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  1. The problem is balance. A 'realistic' server would be too one sided. Despite how passionate some people are about wanting 'realism' in the game... all that craving goes straight out the window when they start getting AMRAAMs in the face, and people end up leaving the server. Then the focus moves from 'hey I want a realistic server' to 'hey this isn't fair, everyone is on Blue' Sadly we do not have enough full fidelity aircraft to properly balance the teams so any realistic East vs West set up would always end up with more clients on Blue than on Red. You have to be careful what you wish for as you will quickly find that a hyper realism server would quickly just become a NATO power train with Red getting rolled over every match. No one wants to be part of that... which is why there are very little if any servers set up like this. Because most people do not want to fly FC3 aircraft on Red against Full Fidelity modules on Blue plus the Blue FC3 aircraft, aircraft sides have to be mixed or be made unrealistic. If you don't do this you end up with an empty server or basically just a PvE server where everyone is on the same team, because the bottom line is there are no Full Fidelity Red jets and not enough people who want to fly FC3 against Blue. There are servers with non mixed teams however with aircraft being only available on one side. Blue Flag is a great example and also the 104th server is currently running a 'Navy vs Airforce' mission set with F-18, F-14 and A/V-8B all being available on Blue and all the other FC3 jets and M2000 available on Red. The only mission with mixed aircraft on both sides is our Persian Gulf Sandstorm that has the F-14 on Blue but also a limited number on Red for the Iranian forces. While most of us crave realism to a certain extend, however the majority of online players want to have fun and flying in highly populated servers is very intense regardless of how realistic the set up is. This is what makes it popular, the intensity and fun that people have. The cold, hard, sad truth is, a hyper realistic server would only be fun for the Blue aircraft. Despite how motivated some Red pilots would be after a while you would see a huge drop off in their numbers and it would turn in to a Blue PvE mission. This situation won't change until we start to get Full Fidelity Eastern aircraft.
  2. Guys when is the 104th vs TAW event going to be streamed? Its been 3 days since the match and all we've heard is 'I haven''t decided when Im going to stream yet'. Its really disappointing that the biggest match of the year with both teams going in to the fight undefeated was not streamed live and there has still been no announcement to when the match is going to shown. What is going on?
  3. Thanks Oceandar, I will take a look today and try and get it fixed!
  4. Hey bro! Thanks for the data mate, we decided to keep it at a 12 hour runtime however to give the Red side a realistic chance of defending for a reasonable time frame against a well stock adversary.
  5. Our latest mission Operation Sandstorm is up and running! Another addition to our 'Attack vs Defender' mission type this time for the Persian Gulf map. There are SIX target airbases- Lavan Island, Kish Island, Lar Airbase, Bandar Lengeh, Tunb Kochak, Tunb Island AFB. Red Force start from Bandar Abbas, Havadarya and Qeshm Island and are tasked with defending the target airfields for 12 hours to achieve victory. Blue Force start from the USS Stennis Battlegroup and Al Dhafra Airbase, captured airfields will also unlock aircraft for Blue Force to spawn in. Blue can achieve victory by capturing all six target airfields inside the 12 hour time limit.
  6. If you install SLMOD you can see the server logs in the chat section. Saved Games/DCS World/SLMOD/Chat/current log
  7. We're still fighting the good fight mate, 13 years and still going strong :D Great to see you still in the community mate, I hope life is treating you well! I've fixed this in the next version of Dark Water, thanks mate!
