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  1. Screenshot by 104th_Fallen TOP GUN Golden Eagle BFM 1 vs 1 Guns Only PvP Competition Sponsored by Wild Weasel Apparel 104th Phoenix in association with Wild Weasel Apparel proudly present our F-15C 1 vs 1 Guns Only PvP event. Date: 14th and 15th of March Time: 20:00z Format: Best of 3 Aircraft: F-15C Eagle Map: Caucasus What is it? Top Gun - Golden Eagle is a 1 vs 1 Guns only event for the F-15C Eagle featuring prizes supplied Wild Weasel Apparel. The event will take place over two days with the qualifying rounds on the 14th of March and the finals on the 15th. Rules: Aircraft air-start clean with 90% internal fuel. Starting altitude will be 5000ft at 450kts. Aircraft MUST MERGE at the starting altitude Separation will be 10nm. Fuel Dumping is allowed. No firing before the merge. Pre merge manoeuvring is allowed. Both aircraft must fly towards each other for the merge, no running away pre merge for fuel tactics. Both aircraft must stay inside a 15nm 'bubble'. Last aircraft alive wins, there is no landing requirement. The first aircraft to RUN OUT of fuel loses! #glidegate All participants must be on the 104th Teamspeak Server prior to their match start. *Disclaimer - Rules are subject to change, players will get a full rules brief before each match. Prizes: Wild Weasel Apparel are donating prizes to the top 3 winners! 1st Place: 3 T-shirts 2nd Place: 2 T-shirts 3rd Place: 1 T-shirt. Sign Up To register simply post in this thread with your details as follows Name: 104th_Maverick Squadron (if any): 104th_Phoenix Country: Scotland Stream The event will be streamed live on both days by myself at the link below! 104th_Maverick Twitch Event Schedule Saturday 14th March. 19:00 Zulu - Teamspeak rooms open on 104th. 19:45 Zulu - Event briefing starts. 20:00 Zulu - Event Starts. REPEAT ON SUNDAY 15TH YOU MUST BE IN THE BRIEFING ROOM BY 19:45Z TO BE INCLUDED IN THE EVENT! Disclaimer about the Merge protocol We know this is not going to be popular with everyone, there are some purist out there that believe the fight starts before the merge, and while that is 100% true while flying online in a PvP environment, it is not how they train 1 vs 1 guns only in real life. We are not simulating a combat situation in this event and as such we want to try and mirror the real world protocol a bit more, however that being said we are not going to introduce a 'bubble' around each aircraft that cannot be entered simply because no ones real life is at risk. So how will the merge work? Both pilots are able to manoeuvre as much as they want before the merge however you must pass your opponent at 5000ft, the fight starts after the 3/9 line is passed. A pilot who does not meet the merge criteria will force the round to be restarted. There is no speed restriction at the merge. Why are you doing this? Its more realistic. We are going to have real fighter pilots join us for commentary on some of these events and we want to showcase a more realistic fight rather than two bro's flying towards each other at 15ft off the ground trying to get an angle advantage. It stops one pilot having an advantage over the other before the fight even starts.
  2. Want a Super Carrier in your mission???? ... Pay for it, it's that simple. Don't want to pay, then just use the free carrier instead, problem solved!
  3. We've just tried adding the F-16 and F/A-18C back on to the same side in the 104th server and this bug is causing real issues. Understand that it is already reported, would be hugely grateful if it can get some high priority attention as the only solution around it having both these aircraft on opposing sides. No bueno for NATO bros who want to fly together online.
  4. We are adding the F-16C and F/A-18C back on to the same sides in the server starting from today to trial the Datalink sharing. So far Operation Desert Thunder is the only mission with this set up, if there are no problems we will farm this set up out to some other missions too but still keep some scenarios with both aircraft separated.
  5. 104th Red Flag Rumble MiG-21 & MiG-19 vs F5 & AJS37 February 2020 22nd of February 1900z: Official battle DCS Theatre: Caucasus Battle duration: 1.5 hours - One life per pilot Open slots: 70 - first come first served Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server TeamSpeak Address: ts50.gameservers.com:9132 TeamSpeak password: phoenix Another blast from the past in this head to head rumble event with the Mig-21 and Mig-19 facing off against the F5 and the AJS37 Viggen over Southern Russia. Red Flag Rumble will feature two teams of 35 going head to head in the Caucasus Terrain, each pilot only has one life so every kill counts! Mission Overview Blue side -F5, AJS37 - Sukhumi Red side -Mig21, Mig19- Sochi An exclusively AIR TO AIR head on match up between some exciting aircraft in DCS World, this Rumble round features an old school match up. There are NO Air to Ground objectives so each team is looking to take advantage of their assets in Air to Air combat to eliminate the opposition. The winning side is the team with the most aircraft alive after two hours or who ever eliminates the enemy first. Rules 1 Life per Pilot. All Clients must be on the 104th Teamspeak server. All Clients must have SRS installed Client pings must be below 300. We reserve the right to remove you for high ping / packet loss! You must have fun! Anyone found to be not having fun will be removed from the event Weapon Restrictions Nukes Viggen A2G Missiles GCI 4 GCI Slots are available for each side! GCI Operators CANNOT fly and must stay on the scopes for the entire mission. AWACS will be available for both sides, Combined Arms will be the tool for GCI. 104th will provide one GCI for each side however additional GCIs are welcome to assist with the workload. Sign Up To Sign Up for the event you must have an account on ED forums, sign ups will be handled on a first come first served basis! There will also be a Reserve List to replace pilots who do not show up. You cannot sign up on your friends behalf, clients can only sign up themselves. There is a limit of 5 pilots from any 1 Squadron per side, however you can add more pilots to the reserve list and if any clients do not show up we will allow extra squadron members to fly. You can have 5 pilots on the Blue side and 5 pilots on the Red side from any 1 Squadron, eg.. 5 104th on Blue and 5 104th on Red. Remember... you cannot sign up other members on their behalf, you can only sign up yourself not your friends or Squadron members. Sign up format eg... 104th_Maverick - F5 Event Schedule Saturday 22nd February. 18:00 Zulu - Teamspeak rooms open on 104th. 18:30 Zulu - Event briefing starts. 18:40 Zulu - Server open for 10 min test. 18:50 Zulu - Server passworded and open to event clients. 19:00 Zulu - Event Starts. 20:30 Zulu - Event Ends Please make sure you have SRS installed and your mic gain is between -70 and -85 for your first radio check! THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT USING SRS NOW! If you are having trouble with it please join the SETTING UP SRS channel under the HELP DESK Channel on our Teamspeak Server and follow the instructions in the channel description. LIVE STREAM The event will be streamed LIVE on my Twitch channel HERE
  6. Press and hold the T/O trim reset button, this will trim everything back to neutral and return your stab settings to 12 on each side, you will then need to retrim for takeoff to the standard tab of 16 or 17 or 18 if you are heavy.
