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  1. I chose the 1980's because it was the closest to what I like the best which is about 1985-1995 '70's and WW1 would be my second choices. I like the 80's because of the interceptors and diversity of combat, almost every fighter could do some ground attack and dogfights still happened due to the shortcomings of BVR missiles. The USSR at the time was at the hight of its spending before its collapse. Aicraft like the F-18A F-16A/C, F-15C, F-14A/B, Mirage 2000, Mig-29, Mig-31B, Su-27 are some of my all time favorites, especially the interceptors. I like the missiles like the AIM-9's, AIM-7M, AIM-54's, Super 530, Magic II, R-60, R73, R-27R because they are reliable but not fantastically effective. The Iran Iraq war and Angola and Ethiopia are wars that were somewhat more even than at other times. I like the 70's because aircraft have their specific purpose and tend to be more streight foreward such as the F-4, A-6, F-5, Mig-21 Mirage's Mig-25's Su-17 etc. missiles were still unreliable and had to be used under very specific conditions makeing dog fighting the main air combat battlefield.
  2. The way I think ARH missiles should behave would be: If chaff covers the missiles field of view and the fighter that launched it doesn't have a lock it should maintain its current intercept. If the fighter still has a lock and the chaff isn't obstructing the fighter as well it should continue compansating for the fighters changes in vector. Is this what you mean by modeling the missiles seeker?
  3. Some aircraft(such as the Mirage 2000-5 I think) have the ability to detect missile controll datalinks maybe some Russian Jets have a function like that?
  4. I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread specifically for absorbing wishes as opposed to a new thread requesting a new feature three times a day. Those tend to clutter up the forum and bump down informative posts. These wishes are not necessarily specific to Lock On and could be for Future ED projects and even other games. A few wishes I would like to start the thread with that I have seen around on varius forums and have cought my eye are: More complex condensation effects on the wings and LERX's. GCI and AWAC vectoring and controll including Lazur GCI system for Mig-29A. First person ejections. A personal all time wish for any highly detailed sim is a Flyable Mig-31B in the ED sims it would make the "modern" Russian interceptor list complete I feel and it would be unique and complex enough to keep people interested for a long time(myself anyway).
  5. Central B.C.(Kaslo) Western Canada. It has mountains and is sleepy recently it has been known as the place where during a jazz festival a bear was shot during a Jeff Healy concert.
  6. Like the F-16 the Mig-29A is a simple fighter and isn't supposed to have ECM or even datalink it is part of what I like about it and it is quite challanging. If we could get the LAZUR GCI interface accurately modeled though I it would be very nice and it would I think significantly improve the Mig-29A, even its range.
  7. I suspect that with a GCI system in place that would vector you to target and keep you informed about the overall situation the only thing that would have to change to apply that to AWAC would be to chamge what is visible.
  8. Thanks Octav the top bit was exactly what I was thinking would be great to have with the Mig-29 and GCI functionality would also help all the other aircraft in the game by vectoring them to target and warning them of threats.
  9. http://www.aeronautics.ru/archive/vvs/mig29-01.htm Where it lists the known varients it says. Admitadly a flawed resource but I had read about it other places as well. Could this GCI link system be added as a feature for Lock On, could GCI be improved because at least in 1.02 I couldn't even get them to talk to me(don't know if thats changed).
  10. Ahh so thats it, thanks Olgerd. How does this GCI radio system relay information is it audio or can the data be visually relayed via the HUD or head down display?
  11. I am fairly certain all Mig-29's have had GCI datalink systems(I don't know about AWAC datalink) and I think the Mig-29A(9.12) has the Laszlo datalink it has been specifically mentioned many times that the Datalink systems were removed from export fighters such as the German Mig-29A's. Besideds if the real life Mig-29's didn't have datalink why does the 9.13S version in the game have it? Thanks for the quik response to my question Kuosta.
  12. I believe that the Mig-29A should have a Laszlo datalink system. Why is the Mig-29A the only flyable Russian fighter in Lock On to not have the datalink system?(obviously the Mig-29G shouldn't).
  13. Sorry to interupt your little war(Mig-29K vs F-16) people but I Have a couple comments I want to make on the Mig-31 in the game as it is. In Lock On as it is you can equip a Mig-31 with four R-33's and two R-40's, I think this is an innacurate loadout as the Mig-31 has to carry a controller to launch the R-40's which takes up one of the R-33 bays meaning only three R-33's can be carried with two R-40's on the wings. Also as I am sure many of you know in 1985 Alexander Tolkachev was discovered selling radar secrets to the west and subsiquently the RADAR on the Mig-31 was changed improvements being incorperated into the Mig-31B production series and the Mig-31BS upgrade, which version of the Mig-31 is in this game? I can't tell from the model if it has a fuel probe so it could be a Mig-31A, 'B or 'BS I think so which one is it supposed to be?
