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  1. Yes, that's it Many thanks
  2. After a long time I have a new computer so I can play this is the max mode there is. Only when I tryed the trainings missions the spacebar is'nt working so i'm stuck in training. Is there a fix to resolve this issu? Greetings.
  3. Download it yesterday works great http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?end_pos=135&scr=products&lang=en
  4. pffff I have found it, there are presets in game, sim and general, these presets are not working together and that couses a fatal problem to control the plane. I have deleted everything in game, sim, and general and make only in sim a new configuration that solve this problem.
  5. Same problem here. G940 does not work in DCS world.
  6. major G940 problem I have made some bad mistakes with my older version of A10-C ( and have to delete the hole program. Now I have DCS World with the A10 module, then everything goes wrong My Logitech G940 work fine in the older version but I canᷰt get it to work in dcs world. I can use the presets in the options menu, but when I start the game nothing works? the throttle does nothing and the joystick is in revert and a lot of buttons are asigned to somthing throttle, brakes flaps al in to 2 buttons. I have deleted everything on axes nothing in the presets and still when I star
  7. Do I have to buy (again) version 1.2.2 (thats the new version) I got A10 from the beginning, I purchased it then? I do not know what happend but A10 only works in DCS world and not in the old program????????
  8. What do u mean with (the A10 module) I have DCS world re-installed and there is no new version of patch
  9. Will it changes the lua files also? I got Patch noting else do I need a other installation version.
  10. I have made a error in the LUA files. :music_whistling: I want to delete and re-install the program. I have patch 11 can I use this file to re install or do I need another file for re-installation? Thanks. :helpsmilie:
  11. do not care what plane but carrier take off and landings will be great
  12. nobody with 3 monitors?
  13. can anybody tell me somthing about connecting 2, 8inch usb monitors. does it work? do I have to change something on or in my computer?
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