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  1. ArmAII/Operation Arrowhead/British Airmed forces PMT ArmAII http://www.arma2.com/ Arma 2: Combined Operations http://www.arma2.com/game-features/arma-2-co-game-features_en.html Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead http://www.arma2.com/game-features/arma-2-operation-arrowhead-features_en.html Ultimate Military Simulator http://www.bistudio.com/ http://forums.bistudio.com/ http://www.bistudio.com/english/games/arma-2-series/combined-operations ArmA II In Game Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmdz-Ka1O4Q Arma 2 Free Launch Trailer Arma 2: Private Military Company - launch trailer released Arma 2: British Armed Forces - launch trailer Think you can handle it? Want to try? Join us at The Wrecking Crew - http://wreckingcrew.co.uk/index.php
  2. What Do I Think? Not too much. If I wanted to fly the P-51 I would use IL-2. If I wanted a better P-51 I would buy it through A2A. I was hoping for the AH 64D. I thought it was in the works. After the total failure of Black Shark I would have thought for sure you guy would come up with something no one else has had a good sim of since Jane's Longbow. What's aft the P-51? Another WWII plane? What happened to the F-22? Come On Man!
  3. I just add a few new mods and Groundpounder terrain Beta 1.01 APR 2008 SIMMOD A-10A Model. Both of which are EXE files. After installing I have a silve A 10 with the longest list od skins I have ever seen each with a country name attached to it. Can any one tell me how the un-install the 2 EXE files or do I have to re-install the whole program???
  4. It's the same old same old movie idea. Over and over again. Stupid Yanks get blown out of the sky buy superior russian aircraft. Why the same old thing? To hell with that "just a game and a movie grap! If ya can't come up with a new idea, give it a rest, a long rest. P.S. If I want your input Gray, I'll pull your chain! Thanks for the backing buddy.
  5. And once again we have the mighty Russian aircraft removing the Yanks from the air. Boring. Reminds me of comic books I use to read as a child. Like Casper the Ghost, cute and interesting but just make believe. You really think if the was a real air fight the Russians planes would win? Just make believe.
  6. As seen on the DFA web site http://http://www.dfa-squadron.co.uk/ Best view of cockpit http://http://www.gillesvidal.com/blogpano/cockpit1.htm
  7. BS and it don't stand for Black Shark So these guys dick us around with one release date after another and now I'm suppose to buy into this. When it’s out(IF) then I’ll take a look. These guys have a bad track record. Hard to really believe all this. If I understand this I now have to buy another flight sim to keep and this doesn’t work with Lock On? It reminds if of another flight sim that has been the works for a while now with nothing to show for it. Besides talk, talk, talk. Like this.
  8. Force_Feedback I think the discussion should be more of when it will be released rather then what it will have in the KA 50. I think the Russians should put more time towards debugging the sim and getting it out rather then spending all there time in their Battle Simulator business. It really show a lack of disrespect to all the loyal Lock On fans who keep plugging away at Lock On with the belief that one day they will have new sim to enjoy. At least give us “ONE” date and stick with it. It’s not right to look forward to a new toy only to be told that we have to wait again and again. As Larry the Cable Guy would say “Gett’er done”. You can be as loyal as you want to be towards a company but it’s not right what has happened here. That's my 2 cents worth.
  9. I would like to know how to save a mission. When I'm flying on HyperLobby and want to save a mission to fly later, how do I save it and where does it save it to? Thanks for any help. waddy
  10. I am having a problem trying to get into any of the Lock On rooms. I have the lastest verison of HyperLobby . Can some one offer any help? Thank you. waddy
  11. I am have a problem in the Option part of the program. I am trying to config my X52 and thing keep changing. As in I will set the Zoom In and it will work only to find I have no trust input. Or I will set the Rudder and something else will changes. I am saving the setting evey time I make any changes. Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong? thanks for amy help. Waddy
  12. Is the a first person shooter type of sim or one of these you look down from above kind?
  13. I got a message saying "File con not be found". What is that about?
  14. I know there are a lot of us waiting for Black Shark to come out. Is there a date as to when this might happen or is this another flight sim like Fighter Ops that is just wishfull thinking?
  15. I thought the vid was very good and enjoyed the Hammer music. Well done. I would like to see more of your movies. There is so much crap out there and nice to see some spend the time to do it right.
  16. Will the Black Shark be released in my life time or is that another Fighter Ops program that lives in some ones mind?
  17. Sorry, very borning. Had a great nap. thanks
  18. I didn't finsh the joke but did send it to a Navy pilot friend of mine and what I have to say in far important but what he said is. I idea that F-16s would fly around in the sky and allow Russians to get that close and fire is a bigger joke then the idea behind this movie. Keep dreaming, maybe one day but not now and any time son will this happen.
  19. Let me guess. The Russian shoots down the Eagle, right?
  20. aussie Camo ??????? Very nice skins Ice, top of the line but why are they called aussie Camo?
  21. The Best This is one of the best vids I have seen in a long time. Music was very good as well. May I make a request? In your next vid could you make as if the Americans had some sort of chance? As a Yank it would be a bit better. As it is now, "The Best".
  22. I have a Saitek EVO with force feed back. My problem is I can't feel any force feed back in the joystick. Does Lock-On support force feed back? Thanks
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