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  1. Update 1.1: - Added texture for IR signature suppression device. Download (same link, file updated): https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317491/
  2. Hello. I am trying to paint the IR exhaust supressors from the Hind, I found the files, these are: - mi-24p_evu - mi-24p_evu_NRM - mi-24p_evu_RoughMet Someone managed to find out what I call these materials from the description.lua? The only way I did this up to now was by reviewing LUAs from other skin, but in none of the skins is this accessory mentioned, in the Mi8 it was called like "EVU", but with the Hind I can't figure out the name. Thanks!.
  3. Thanks DonJosh !. I don't think so, I started painting this one without knowing that Scorch71 had painted this one and the black one, but it was too late, I was going for 50%, this took me almost 160 hours of work, black is simpler but there is already one. I will rest for a while and see what interesting skin could be next, enjoy the skin!
  4. Mil Mi-24P in colors of Cypriot National Guard Mil Mi-35 (Cyprus): Installation: Copy "Cypriot National Guard - 819" forlder to: "C:\Users\YourUserName\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\MI-24P". I want to thank Sundowner.pl for giving me the texture of the metal edge of the engine exhaust from their Polish Mi-24s library, in addition to indicating the location of some textures of the pylons, thank you! Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317491/ Midgård [117th]
  5. I confirm, the problem persists in the new patch
  6. I noticed that I had brutal FPS drops with the TGP (Litening 2, with the ATFLIR does not happen)(A10CII, F18) and the MAV, or it gets even worse with both. I tried to deactivate the VSYNC and the problem of the drops was solved, now the drops are not so pronounced (like it was before).
  7. Same here, second load crash occasionally. No mods, clean install, It can happen for hours and suddenly another hour stops happening, it is impossible to replicate. i9 9900k, 2080super, 32gb 3600, nvme install, w10. I have the latest nvidia drivers, I'm going to try updating windows, but it is in one of the latest versions.
  8. My entry: P-47D Thunderbolt in colors of Chilean Air Force historical FACH 750 museum late theme. Download:https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315263/ - Custom pilot, interiors, labels, etc.
  9. There is no default skin, DCS select the first one from the list in alphabetical order.
  10. Hi. Flying gives me the slight feeling that the refresh rate of the HUD is lower than in the other modules, talking with people from my squadron told me that it really is like this, but I still find it slow compared to other modules, something that complicates landing and being able to carry a correct attack angle, is the HUD really that slow? :joystick: Thanks.
  11. I feel that the refresh rate of the hud is going slow, anyone?
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