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  1. It was mentioned together with S3B Tanker rework long back, so perhaps not so distant future now...
  2. Yes.. what is the official word on it? @BIGNEWY Could you perhaps check with the team if this is anything that ED is planning to introduce ability to send your TGP acquired target to Hornet's flight members?
  3. The only thing is, that in real life these are predefined, purpose built parts of public roads. Apart from some desert testing A-10C but still it was defined So, an object you can place via ME wouldn't be realistic I guess. It would not work in current DCS terrain engine (looking good at the same time) either, so Insee this only as a developed part of terrain rather than ME object. I am still trying to find a suitable road as austere landing in DCS Syria, however, small roads tend to be massively uneven, whereas highways have got those concrete barriers in the middle.
  4. I say that's a valid reason Thanks for the link!
  5. Non of which locations you mentioned are in DCS...
  6. When I lock target in either GMT or SEA modes, the DDI radar screen is flickering green. Is it just my Hornet?
  7. That's valid example. Look how this is going now. It took one year, seriously, to fix ZBD-04A issue with one shot group multi kill. How fast are the new units appearing in the pack? We have CAP IFV but no matching CAP infantry, got CAP assault ship, but no CAP assault group, right? When you BUY something, you can at least ask where is my moneys worth, beggars can't be choosers though. Many people don't care about multiplayer, and I won't comment on that aspect.
  8. Yeah. Still you may want to read the OP. Kind of missing the point here. The idea is to deliver modern ground forces to DCS as a module - asset pack, call it whatever. Sure ED is going to update models that are free and outdated, but you know, comes free so takes time and its ED's discretion which one gets done when and how.
  9. Well, so you want to HAVE the new assets but you want them FREE? Who is going to pay for it then? As a commercial product it costs money, but nobody is forcing anybody to buy. There is enough free bits in DCS World so that MP can still be played without asset pack, right?
  10. @MateoThank you for pitch user curve settings post. What settings do you find the best for roll?
  11. I am not sure if this is a bug or DCS terrain engine limitation, but it seems that there is some missed alignment. 33-51-11 N 36-27-30 E
  12. Спасибо. Каждый учится чему-то каждый день.
  13. Может Су-27 выстрелить сразу двумя ракетами??
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