  14. I don't think the Mig-31 would be a very successfull flyable add-on aircraft(unless it is widely loved in Russia) considering that it is a two seater and not enough information is available about its weapon systems. Time would be better spent on other aircraft. I would think it was great but I think most people would think it was to heavy and old. My vote would be on the Mirage 2000C but it seems even less information is available for that. After the Mirage 2000C the F/A-18 would be the best but if the F-16 is more economical I am sure it would be very popular as well. I like the Jaguar suggestion to but the aircraft I think would be most popular in the U.S. would be the F-14.
  15. Thanks SwingKid you have no idea how much you just made my day I have been looking for info like that for years! Not enough information to model a flyable Mig-31 in a sim perhaps but fantastic nonetheless, now to figure out what it all means(I plan on studying these shots for hours). Things like this make me wish I had television. Thanks again!
  16. Thanks Olgerd, I suppose weapons employment being classified means that it is impossible to get information on RADAR/HUD modes/symbology(possibly excepting navigation) as you say the "usefull" stuff which is unfortunate. I suspect that the HUD is probably along same lines as the Mig-23MLD and perhaps some of the RADAR modes as well but if guesswork is all that can be done....
  17. I fully agree my preferance is around 1985. All those snazy bells and whistles wouldn't fit in with the other excellent flyables very well (besides still being classified). How much info would it be possible to get on the Mig-31?
  18. I believe it is common to black out from the G-forces of ejecting but I thought it would also be a way of smoothing the transition betwean internal and external cockpit view. The idea has been shared at least once on the Ubi Lock On wish list it was never my intention to steal an idea from somone and I never claimed it was original I just thought it was worth shareing.
  19. I don't know about what most people that play Lock On are like but I eject very often and when I do the imersion is gone so fast it's anticlimactic. I think first person ejections would be a nice if relatively unimportant feature. I would like to see this work something like this: Upon ejection there is a noise the screen bumps up and almost instantly blacks out completely. While blacked out the exterior models load and when it fades in again it is still first person and you can look around and see the parachute above you and your legs and feet suspended over the ground. You would then have the oportunity to leave the game from this view or switch perspectives if you had external views on.
  20. Thank you very much indeed Chizh and Olgerd! It surprises me that more info isn't available about the Mirage 2000C as it is older and in service with a bunch of airforces I hope something shows up.
  21. No... I know about the Rafale M I was probably just mistaken. The Mig-29K is going to be great I agree is it going to be like the Indian one and if so are they going to put in the Gorshkov? Will it be the current build with advanced Zhuk M RADAR or as is possible with BARs. I like the F/A-18(I am Canadian) better than the F-16 for many reasons and I like the idea of Carrier ops but only Russian carriers sail in the black sea so why bother with other carriers untill we get more areas. I really like the Mirage 2000C though and I think it deserves to be in a sim more than the others because of neglect if nothing els. I really like the early Mirage 2000C's cockpit it is so streight forward and spartan. I also really like the Super-530D/F and the Magic-2 as they are very unique(the 530s anyway) weapons and they just don't fit on the other fighters. My personal priorities in what I want to see added would be: 1)Mig-31B 2)Mirage 2000C 3)F/A-18A/C CF-18 4)F-14A/B ...and for helicopters. 1)Mi-24(the antitank one "D" maybe "E" perhaps I have forgotten) 2)AH-1(one of the supercobras from the '80's pre "W") Is that a strange set of priorities?
  22. 6. Better condensation on the wingtips that fades out and in instead of disapearing and reapearing. 7. Condensation shifting to the LERX's during high AoA manuvers. 8. Engine smoke.
  23. You win Alpha but who needs carrier capability in the black sea anyway(except the Russians and their "Aviation Cruiser")? Besides although the 2000C hasn't operated on the Degaul I was almost postive some kind of 2000 had maybe it was an "N" now that would be fun "N" stands for Nuke! Making the Mirage 2000C would make a lot of French people happy thats for sure!
  24. What about the Mirage 2000C it is a Nato multirole noncarrier capable aircraft not made by either the U.S. or Russia and used by several countries. It would be the only delta wing aircraft in the game, I don't think that the early versions had ground attack radar but maybe they did. I think it would be a more original choice than either the F/A-18 or the F-16, when was the last time you heard of a Mirage 2000 sim? My favorite would be a Mig-31B/E though that would be the best:cool: .
  25. I asked for the Mi-24 and the AH-1. I would rather older aircraft honestly things that were in general service in the mid '80's. Mirage 2000 is high on my list too but whatever ED does it will probably kick ass.
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