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  1. That was a great listen and very informative. Thank you for arranging the Q&A and big thanks to Lt. Col. Olson for taking the time to talk to us.
  2. Excellent work. Thanks for putting the time and effort in to making this.
  3. Make sure you move the Nosegear brake lever to the horizontal position after taxing.
  4. Loved the first episode,great work guys. Look forward to hearing more.
  5. Great news. Thanks for the update.
  6. Hi Linebacker, I private messaged you on Monday to say I wont be able to make it on Sunday due to a family commitment.
  7. OK so I finally figured out how to change it. The LAU file is now in: DCSWORLD/Config/Input/CommandMenu/Keyboard/Default You just change the "F" keys to "Num".
  8. Bump Need to bump this thread because I can't seem to find the CommandMenuItems.lua file any more. I've searched through the whole DCS folder to no avail. Has it been moved or changed in the 1.2.7 update. Hope someone can help as I really love using this mod.
  9. Looking good. Roll on the end of the year!!
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