  8. Our latest mission is now live on the server! A coastal base capture mission with five capturable airfields featuring CTLD Helicopters that are deployed from the Black Sea on an LHA Carrier. Primarily a Navy vs Air Force themed mission with a countdown timer of 12 hours till mission end. Server updated to
  9. TacVIEW is now available on the server for an ongoing trial!
  10. We are running a trial with player only externals turned on so clients can admire their own aircraft.
  11. Operation Abruzzi Operation Abruzzi is a medium scale base capture mission featuring and East vs West aircraft set up. Both sides have the ability to shut down each others airbases as well as attack strategic targets located throughout the map. Once an enemy has destroyed all ground units protecting an airfield the friendly coalition will no longer be able to spawn at that airbase. Red Airbases = Tbilisi, Vaziani, Beslan, Mozdok, Nalchik and Min Vody Blue Airbases = Kutaisi, Senaki, Batumi and Kobuleti. Scenario Russian forces have invaded Georgia and seized the capital of Tbilisi and its surrounding areas. After putting up some resistance the Georgian Government called for NATO to assist in the region resulting in an escalation of the conflict. This has led to NATO forces landing on the Eastern shores of the Black Sea while Russia tries to strengthen its position in Tbilisi by sending reinforcements through the Transkam Road and the Darial Gorge. Target Areas Bullseye South Bullseye North Bullseye East (Tbilisi) Target locations are given as a position from BULLSEYE. To get target coordinates use the F10 map and ruler tool. Draw a line to the target using the BRA information given in the briefing and note down the coordinates. Alternatively you can leave a marker on the F10 map and navigate to your chosen target area that way. 104th Mission Thread - http://community.104thphoenix.com/topic/1308-operation-abruzzi/
  12. The bracket is created at the event briefing before the competition starts to avoid people being matched against clients who have not shown up. There will be multiple matches going on simultaneously.
  13. Sign up is OPEN at the link below for the Top Gun Super Hornet event sponsored by Wild Weasel Apparel. Top Gun Super Hornet is a 1 vs 1 Guns Only BFM Competition with some swag up for grabs for the top 3 finishers courtesy of our friends at Wild Weasel. Check out the link below to get involved! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=243441
  14. TOP GUN 'Super' Hornet BFM 1vs 1 Guns Only PvP Competition Sponsored by Wild Weasel Apparel www.wildweaselapparel.com 104th Phoenix in association with Wild Weasel Apparel proudly present this 1 vs 1 Guns Only PvP event. Date: 29th and 30th of June Time: 19:00z Format: Best of 3 Aircraft: F/A-18C Hornet Map: Caucasus What is it? Top Gun - 'Super' Hornet is a 1 vs 1 Guns only event for the F/A-18C Hornet featuring prizes supplied by Wild Weasel Apparel. The event will take place over two days with the qualifying rounds on the 29th of June and the finals on the 30th of June. Rules: Aircraft air-start clean with 90% internal fuel. Starting altitude will be 5000ft at 450kts. Separation will be 20nm. Fuel Dumping is allowed. No firing before the merge. Pre merge manoeuvring is allowed. Both aircraft must fly towards each other for the merge, no running away pre merge for fuel tactics. Both aircraft must stay inside a 20nm 'bubble'. The first aircraft to RUN OUT of fuel loses! #glidegate :cheer3nc: Last aircraft alive wins, there is no landing requirement. All participants must be on the 104th Teamspeak Server prior to their match start. *Disclaimer - Rules are subject to change, players will get a full rules brief before each match. Prizes: Wild Weasel Apparel are donating the prizes to the top 3 winners! www.wildweaselapparel.com 1st Place: 3 T-shirts. 2nd Place: 2 T-shirts 3rd Place: 1 T-shirt. Sign Up To register simply post in this thread with your details as follows Name: 104th_Maverick Squadron (if any): 104th_Phoenix Country: Scotland Stream The event will be streamed live on both days by myself at the link below! 104th_Maverick Twitch
