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  1. Not interested in mods (but it looks awesome tho) I'm holding out to get it in the actual game so we can use it on public servers :) Do you have a link for the Razbam pics of the WIP carrier sir?
  2. Go to your saved games folder and delete the FXO and METASHADER folders contained within the DCS folder. Then run a DCS repair, reboot your pc, hope for the best.
  3. With Falklands in the works, is there any possibility to see anInvincible class carrier in future?
  4. I don't, I find the positivity refreshing, rather than the constant whining entitlement of 'I'm a paying customer therefore you must listen to me' bs. You bought a product in EA that wasn't complete and no one promised you a finish date, regardless if you're a 'paying customer' or not, you don't get to dictate what ED does with their resources. I've been here for 10 years, I'm not naive enough to think things will change if people become more critical on a forum.
  5. Guys everyone has their place in DCS, I can bet you with very high confidence that GR have brought more people to DCS than anyone posting in this thread combined, regardless of how accurate their videos are. Not everyone wants to take DCS as seriously as we do .... and if they are having fun, you can't tell them they are doing it wrong.
  6. GBU-24 doesn't work in DCS on any aircraft. So if that's what you're trying to drop, that's why it isn't working. I've never had any issues with the other LGBs in game.
  7. I noticed that DL did not come on the first time I powered it on in a US Hornet but I cycled the power and it worked. Doing the same in non US Hornets didn’t work
  8. When any non US Hornet is placed in the mission starting Cold they do NOT get Datalink on the SA page once the aircraft has been started. If a non US Hornet is placed in the mission starting Hot, they DO get Datalink on the SA page. This does not happen with main US faction. Attached are 3 tracks, 1. Showing a Cold US Hornet starting up and receiving Link. 2. Showing a Non US Hornet starting up cold and receiving no Link. 3. Showing a Non US Hornet starting hot and receiving Link. Small test mission is also attached. DL_red_hot.trk DL_red_cold.trk DL_blue_cold.trk DL_red.miz
  9. Thanks, this isn't intentional, I will get it fixed for tomorrow!
  10. Blast from the past! Operation Liberty returns to the server rotation and is now running!
  11. So is having to read these pointless threads. We already know its delayed, there is a public announcement about it.
  12. Please find data on this rather than just having a guess at how you think it should be (no offence)
  13. I've recently got involved in exporting screens like Guppy, so far I've only got one screen for my SA page. I have noticed a massive difference when playing in windowed mode (required for screen export) with the SA page open to playing in Full Screen mode with the SA page open. I've known about this bug for some time but always counted myself as one of the lucky ones as it didn't affect me when flying in Full Screen mode. Now however that I can no longer fly in FS mode my FPS goes from 60 down to less than 40 the instant I turn on the SA page. As soon as I turn it off again my FPS jumps straight back to 60. Is there anything I can submit to help? i7 6800k @ 4.0Ghz EVGA RTX 2080Ti 11GB 32GB RAM
  14. I spoke with one of your team about this the other day mate, you guys need to select 'Own Aircraft' in the F10 options under the customise mission options. Also make sure that Spectators external views are turned off in the main DCS options. This is how we have our box set up. Let me know how you get on mate!
  15. Hi Gaz, Sorry but at this time the system is not available for public use. Mav
  16. Had the same issue after updating the server today to I navigated to the Backup folder in C:program games/eagle dynamics/dcs world and found the MissionScipting.lua file. A simple copy and paste in to the Install/Scripts folder fixed the issue. Thanks Grimes
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