  7. The event is not over it hasn't even started! We are going to announce when the first round will be as soon as ED implement the new gun piper for the Viper. Sign ups are still welcome in the mean time.
  8. Great flying by all involved! 1st Place - VTB_Ray 2nd Place - 104cdt_Bullet 3rd Place - Skittles Congratulations guys, it was great fun watching you do your work! We look forward to seeing you in the next event, S!
  9. How am I supposed to know what you are talking about? I'm a gamer not a fortune teller.
  10. RIOs are more than welcome sir and they do not have to sign up.
  11. Final roster for who is fighting who will be available just before the event to make sure people are only fighting other clients who show up!
  12. In my opinion don't listen to this guy, we have noticed a massive improvement since we installed this setup on the 104th Phoenix Dedicated Server. If you have issues with DCS freezing or crashing please try this and see if it helps, it did wonders for us!
  13. Ok, for the fourth or fifth time... No it is not possible, don't get shot and you'll make it back to base just fine.
  14. The jet is not designed to fly without the engines running, if they shut down its time to get out as you need them to power all the hydraulics for the flight surfaces and flaps. Its not nonsense at all, if you have no power to operate the hydraulics you are not going to move any flight surfaces... Welcome to realism ;)
  15. Not on the DDI no, but you can offset the returns on the actual RWR. What you can do however is simply press your RAID button (default I) to cycle through the targets on TOO and then cage and uncage each target until you get the BB or CS you are looking for. So press I, then press Cage with TOO SOI and it will show you on the TOO page what you are locked on to, if its not the target you want simply uncage, press I again then re-cage to see what you now have locked. Sounds long winded but it only takes a few seconds to get the right target
  16. Yes, I'll try and add some more Mig-21s where I can find space, sadly it will probably end up being a little bit out of the way but I'll get you guys as close as I can. Our latest mission Operation Spartan does not support Datalink from the AWACS, only fighter to fighter Datalink.
  17. Sounds like total nonsense mate... the AMRAAM wasn't developed for only the F-15C, it was always intended to be a multiplatform missile, hence why European nations were also involved in its development. Cool story tho :)
  18. I havnt read the whole thread so sorry if someone has already mentioned this but make sure your throttle detent is OFF. You might be selecting full power and only getting MIL because of the AB detent. Go to your special options in the main game options and click on the F/A-18C and make sure you turn OFF the detent.
  19. Try the PvE servers sir. 4YA, Through the Inferno, Hoggit to name just a few and you should be in good shape. Try to get on voice comms with people to increase your situational awareness of what is going on around you. 16 pairs of eyes are better than 1 pair ;) Good luck
  20. This is a sound tactic, its just that the number of pilots who know how to evade missiles is growing every day. Missiles in DCS are woefully bad and in the right circumstances can be evaded almost easily if you are in the notch gate, so as you said there is no golden rule, BVR has now evolved in to several 'jousts' as the aircraft get closer to each other. 2 good pilots should be able to dodge all of each others missiles right up until the point that Fox2s come in to play. So to get a higher PK you either have to get as close as possible or you have to target people who are not targetting you. If they are not painting you with their radar press in on them to get as close as possible and then start throwing sticks at him at around 5nm OR the second he looks at you with his radar when you're inside 10nm. Keep grinding sir and results will come, S!
  21. You're supposed too. As Habu says the aircraft doesn't know if its your jet that is being locked or not, all it knows it that it is detecting radar energy that indicates some system has an STT lock on an aircraft. If you fly through this radar energy you will get a lock warning, even if you are not the aircraft being targetted.
  22. Neither is asking to get modules for free because you don't think you should have to pay for something someone else developed. To control surface units in DCS you need to own CA, its not fair of you to expect features from another module to be included in this one because you don't want to pay for the extra functionality that CA gives you.
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