  15. 104th Red Flag Rumble Mig 21 vs F5 May 2019 25th of May 1900z: Official battle DCS Theatre: Caucasus Battle duration: 2 hours - One life per pilot Open slots: 60 - first come first served Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server TeamSpeak Address: ts50.gameservers.com:9132 TeamSpeak password: phoenix A blast from the past is the feature for our next head to head rumble event with the Mig21 facing off against the F5 over Southern Russia. Red Flag Rumble will feature two teams of 30 going head to head in the Caucasus Terrain, each pilot only has one life so every kill counts! Mission Overview Blue side -F5- Sukhumi Red side -Mig21- Sochi An exclusively AIR TO AIR head on match up between some exciting aircraft in DCS World, this Rumble round features an old school match up. There are NO Air to Ground objectives so each team is looking to take advantage of their assets in Air to Air combat to eliminate the opposition. The winning side is the team with the most aircraft alive after two hours or who ever eliminates the enemy first. Rules 1 Life per Pilot. All Clients must be on the 104th Teamspeak server. All Clients must have SRS installed Client pings must be below 300. We reserve the right to remove you for high ping / packet loss! You must have fun! Anyone found to be not having fun will be removed from the event Weapon Restrictions Nukes GCI 3 GCI Slots are available for each side! GCI Operators CANNOT fly and must stay on the scopes for the entire mission. AWACS will be available for both sides, LotATC will be the tool for GCI. Sign Up To Sign Up for the event you must have an account on ED forums, sign ups will be handled on a first come first served basis! There will also be a Reserve List to replace pilots who do not show up. You cannot sign up on your friends behalf, clients can only sign up themselves. There is a limit of 5 pilots from any 1 Squadron per side, however you can add more pilots to the reserve list and if any clients do not show up we will allow extra squadron members to fly. You can have 5 pilots on the Blue side and 5 pilots on the Red side from any 1 Squadron, eg.. 5 104th on Blue and 5 104th on Red. Remember... you cannot sign up other members on their behalf, you can only sign up yourself not your friends or Squadron members. Sign up format eg... 104th_Maverick - F5 Event Schedule Saturday 25th May. 18:00 Zulu - Teamspeak rooms open on 104th. 18:30 Zulu - Event briefing starts. 18:40 Zulu - Server open for 10 min test. 18:50 Zulu - Server passworded and open to event clients. 19:00 Zulu - Event Starts. 21:00 Zulu - Event Ends Please make sure you have SRS installed and your mic gain is between -70 and -85 for your first radio check! THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT USING SRS NOW! If you are having trouble with it please join the SETTING UP SRS channel under the HELP DESK Channel on our Teamspeak Server and follow the instructions in the channel description. LIVE STREAM The event will be streamed LIVE by myself on my Twitch channel (click image below)
  16. 104th_Knight is crowned the Top Gun Champion! Congratulations to 104th_Knight who put on a dominate display in the finals to win the round 2-0 against VTB_Ray. VTB_Ray (aka Mr Consistency) finishes in a well earned 2nd place after a dominant show of skills throughout the entire weekend. VTB_Ray was representing the Speed & Angels (S&A) Squadron and really flew the flag for them with his conduct, professionalism and flying skills. He is also part of the Virtual Thunderbirds, you can check them out and follow their progress here - www.facebook.com/VirtualTbirds 104th_Money rounds off the podium with 3rd place. All 3 winners win themselves some Heatblur Swag T-shirts, 104th_Knight and VTB_Ray also win themselves a Heatblur Module. 1st Place - 104th_Knight 2nd Place - VTB_Ray 3rd Place - 104th_Money Thanks to ALL the pilots that took part! This event was a huge amount of fun to watch and commentate on and we're really looking forward to getting the next one up and running. Huge thanks to Heatblur Simulations for sponsoring the event and for giving us such a fantastic aircraft to go fighting in!
  17. AWESOME EVENT GUYS! Thanks so much for all the pilots, what an opener! Tune in tomorrow for the finals from 19:30z onward! Here are the results from today. The stream is available to watch here -
  18. Gents and ladies, due to SATAL running late we are going to have to POSTPONE the start time to 20:00z http://www.zulutime.net
  19. Brackets are now LIVE for viewing. https://challonge.com/31melf9u
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