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  1. I haven’t bought the kneeboard extension yet. So this is built on top of the standard kneeboard utility? I want to add my custom pages. Do I need a custom tab for custom pages?
  2. Max, sorry I missed the part about showing the current module. It did not show and I was wondering why. When it started working it still did not show initially. Then yesterday it started to show the module that I was flying. If I ever have issues again, I’d turn on debugging logs first. Thanks again.
  3. I tried using the dcs bios hub browser method. It consistently stops working after 5-7 minutes. Then I tried using the old method. Version 0.7.1 has multi port com. The latest ones don’t. So i installed the latest ones but copied the multi port com file to run several arduinos. That worked till I tried to disable one toggle and Reupload and it errored out. Now running single or multi com port gives the dreaded socat permission denied error. So I’m back to using the hub and it’s still timing out after a while. Is there a way to not let it stop working?
  4. Guys thanks for your offer to help. I have no kneeboard extension. My MP tab is all blank. I tried two things last night. 1. Remove the export.lua file 2. Put custom DCS path as D:\DCS World instead of leaving it blank. Neither worked. I made the change one at a time and tried each one. Really frustrating. Then today I turned on debugging and tried to capture the error. But the stupid no flight or ATC recipient errors went away! Both are being recognized! But the vaicom app crashed a few times within a minute. No biggy. Restarted it and as long as it can continue to recognize and execute my commands I'm a happy camper. I don't know what I did that made it work. If anything else changes I'd let you guys know. Thanks again.
  5. First of all, Max thanks for your help. Are you the official or unofficial support for vaicom? I emailed vaicom a few times never got reply. I have easy comms on. But that does not really matter. I manually selected the frequency, with or without easy comms. See the screenshots. It recognized what I said, and even showed the relevant commands in TX1 or TX2. But both say no recipients, whether flight or ATC. I'm sure others have had this error before too.
  6. I explained this above. I was in a mission with a wingman. I tried to talk to him via TX2 or TX4. What I said was understood but not executed as it says there is no flight recipient. Tried in a different mission. Same thing. Then I tried calling ATC by manually dialing to its frequency and pressed TX1 VHF AM. Again it says no ATC recipient. But using \ and F keys that ATC replies immediately. Again, I tried different ATCs. Same thing. So it says no flight or ATC recipients though they are there.
  7. Can you comment on why it says no recipients?
  8. i figured out the last part. turn off the HOT key on the PTT tab in the configuration window. BTW, how come it does not show the module that I am currently flying in? Last year in an older version of vaicom it will show the A10C.
  9. ok some progress. the second icon, the headset with mic, is always listening. even if I disable it, press the PTT once will keep it listening. when it is always listening, whatever I say and gets recognized will not be executed. But if I press TX2 down or TX4 up, it recognizes and tries to execute, yay! They key difference now is that I have to hold the PTT longer till it beeps then I let go! Duh. BUT... in a mission where my wingman is zipping around me, when I say Two rejoin, or Two, attack ground targets etc, it says no flight recipients available. WTF. Then I tuned to 140 MHz, press TX1 for VHF AM and say Vaziani Inbound. It says no ATC recipients available! But using menu commands Vaziani immediately give me directions to land! So finally when it stops saying 'not executed' it still can't execute coz there is no flight or ATC recipients even thought those are not true! how to configure that hotkey stays disabled and one has to press PTT to talk, so that it is not always listening?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried 2.5.24, 23, 22, 20 etc kept going down. Same error, with or without DCS running, or running first or after Vaicom starts. And I'm always running as admin. Don't understand why it is so difficult to get this working. Each time it recognized what I said but won't execute. I tried asking for help on facebook. Some said I was sending it to the wrong window. There is no window to specify. I looked at the spanner icon and various settings. Tried endless ways. Sigh.
