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  1. Its all conjecture, but there is a new TECS placeholder on the AU VKB site. And the AU Store emailed out, today, saying they hope for information on TECS "soon". Also today, the AU site added additional pieces to the store - some spare parts and additional base/grip options. I doubt they would add a TECS placeholder page, unless something was close. Again, just conjecture.
  2. Firstly - I have only used the 30deg cam as yet. Its the default one. I feel like with the Alpha grip, its going to be uncomfortable with the extra throw. The default zero collective position is +15 degrees from horizontal. I have increased that to about +25, which puts the Alpha grip about 5deg nose down. Max collective is now 55deg from horizontal. So at this point its already moving back more than its moving up at top of travel (just). I spent only about 30 minutes trying to tweak the tension bolts. Although I was not trying to find the perfect feel, I was trying to find out if perhaps the settings out of the box were perhaps so far out that they impacted the performance. In the end I didnt make any improvements, and I think there was none to be found. I am thinking I am about 90% where I want to be right now, and will tweak with experience. I coped some flack on reddit for daring mention ARMA. I have also done some flying in the gazelle, and with default curves all round, found the collective control in ARMA far more sensitive. So in comparison the gazelle was, subjectively, just easier to control. The default ARMA setup had a fairly small collective throw in the "usable hovering range", whereas the gazelle seemed to have a larger throw. Now in ARMA I can simply apply a curve to the axis and improve the situation (and will). You could also start using curves to expand the "middle operating range of the collective" and shrink the idle and max zones to get better effective control. I think my point still stands, really fine control is hard. And tweaking in software can make the experience better, but there the physical issue remains. Some people will probably not notice it, and its noticably better than the base Thrustmaster pedals I have. Its important to note that I am not saying the collective is bad. Its "good" yes, but certainly not "great".
  3. The twist collective was delayed. Shipping mid-July. https://www.facebook.com/VIRPILControls/posts/4752777208171434
  4. dang, the above post ate all my text I spent some time today exploring the tension/clutch mechanism and trying varying settings - it didnt seem to make any difference between tightening one bolt vs two. Its pretty easy to get enough tension to get the collective to hold in position at the top stop, but have it gently sink when its half way down. The first half of the first graph above shows the Collective "falling" from stationary at about 50% down to the bottom stop. It took like 12 seconds. It was beautiful to watch. Its smooooooooth. The second half if the first graph shows me trying to move the Collective around the 50% line. In terms of my hand-movement its: Push-nothing... push-nothing... push MOVE STOP. Pull-nothing... pull-nothing... pull MOVE STOP. You can see the flat spots on the tops of the curves. This reflects the feeling you get. Fine adjustments are difficult and require concentration. I also found that the more tension you put in the system the greater this tendency. In comparison, the second graph shows my flogged out 10yo Warthog throttle. Both the throttle axes track really well together, and you can seen its smoother and you have finer control, with less concentration. its just easier to make the throttle do what you want. You can gently nudge the throttle and progressively move it. And these "laboratory" examples are borne out when flying - its just a bit harder with the collective to get it to do fine adjustments. Coarse adjustments are fine. So I find the precision of the Collective to be just "ok". Its not "great" like my VKB Gunfighter. Its not even as good as my Warthog throttle. But its not terrible. It might well be the best collective on the market, I dont know. I am just comparing it to what I have. I certainly acknowledge that there are some very significant engineering challenges to be overcome with the collective and the large lever arm. So I feel like, for the money, I was expecting a 300AUD single axis purpose built device to be a bit "more". Or at least "better than my throttle".
  5. I did get mine on Friday. I just put up a "review" on reddit (started as a quick impression, but then I dug into it a bit deeper based on my findings): https://www.reddit.com/r/hotas/comments/odinhc/virpil_collective_and_lh_alpha_impressions/ One other guy posted some impressions on reddit/simhq: https://www.reddit.com/r/hotas/comments/obyttd/virpil_collective_sharka50_grip_chair_mount/
  6. Mine has landed and just cleared customs by the looks. Still saying 8th July, but I'd expect hoping this Friday.
  7. No-one has their collective yet? Mine has gone the long way round - EU then the US and is now sitting in Hololulu on its way to AU.
  8. I placed the order on June 1. From that date till today both items were on back order. My guess would be that I am not alone in ordering that collective/grip combination, and that any LH Alpha stock that has been available this month has been allocated to the one-off surge in new orders based on the collective. I just hope the pitch angle of the Alpha grip doesnt require to much stuffing around to make it comfortable.
  9. That video does not show the pilots head ground stabilizing. It shows him looking into the turn - pitching his head up and to the left. All the other slight movements are a result of turbulence. Trying to stabilize your head on the horizon is a bad habit, and can induce motion sickness and give you a sore neck.
  10. My non-twist Collective and LH Alpha grip has just shipped.
  11. To help complete my build, I want a single right angle connector attached to my Gunfighter Mk2 base. I have seen mention that its a GX12-4 (4 pin), but its not. A GX12 has an inner diameter of around, surprise... 12mm. The connector on the base of my GF has a diameter of about 8mm. The same connector is used on the Black Box end. Does anyone know what the connecter is? Even better, does anyone know where a right angle connector is available from? This reddit article is a mystery to me - did VKB change connectors at some point? This is a picture of a GX12. It looks basically correct, except the left hand, female plug has a diameter of the black plastic sheath of 12mm. Too big.
  12. &hk = keyalloc[k & 0xffff]; I have the same as Lange_666
  13. I am pretty sure the script that is called that you have hightlighted - wwt/wwtExport.lua have a export frequency or interval inside them. You can probably turn that down to 0.5 sec or so.
  14. There are loads of VKB Joystick users out there - so there is demand for a throttle that is better that the Warthog Throttle.
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