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  1. Is this happening guys? I need to know in the next 2 hours for scheduling.
  2. Confirmed on the 104th. We've jumped through a huge number of hoops to try and sort the server stability out and nothing seems to help, hoping we can return to 2.5.5 stability levels after this gets addressed.
  3. I rolled back but Im still seeing a 20fps hit from turning the SA page on when flying online :(
  4. Curses! I'd recommend using zoom to help you then sir, while not ideal, it could help to zoom in further than you would normally do so you can see the ball and start ball flying as soon as you get in the groove, then approaching the ramp zoom out to your normal zoom level.
  5. Horribly :D But don't worry noble sir, everyone is a bit scary when they first start, the key is just practice! Some great advice already in the thread, the secret is just time behind the boat sir... good luck and welcome to the boat! :joystick:
  6. Never had any issues with it ... whats all this unusable talk sailor?
  7. Champion thanks mate! Then I can get back to my hermit life in the mission editor :D
  8. The login server seems to be playing up again, you can't login after update, at least not yet anyway.
  9. We're hoping to run Viper Sniper in one day mate, even tho its booked for two days, we only run it on two days if the sign up is massive. If we can run it all in one night, we will ;)
  10. Thanks to everyone who took part, it was great fun to watch! Here is the stream replay
  11. Thank you guys so much, we've been wishing for this aircraft for years! Welcome to DCS world :pilotfly:
  12. We are not simulating the Korean war my good friend, just a Mig vs Sabre head to head.
  13. Can someone please post an updated link for this? I can only find an older version on ED files
  14. Ironic, considering you're the fool that can't even post a bug report properly. And btw, never heard of you or your little programme so you can drop the whole "I've been here helping all of DCS since 2014" as if you have done us all some sort of service. Post a bug report properly like everyone else if you want something fixed and stop acting like a child with these ridiculous impulse posts, no one here owes you anything.
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