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  1. Before it hits the fan: "ammunition at a rate of 550 rounds per minute" M230_30mm_Bushmaster_Chain_Gun_(1).pdf (fbcinc.com)
  2. Trigger managed to bring it down - looks really funny as the pile of bricks makes perfect geometry along the wall, no randomization of debris / rubble whatsoever. 1000 lbs bomb seem to put a hole in it as well, but this is inconsistent, It happened only once in my testing.
  3. July was not quite a long time ago, by any standards. Its getting done, fixes are there, stuff moving forward. Example from 17/09: Fixed the crash in which user set failures can produce a high engine temp. Added BDU-45 programme option in stores page. Fixed the course line being off center when in DCNTR mode on the SA page. Fixed LAU-116 weight when empty. Fixed SIM mode reporting the wrong weapon when unboxed. Fixed the carrier take off mission for the Persian Gulf map with Chinese text. Fixed the throttle and stick animation from the external view. Adjusted drag values of payloads. Fixed JHMCS alignment result after head movement. Fixed JHMCS alignment after helmet device change. Fixed HMD page missing when hot/air started. Fixed TIME UFC and ET on HUD. Fixed JHMCS autostart, hot start. Fixed AZ/EL tracking of the group, but the B-Sweep on the RDR ATTK does not. Fixed return to a WACQ / VACQ / weapon change or lost lock radar can become stuck in the previous radar scan. Fixed switch 3 on the ground power panel activates AIM-9 growl. Fixed AI pilot hands animations. Fixed JDAMs arming wire after release. Refined engine response. Added ammo mixes, M50/PGU working selection. The update form 11/08 was a big one too, especially for AI Hornet FMs matching human AI.
  4. New tracks as well PrisonDamage - WW2 units.trk PrisonDamage - triggers.trk
  5. Tried again with WW2 assets. Similar results. Direct brick wall hits from tanks or 88 make no damage, dropping bombs from Mossie, or Jug, create a lot of fire and smoke, main building is visibly damaged but brick wall does not go down. Looks like the whole complex can sustain a lot of damage before actually getting destroyed, which is evident if you use scenery destruction trigger zone.
  6. This is correct, I remember it too.
  7. Hello, So, installed this map again as I was really interested in the July 22nd newsletter sentence: Amiens Prison that includes a comprehensive structural damage model. Can somebody explain to me how it works? Granted I am not carpet bombing it with B-17, but modern artillery, APCs and MBTs should turn it into pile of bricks, I thought. Was that assumption too much? Apart from some roof texture change after several hits from MBT and artillery, the Amiens nuclear bunker stands ground. Direct hit to brick wall or even gate makes no damage. Does it work for the Mosquito bombs only? PrisonDamage.trk
  8. I can accept one bet. I bet early access of EF from HB comes before early access of F15E from RB. Stake: loser gifts the module that arrives first to early access to winner. Anybody in? Saying that EF early access will come after F15E? I bet not...
  9. Saying that EF early access will come after F15E? I bet not...
  10. Problem with this is that multicrew aircraft are fully developed to cater for single player use - i.e. come with both cockpits. Solution would be to create a license that allows only a second cockpit use - like you get the fully priced full module and you can stick additional license for second cockpit only at a reduced price. This however leads to the creation of 1:1 cockpit / license mapping, which would require you to buy two licenses if you wanted to play in single player only. HB once did a 2-license pack via their website that included a bit of a discount. https://store.heatblur.com/products/pre-order-dcs-f-14a-b-by-heatblur-simulations-crew-pack-2-licenses
  11. Very nice of you IronMike to chime in like this. We all know it is not going to be a year. Your initial statement 'years' applies. Judging by the complexity of modern fighters, most likely it will take 5 to get it out of early access.
  12. Both would be super cool, and since MiG-29K was included in Flanker 2.5 sim (I don't remember if it later made it to LOMAC) I hope it will reappear one day in DCS 2022 and beyond
  13. As far as I am aware or understand the purpose of CAP is to bring Chinese units only, perhaps ED will do Tu-16 but I don't see that particular bomber on a high priority as we have H6 now. Same goes for Russian destroyers, again up to ED but I don't expect them from the Deka as part of Chinese Asset Pack. As for the crew for Kuz, I think at one point it was planned or served as a test bed for US crew:
  14. January 2020 - Deka had these planned for Marianas: Bomber xxxxx CV-16 AI J-15 AI Type-071 Amphibious Transport Dock AI Type 093 SSN AI Sovremenny Class Destroyer AI I guess bomber is delivered in form of Xian H6, I know Type 071 is there, 093 as well I think. Recently we received skin for J-15 so that is coming. Coming CV-16 I assume refers to Liaoning carrier. Taizhou would be example of destroyer I think but I am not sure I saw any renders yet. There was some sort of plan in the past as there were screenshots as there are several crew members visible in Model Viewer.
