it for anything on sale with a discount of 20% or more. So......from my understanding, you cannot use the bonus cash for more than 20% of your purchase. At that point, what's the difference or the point? $39 is $39 dollars no matter how you get at it. I pre purchase AC quite bit. I get all exited when I see a new AC that I love and just go right for the bank card. But some of the other AC that I just want to play around with I wait for a sale. It's the best way to go because the bonus cash really doesn't offer me anything great in the way of a deal. IMO the bonus cash can just sit there and do nothing because I find it kind of silly. You can get much better deals waiting for a sale, and I am happy to pay the full price for an AC that I really enjoy flying. The bonus stuff is like a little temptation sitting there taunting me to spend money right now when I know I'll get a better deal later anyway. Maybe that's the reasoning for it as far as ED is concerned. And why not??? They are a business, and it's not a dishonest tactic, a little tricky maybe but not underhanded by any means. :megalol::megalol:
  9. I have never been able to make heads or tales of the bonus dollars. I've only tried to use them once but was unable because I was buying something from a sale. They don't seem all that practical to me. Just wait for a sale because the bonus dollars aren't giving you any kind of a deal at all according to everything I have been told about them. This particular deal isn't all that great either. Sorry ED. And the guy who said that he had all modules so his go unused......+1 on that.
  10. I am finally making the jump to a head tracking system. I went on line to do some research on it and am completely floored by what I have learned so far. The simplicity that is involved in the design and production of head tracking gear is crazy. There are all kinds of instructional videos, and pages (http://www.maximumpc.com/how-to-build-your-own-ir-head-tracker/) on how to actually make a system at home out of old pens and LED lights, with free software that you can download. I could probably do this as I built my own rudder pedals out of an old Saitek joystick and some sheet medal and it works every bit as well as a $200 setup. There are even guys making them out of web cams, and plastic clips they buy in bulk and just selling em on Ebay for 30 dollars. I had no idea that they were this simple. I am kind of opting for Trackir. There are a few others that are less expensive. "Cymouse", and "Natural Point" look kind of promising. I am guessing that the complexity or quality of head tracking probably comes from the software. I suppose that the free download ("Free Track" seems to be the one that people use the most) have compatibility issues, are not as versatile, or are more problematic than the better stuff. I can get the Cymouse for half of the cost of Trackir and it seems to have been around a while and has pretty good reviews. I would like to know what people who fly use the most and what their experiences have been with whatever they're using. Have any of you ever used the Cymouse? If not, what do you use for head tracking and how well does it work for you? I have already sunk a S&^%t ton of money into flight simming and don't want to spend a ton more at this point. DCS pretty much has had an open invitation to my bank account as it is. But I want something that works well. Thanks folks OH.......sorry guys if this isn't posted in it's proper place. Wasn't really sure. Move it if it's not where it should be.
  11. Did they address the loss of ability to embark troops in 1.5?
  12. I hope that this doesn't get me into trouble but I have to say it. I have been playing around with CA and in 1.5, I really don't see too many improvements to the overall picture. I notice the new sights, some details are better, but it has a ways to go to meet some people's expectations I think. When I first got into it a few days back, It brought the old Battlefield 2 game to mind. Which is fine because I still play BF2 from time to time and enjoy it. But to my thinking, DCS is a flight oriented sim. The ground forces are secondary. I don't mind if it's not on the same level as the AC. So long as the ground units function well enough to make the air combat aspect a challenge, it's all I need. I rarely if ever play around in the ground units.
  13. This problem has plagued me for a long time. It is not just a 1.5 problem. I have found myself getting in and out of the sim over, and over until the tank would actually accelerate to it's normal speed. I have yet to find a work around or even why it happens. I believe that I posted something about it a while back but never got any replies as to why it happens or how to fix it. I have re-installed and done repairs but nothing has ever fixed the issue.
