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  1. The 'device_init.lua' is the only DCS file modified when you set a custom profile using Kneeboard Builder and it will be restored after a DCS repair or update. The cause of your problem may appear in the dcs log file in your DCS saved games 'Logs' folder. If you send it to me I can take a look for you too.
  2. If it is still not working after performing a DCS repair and without using a Kneeboard Builder profile then the problem is likely not being caused by Kneeboard Builder. Kneeboard Builer only modifies one .lua file for each aircraft in the DCS install directory only when a profile is applied. That single file is reset after a DCS repair. It may be an issue with the new DCS kneeboard system not liking multi-monitor configurations.
  3. In the Kneeboard Builder go to Options -> Kneeboard Profiles -> Restore Defaults and then run a DCS repair to clear out any remaining old configuration files that may be interfering with the new kneeboard setup. With the new resizable and movable DCS kneeboard system the kneeboard profiles from Kneeboard Builder are no longer necessary to use unless you want the kneeboard to default to a certain size and position.
  4. Running a DCS repair will probably be your best option. Select the repair option that removes all non-native files from the DCS install to make sure you get rid of any old kneeboard related configuration files that are no longer needed after the latest DCS update. I am still looking into how the new kneeboard works and how well it plays with Kneeboard Builder.
  5. Version is now available. -Fixed 'Value cannot be null' crash on startup after update to DCS Open Beta
  6. Yes is it looks like they made some major upgrades to the in-game kneeboard which will likely render a portion of Kneeboard Builder obsolete. I'll have to put out a new update to Kneeboard Builder to compensate for the changes. I haven't had a chance to look at what has changed yet so I don't have a time frame on when you can expect a Kneeboard Builder update.
  7. In the Options -> Preferences page, try setting your saved games path to point directly at your DCS saved games folder like "...\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta"
  8. Version is now available. -Fixed A-10C kneeboard profiles overwriting A-10C_2 kneeboard profiles -Fixed crash when setting kneeboard profile for all aircraft -Standalone FC3 aircraft and FC3 package aircraft now use separate kneeboard profiles (still use same kneeboard image directory though)
  9. Try deleting these two files: "...\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts\device_init.lua" "...\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts\device_init_original.lua" Then run DCS Repair and retry setting a custom kneeboard profile in Kneeboard Builder. If you continue to run into issues please let me know at s13solutions@gmail.com.
  10. Yes there is an issue with the A-10C profiles overwriting the A-10C_2 profiles. I am working on a fix for it. EDIT: I just put out an update for Kneeboard Builder that should fix this issue.
  11. Terrain specific kneeboards go in the terrain kneeboard folder. The Caucasus kneeboard path would be ...\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\terrains\Caucasus\Kneeboard
  12. It sounds like either your DCS directory or your Saved Games directory is not pointing to the right directories in the preferences page. Try using a 'custom' setup in preferences and set your Saved Games to point directly at '.../Saved Games/DCS.openbeta'
  13. Version Released Version is now available. -Fixed crash on startup due to recent change in C-101 entry.lua
  14. Your imported png files are saved in the main Kneeboard Builder folder in the 'Kneeboard Groups' folder.
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