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  1. Love this idea and not just for the F-14, appreciate there will need to be some concessions but would love to see more of our talented skinners focussing on real world CSG/CVW livery packs as you suggest..Not just the aircraft but the accompanying ships. Would be great to have templates for various CSG made up for various decades, 90s, 00s, 2010, modern day you could plonk into the relevant theatre that had the appropriate lead CVN, appropriate air wings embarked etc..(Airframes not present in DCS aside):thumbup:
  2. SMS/Stores page the one with the aircraft planform, then just box using the OSBs - GUN, LO (rate of fire) and PGU (Ammo type being computed for I believe) Cheers
  3. Just tried the instant action ground attack practice in Syria and the gun was in LO, PGU mode and firing well high of the pipper as described above...Restarted the sim and started the same mission and the pipper was OK again so seems intermittent Cheers
  4. So from Wags' post https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-16c-viper/242691-planned-f-16c-systems-and-payloads He mentions BRU-57/A Smart Rack which looks very similar to me (functionality wise) to googled BRU-33, but I'm sure one of the rack experts will chime in and qualify.. In fact fas.org says this on it's BRU-55/57 page "The Air Force's BRU-55A/A consists of the BRU-33 strongback (GFE from the Navy), 2 x BRU-46 ejector units, and electronics (being developed under the EMD contract)." Cheers JH
  5. Yeah sounds epic, loving the hog right now, reminds me of how good DCS can be when its done right
  6. https://i1.wp.com/theaviationist.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/A-10-departing-tanker.jpg?ssl=1 Here you go... Cheers JH Added full article link https://theaviationist.com/2017/04/24/new-photos-of-u-s-a-10-thunderbolt-ii-refueling-during-anti-isis-mission-show-interesting-weapons-loadout/
  7. And then there's the guys that take the tank killer name literally....Which is cool too :lol: Surprised he doesn't drop the pod and squeeze another 97 on there, could get 401? :thumbup:
  8. Ha ha nothing secret, just as you said really - temptation is to load the hog up with triple 54s, Mavs and APKWS but I think it's actually more fun grabbing a loadout from a Youtube AAR video or photos from Hogs in Syria/Afghan recently...Bit more milsim style...For me with a mixed weapon loadout you have to match the weapon to the target more and prioritise.... What I've found interesting is how many aircraft I've seen loaded out on videos with GBU-12s/38s despite the 54 in theory being the latest and greatest...Assuming when they load up the aircraft they have "back stock" of kits they need
  9. Post your favourite (realistic-ish) A-10C II Load outs here; This is mine, based on some fairly recent AAR refuelling videos I've seen, gives good flexibility for most circumstances (no AA threat to cater for). Seems to be a fairly common loadout too, maybe swap the GBU-12s from stations 1&11 to 5&7 and move the GBUs to stations 4&8 GBU-12 APKWS AGM-65L Empty GBU-54 Empty GBU-38 Empty AGM-65D Litening Pod GBU-12 Cheers James
  10. Yeah some as the default mappings for TM Warthog are borked, I had to remap trigger stage 1 to PAC and 2 to fire as Snoopy mentions.. Cheers James
  11. It is for me at least in as such as it only stabilises your pitch, not roll or yaw...At least that's how I remember it working Cheers JH
  12. Ah nevermind just watched Lord Wag's video again and wasn't slewing the designation cursor before hitting the right was just looking at something, putting the cross over it and hitting tms right
  13. This is weird as I'm on trackir and flat panel and I see a similar issue when creating mark points with the hmcs as soi, ie the mark point is created down and to the right of the crosshair rather than directly underneath it...Need to try the same suggestions as the hmcs boresight page in stat menu doesn't seem to do anything? Cheers James
  14. Agreed. Yeah well done Kate and team, liking the pragmatism here
  15. From Wag's latest mini update... Air-to-Ground Ranging (AGR) radar mode Air-to-ground ranging (AGR) mode is an indirect radar mode—it is commanded automatically by the MC when deemed necessary and cannot be directly selected. Its purpose is to provide slant range to an aimpoint to allow a more precise calculation of altitude above target. When commanded, the AGR legend will appear on the HUD and the RDR ATTK format will display the AGR sub-format. If the radar was operating in MAP mode, it's possible to exit AGR mode and return to MAP by assigning TDC priority to the RDR ATTK format.
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