  15. Well as an IADS all should communicate, yes, I am sure that large vessels do provide EWR in real life. By the way, what's that grape doing there? - I must look into my carrier deck script I guess.
  16. Hello Eagle Dynamics! Great job with the early access of Marianas, it looks absolutely stunning flying over the islands. Since this is an early access - work in progress, I wish to report this as a bug and not as a wish list item. Can you please comment on the quality of scenery geometry? Buildings are sinking into terrain or have parts floating in the air. This is common across all maps, but since this one is in focus now, it would be worth considering, if not feasible for entire map, then at least for announced unique buildings. Please ensure proper terrain elevation for those. Please. When you advertise the addition of those recognizable places, could these as well as immediate surroundings, be more polished than the rest of map assets? For example: T. Stell Newman Visitor Center lack of textures that would highlight this is a place of interest for visitors (e.g. posters, signs, colors) lack of the unique feature of the center - Ha. 62-76 Japanese Midget Submarine. lack of dedicated / unique landscape surrounding the building. Our Lady of Purification Catholic Church lack of church feature - cross on the roof (I suspect this is intended though) terrain elevation makes this unique object to sink into the ground lack of dedicated / unique landscape surrounding the building. Summer towers lack of dedicated / unique landscape surrounding the building. If you feel this is "as designed" than, well thank you for the great work and I will just manage my expectations better when you announce unique buildings next time. I was kind of expecting to see something closer to these:
  17. Unfortunately there is not that much of terrain improvement in Marianas in terms of object placement. I appreciate that a bug can slip in, but honestly as this is supposed to be the best map produced so far for DCS World. With 2021 being primarily focused on helicopters, with beautiful new ground units that encourage low level missions and content creation, a map that has got sinking or floating buildings just ruins the experience. Well, maybe one day it will improve. Time will show.
  18. Hello, thank you for Xian H6. It seems it suffers from a similar issue that KJ-2000 as reported above. Upon shooting it down (2x AIM-9X), it goes like this for several seconds before the model disintegrates further. The track is unfortunately too long to replay reliably.
  19. I always thought lods were the edm versions of less detail, no? Depending of number of lods the in-game object will look different based on the distance - closer the camera, better the object. I would suspect the graphical settings matter as well. To the point of the skin itself - I don't see any difference for F-15C default skins irrelevant if I apply them to Model Viewer opened EDM or LODS file. Maybe this skin is "too much" for the rather old object in DCS that F-15C is.
  20. Scandinavia map and all mentioned assets packs. Yes. MH-60 with fully animated and intelligent Spec Ops team ops including aerial insertions and fast rope, etc. - would be nice. Rest of it... nah.. As for "give people what they want" - I want FULCRUM
  21. 'Broken' state? What's this about. I have got 492 Hornet hours recorded in single player logbook since its day 1f and I don't think anybody would care to use these hours to play a broken state DCS module. If you read news, comments, go through social media, you will notice Hornet is not abandoned, however bear in mind that most of the fixed wing aircraft developers are now involved with Viper, so it may be slower to get certain things in a blitzkrieg manner. Only recently, FM for Hornet AI was introduced to be on par with the human Hornet, which made dogfight AI Hornets already better experience. One thing I agree with you on is that you are right thinking that you should switch for now, that will help you prevail the state of Hornet that you perceive. -1 from me on this one.
  22. I guess these dots represent the progress. Dot that goes to the tip is what is done, dot that goes around clockwise is what's yet to be done... good symbology in the last seconds of the clip.
  23. At this point it would be perfect to see the "planned release notes", right? So that we don't need to suffer another 24 hours. Fortunately there is plenty to do in the sim right now (or in life if anybody has it outside of DCS).
  24. Scroll five posts up. I wonder if the damage model for The Channel model includes all landmarks or just the prison? Once it said "Amiens Prison that includes a comprehensive structural damage model" Then it said: "Destruction models have also been added" Or is it normal destruction to all structures and "comprehensive" for the prison? Anyway, looking forward to put some 30mm and rockets from Hind there.
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