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  1. There were much bigger priorities for the team than adding new features to the Hornet guys, get with the programme!
  2. It is live, Im updated but I can't login to my account....
  3. Totally agree, some people are getting carried away. I play this game to fly aircraft, not to walk around on a ship and look at stuff. :music_whistling:
  4. Reserved for the inevitable post about something being changed
  5. 104th Red Flag Rumble Mig 15 vs F86 28th of March 1900z: Official battle DCS Theatre: Caucasus Battle duration: 2 hours - One life per pilot Open slots: 60 - first come first served Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server TeamSpeak Address: ts50.gameservers.com:9132 TeamSpeak password: phoenix A blast from the past is the feature for our next head to head rumble event with the Mig15 facing off against the F86 over southern Russia. Red Flag Rumble March will feature two teams of 30 going head to head in the Caucasus Terrain, each pilot only has one life so every kill counts! Mission Overview Blue side -F86- Sukhumi Red side -Mig15- Sochi An exclusively AIR TO AIR head on match up between some exciting aircraft in DCS World, this Rumble round features an old school match up. There are NO Air to Ground objectives so each team is looking to take advantage of their assets in Air to Air combat to eliminate the opposition. The winning side is the team with the most aircraft alive after two hours or who ever eliminates the enemy first. Rules 1 Life per Pilot. All Clients must be on the 104th Teamspeak server. All Clients must have SRS installed Client pings must be below 300. We reserve the right to remove you for high ping / packet loss! You must have fun! Anyone found to be not having fun will be removed from the event Weapon Restrictions NONE! GCI 5 GCI Slots are available for each side! GCI Operators CANNOT fly and must stay on the scopes for the entire mission. AWACS will be available for both sides, Combined Arms will be used for GCI. Sign Up To Sign Up for the event you must have an account on ED forums, sign ups will be handled on a first come first served basis! There will also be a Reserve List to replace pilots who do not show up. You cannot sign up on your friends behalf, clients can only sign up themselves. There is a limit of 5 pilots from any 1 Squadron per side, however you can add more pilots to the reserve list and if any clients do not show up we will allow extra squadron members to fly. You can have 5 pilots on the Blue side and 5 pilots on the Red side from any 1 Squadron, eg.. 5 104th on Blue and 5 104th on Red. Remember... you cannot sign up other members on their behalf, you can only sign up yourself not your friends or Squadron members. Sign up format eg... 104th_Maverick - F86 Event Schedule Saturday 28th March. 18:00 Zulu - Teamspeak rooms open on 104th. 18:30 Zulu - Event briefing starts. 18:40 Zulu - Server open for 10 min test. 18:50 Zulu - Server passworded and open to event clients. 19:00 Zulu - Event Starts. 21:00 Zulu - Event Ends Please make sure you have SRS installed. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT USING SRS NOW! If you are having trouble with it please join the SETTING UP SRS channel under the HELP DESK Channel on our Teamspeak Server and follow the instructions in the channel description. LIVE STREAM The event will be streamed LIVE by myself on my Twitch channel (click image below)
  6. No, its called a SHB (Sh!t Hot Break), the first guy down out of the marshal gets the option of doing this if he is good enough and conditions allow, everyone else behind him does the standard CASE I pattern arrival.
  7. Great news guys! Finally MP getting the attention it deserves, a massive step in the right direction thanks team!
  8. Thanks to everyone who took part! You guys are what make these events what they are, thank you to everyone who supports them! I especially want to thank our non native English speaking brothers and sisters who take part, don't get me wrong, I appreciate everyone that signs up regardless of where they are from, I just think its super cool that events like this bring in people from all around the world from different cultures who all share the same love of military aviation. Onwards and upwards friends <3 The stream replay is available to watch here -
  9. I remember seeing this before when the tanker would spool out the hose before the client selects "Ready pre contact". If you try to connect even with the basket out and you have not clicked "Ready Pre Contact" no connection can be made with the basket. Not sure if its the same issue tho.
  10. Alright guys sorry to mess you around on this one, but we are going to host it in 2.5.6 We decided to stick with 2.5.5 because of the memory leak causing DCS to crash when running 2.5.6 however now we have identified the cause of the memory leak as being the aircraft carrier spawn aircraft in our missions. So after running a stability test on the 104th server with all carriers removed we have not had any issues with 2.5.6 so we have taken the decision to host in the latest patch for this weekends event rather than rolling back to 2.5.5. Sorry again for all the back and forward, hope to see as many of you as possible at the event. Event will be hosted in 2.5.6
  11. OK we ran the same mission but without aircraft carrier and its running with no issues now. Seems like the carrier spawned aircraft are causing the memory leak.
  12. We can consistently crash any server that has more than 4 people in it simply by spawning on the carrier and launching from a CAT.
  13. We are not sure mate, so far 2.5.6 is pretty horrific for MP stability, we suspect a massive memory leak associated with having clients spawning on the carrier. We are waiting to see some test results from across the community before we go full yarr on it.
  14. If you have a mission with more than 4 people in it and you spawn users on the carrier the host gets a massive memory leak and the game just freezes with no crash logs. Can anyone else confirm this?
  15. Yeah that's what I was told, if you're on a single... you don't mingle! (ok he didn't say that bit and I just made it up :D ) But happy to learn something new, especially straight from the horses mouth. Bah don't worry about that sir, I hate everyone already :smilewink:
  16. ED WTF are you guys thinking... GET THIS GUY A JOB! He has all the answers! God dammit why didn't anyone think of this yet!!!! :doh:
  17. We are not sure yet, it depends how horrific 2.5.6 is after ED try and make their fixes to it. Plan for 2.5.5 however.
  18. Denied! Those missiles dont have enough B in their BVR to be of any major game changing threat.
  19. I just point my nose at the area where the target is and slew the camera 'down' rather than having to slew it around to find the targets. I find it much easier to simply align the aircraft with the target, then slew straight down to get the camera in the right place.
  20. Not really a bug report as such more of a heads up for users who are struggling with 2.5.6. I've noticed that the sound set up in the game has totally changed in 2.5.6 and is causing issues with clients who have sound mods installed. (the folder structure for how sounds are used has been reworked and is now C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Sounds.edc) Removing any sound mods installed will fix your issue. :thumbup:
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