  11. I’m also getting this ‘…currently disabled for this session and was not executed’ error. Viacom used to work in the past. I upgraded version to hopefully have it support the A10C II. But now at latest version it keeps saying this stupid error. I did voice recognition training and reinstalled a few times. It is recognizing my words but just refusing to execute the commands. I have written to Viacom support two weeks ago. No response at all.
  12. I checked USB controls. No button flashes when I pull the stick. Then a friend suggested checking if flying by keyboard arrow keys do anything different. It worked as normal. So the problem is with the stick. Then I noticed the ring below the palm rest was loose. I turned and tightened it. Then the auto gun trigger, aim 9 releases and jumping to A2A mode all stopped! Somehow that loose ring was causing things inside the stick to go hay wire when it's pulled. Now all problems are gone. Thanks for all the suggestions anyway.
  13. If it includes GBU-39 SDB that'd be awesome.
  14. there is no function in dcs control to say do what when pulling G. so it can't be my control settings, which I've also checked, on trigger, weapon release button, MMCB etc. also, to go to A2A mode, one needs to cycle through MMCB. But in my case now, it jumps to it from Nav or CCIP, CCRP etc. what mode i'm at it jumps straight to A2A. Then it'd auto fire the AIM-9s one at a time. and it also releases whatever weapon i've selected.
  15. Last week I accepted a DCS upgrade prompt. It was a big one as it took a long time. Now whenever a fly a mission, any mission, pulling up and doing a bank will trigger the gun. It stops once I stops pulling G. Then a few seconds later it'd also auto fire off the AIM-9s, one then a few seconds later the second one. And whatever weapon I've selected to deploy, be it rockets, cluster bomb or paveway will get deselected as the A10 goes crazy and fires the gun by itself.
  16. Just like many others suggested, get a used first gen headset. Once you use VR, you can't go back to looking at a monitor with track IR and notice your room, window, walls etc. VR is even better than a super wide curved screen and multiple projectors. You really feel like you are in dcs world and not your room or garage.
  17. Last night i went back to my old Rift. No distortion at all coz the fov is so freaking small. after being spoilt by the super wide fov which feels like normal vision, the rift is like looking through a hole or straw. and screen door effect is really bad. but at least now i can record screenplay without the ridiculous distortion. thanks everyone for your input.
  18. Thanks everyone for your input. I confirm once again OBS and OpenVR plugin doesn't work for my distortion. Maybe pimax's FOV is just too much for it. I saved the track and replayed it without VR. Yes the distortion is gone. Amazing. But the view is very zoomed in, like your face is just inches from the panel. The view is so different from when I started the mission and looked around sitting in the middle of the cockpit. I'd see if i can zoom out and record it with OBS.
  19. Hi Strikeagle, i did use OBS and the openVR plugin. didn't work. maybe i didn't do it right. i'd try it again. I also tried opening specific window and then choose dcs.exe and tried several things from various youtube suggestions. i don't agree with that youtuber that told me the distortion is due to the wide FOV of pimax, that i should use the Rift or similar sets that have narrow FOV in order to avoid distortion. It must be possible to use pimax and still not get distortion. Anyone that has successfully recorded pimax gameplay without distortion please chip in. thanks!
  20. Revs, thanks for your suggestion but it didn't work. Someone also suggested on youtube that it's because I use the Pimax which has a wide FOV that causes the distortion. But i've seen youtubers that recorded pimax gameplay without distortion. don't know how people do this.
  21. I see your zip files include a lua file. What is that for? I need to put it somewhere?
  22. Thanks for sharing. Very nice of you!
  23. I'm new to recording VR. 1. It was recommended to display only left or right eye on the main screen. But choosing left eye or right eye only makes the cockpit appear in the far left or right side. 2. The slightest turn of the head to either side makes the front console very distorted. I've read on google about making the video mono instead of stereo but can't figure out how. Watched many VR youtubes all without my kind of distortion. How do people record their VR gameplay that look like normal monitor display?
  24. Captain Orso, thanks for your explanation. Never knew the number of map pages is dependent on waypoints.
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