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  1. No No one flys these aircraft and they would take up too much space that can be used by other clients who fly popular aircraft. No, there is no LOD model for the JF-17 yet which is why there is only 4 included in each mission. No, see the reason above. Server updated to
  2. I'm sorry to disappoint but GPS weapons probably won't be back for some time, they don't fit in with the current mission set. Our missions are designed to be completed with co-operation from multiple assets, the thinking behind removing the GPS weapons was to encourage more teamwork. Any lone wolf can YOLO towards the AO with 8 JDAMs and throw them at a SA-11 site before it can shoot him down and take down the entire site himself. Removing the option to take JDAM forces clients to engage with HARM and from there employ LGBs from their own pods or from another aircraft, encouraging more teamwork. Having LGBs only also promotes Helicopter JTAC insertions, as a chopper pilot can make a big difference especially when friendly aircraft dont have time to loiter over the target to self designate when bandits are near. This way they can drop on the JTACs laser code and start to defend. TLDR: LGBs encourage teamwork, GPS weapons don't.
  3. Adding them in from fresh doesn't fix it sadly, will have to be hotfixed.
  4. Seems to be ok as long as you spawn as the flight lead. Im doing a quick test mission now to see if adding the aircraft back in to the mission as new will work as a fix, will report back. dcs.log-20191218-202738.zip
  5. Server updated to New Persian Gulf Operation Desert Thunder is now live on the server! An Attack vs Defender scenario with waypoints in mainland Iran as objectives rather than airfields to try and force the air to air fight over the fantastic mountainous terrain available in the PG map.
  6. No, the development of these modules is finished, for realism you need to look to Full Fidelity modules.
  7. Wake will be off, too many users reporting adverse affects with it on with regards to game performance online in a busy server.
  8. Highly recommend this to everyone! Made a huge difference to my performance after setting this up.
  9. If it happens every time then you are the problem sir. You need to make sure you are in the right PRF frequency for the range of the target and also have the correct elevation set on your radar. Not doing either of these will result in you not being able to lock the target. And while the radar is still clunky and a little buggy it no where near as bad as you're describing. Before you try to lock a target its best practice to make sure you are actually painting the target first. You can tell you are painting the target with your own radar because the symbology on the radar screen will change and you will see some numerical data indicating mach speed and angels of the bandit show on the radar screen. Once you see this numerical data and new symbology you know your radar is painting the target with the correct PRF and elevation settings and you can go ahead and lock him. While it is very clunky as I mentioned earlier on 'technically' there is nothing 'wrong' with the radar, yes it is hard work to use and can be very stressful but if used properly it does work very well. I'm hoping for improvements in its performance with the release of TWS etc.
  10. Thanks guys this is good news! Collidable deck crew could be good in Single Player but not on Multiplayer with loads of randoms on the boat, great to hear that clients can just 'ghost' through them!
  11. Will the deck crew cause damage when they are collided with? I am hoping that they are not simply from a server administration point of view, I want the carrier to look great with deck crew etc but not at the cost of everyone running in to them and exploding.
  12. So all I have to do is paste MAGIC_IFF in to my regular mission brief? I noticed you mention mission 'description' what is meant by this? Is it different from the mission brief?
  13. As a mission editor do I need to do anything to make sure the IFF system works for clients flying online in the 104th server? I've had conflicting reports that I may need to add a text line to the mission description (really?) or that I don't need to do anything at all and that the client is 100% responsible for making sure IFF works. Apart from adding the aircraft in to the mission and give it a default frequency, is there anything else I need to do? Thanks :pilotfly:
  14. DCS Server updated to SRS Server updated to :cheer3nc:
  15. Congratulations on your new module! Welcome to the Full Fidelity fight Deka! Thanks for all the hard work that went in to the module, the MP community desperately needed something for 'REDFOR'. Please keep the 'bad guy' jets coming! :smilewink: Good luck :joystick:
  16. We tested it after removing it for some time and had no negative effects so we enabled it again. Our goal is to have the Wake running all the time on the server, turning it off was only a temporary measure while the Wake effect was optimised and improved by ED. Are you sure wake is Off in Blue Flag? On another note, we are turning OFF Tacview for a few days, maybe a week while we run some stability tests.
  17. Sorry for the late announcement guys but we are going to cancel the event for this weekend and look at hosting again just after the Christmas period when hopefully there will be more interest, currently there is not enough pilots signed up to justify running the event this weekend.
  18. Awesome thank you sir! God speed, RAZBAM Simulations!
  19. This ^ Thanks IronMike, there is too much talk and not enough action in our community sometimes (cue the elvis JXL song), I for one would rather be taken by surprise with an update rather than be let down by something that is 'promised' then doesn't get delivered on time because it wasn't tested properly initially and bugs are found with it. Keep up the great work guys, S! :pilotfly:
  20. Not interested in mods (but it looks awesome tho) I'm holding out to get it in the actual game so we can use it on public servers :) Do you have a link for the Razbam pics of the WIP carrier sir?
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