  14. Goofy as it sounds, I had no idea that I could do that. Thanks for the 411 on it. :poster_oops:
  15. I do not think that this is a bug or I would have certainly seen it here on the forums but I do have a problem. Whenever I start 1.5, it goes into non full screen mode. To get it to go into full screen, I have to go into the settings and check or uncheck the full screen option. This happens every time I start DCS no matter if I have the full screen checked or not. Half the time (for obvious reasons) I have to uncheck the full screen box to get it to actually go into full screen mode. Please, before you make suggestions. Read what I have written carefully to save yourself the time of suggesting what I know will be suggested. Again: It does not matter whether the full screen is checked or not. It seems to be the act of changing the full screen status (be it on or off) that makes the sim boot up only after I have had to get out of the sim after either checking or unchecking the full screen mode. Sorry if it sounds confusing post. But it's the only way I can put it so that people understand that I am actually having to change the status no matter what it is to get the thing to go into full screen mode. Thanks guys: Mark:helpsmilie:
  16. I'm wondering. It always shows that I have money in this "internal account" that I somehow acquired through prior purchases I suppose. But whenever I have attempted to use it for anything, it tells me that I can use 0 of my account balance toward the purchase. I saved the balance to pre purchase the Nevada map, but it won't let me use it. So if I can never use this money to purchase anything, what is it there for and why does ED tell me that it is available? I give up on trying to use it. :surrender: Thanks
  17. Ah- Haaaaa, This is something that I have told myself repeatedly for a couple of years now. I feel your pain my friend. However! This time I've got a secret weapon that will hopefully help me with my plight. I just recruited a new student (Music teacher) and this guy is hot off the Air Force base here in Tucson. He just retired from being an A-10 pilot. I told him about DCS and he's literally peeing his pants to have a look at it. If all goes well, he'll be joining DCS and becoming my personal flight instructor. I am sure that there are differences between the DCS model and a real A-10 but this guy has to know all of the ins and outs of the plane. His wife is also an A-10 pilot. So....I have enlisted him to come over and check it out. The guy currently is flying for Delta Airlines and has flown many different AC so his experience should be pretty invaluable to me. I'm pretty adept at the A-10 and at time I find it to be kind of easy and possibly borderline boring. But this is most likely because I'm not using all of the tools I have at my disposal. I am familiar with all of the weapon systems but I know there has to be more. So hopefully this guy can shed some light on it all for me. What I really need is a person who has experience with single prop, high performance planes. I have a hard time with effective flying in the P-51. And the two German planes....forget it. I can only be effective in air support roles with them. Power management, and not understanding aerodynamics have been my shortfall with these planes. I'm sure that this guy can give me some insight on all of this. I knew that being a teacher would someday be rewarding......................:joystick: I should add that I have had Huey pilots, commercial pilots, and an old retired A-10 pilot from the Viet Nam era sit at the controls here in my studio. I got mixed results on how they all felt about DCS and another sim that I fly. All in all, DCS was hands down the better sim, but none of the people that I brought here were at all interested in pursuing flight simming on any level. I'm guessing that it's kind of the same thing as people asking me to go to Karaoke, or to whip a piano or guitar and sing them a tune. I do it for 6 to 10 hours a day almost every day. I don't need to do it for the other 12 hours.
  18. It just takes some getting use to. But as was previously stated, if you get the flower the right size, your bullets will hit their target just fine with it on the target. I had the same question when I first started.
  19. I am sure that you are probably correct. But if you go to the controls menu, there are auto pilot options. One of them is auto circle. That's what I have tried to use while in the gunner's seat. Doesn't always work though.
  20. Been flying the F-86 from day one. Also been trying to kill me a Mig15 for some time now. I've not been overly successful at it. Maybe 1/1 ratio. But I just got the Mig15 and all I can say is wow!!!! The F86 should be renamed Migfood86! lol. This thing eats F86's like my dog eats Alpo. Even without the 30mm. If these two planes are accurate to their real world counterparts, the Korean pilots must have been 1st day fliers, maybe drunk, stoned or something. I almost can't not shoot down the F86 with this plane.
  21. You know, I'm not entirely sure of this. I know that if I set the autopilot to circle around my LZ or target, it seems to act kind of crazy and do what it wants to do. But I've seen videos where the auto pilot setting works flawlessly while you are using the door gunners. I am sure (as in many cases) that mine doesn't work right because of something that I'm doing wrong. :pilotfly:
  22. Whew!!! Thought it was just my computer!
  23. I loaded Windows 10 last week. I tried to use the Smart Technology profile editor yesterday and it would not start. I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, ran compatibility mode. I came to the forum and asked people about it. Many said that they were not having problems, but I doubt they tried the profile editor because it doesn't work in Windows10. When I ran the Compatibility test for Windows, it simply said "Incompatible software". This was confirmed (finally) by the Mad Catz Support. When I chatted with them this was the conversation: There are currently 1 people ahead of you in the queue. Your Question: Loaded Windows 10, cannot open profile editor for X52 pro. Have uninstalled and re installed, no luck. Was running before I loaded Windows 10. Ran compatibility test, Windows says it's not compatible. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly. You are now chatting with Mad Catz 12:45Mad Catz: Hello , thank you for contacting Madcatz . Currently there are no drives or software for windows 10 but our web team is working on them at the moment . I apologize for any inconvenience They did not hang out for me to ask when any of this would happen so I'm assuming they are probably in a pickle over Windows 10. So if anyone is able to use the profile editor in Windows 10, is there a work around or is it just working for you without you having to do anything? Thx! Mark
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