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  1. Have you recently upgraded Lock On with a patch? My experience is that the TrackIR.ini files only get created during installs. Pud
  2. I have a good running installation of Lock On patched to 1.12 on 32 bit Vista Ultimate (CD version). When I attempt to upgrade to 1.12b, I get a buffer overrun error after file extraction. I have read comments about this problem, but the solutions don't seem to fit here. Any help appreciated. Pud
  3. I am using FC v1.12a and have begun showing frame rates ranging from 100 to -100 (negative numbers only briefly appearing). I did a reinstall (from US CD version) but still see it. Anyone else experience this? Pud
  4. It's refreshing to read a series of posts where a disagreement is not taken personally... Hats off to Astotzer. Pud
  5. In the mission I set up they flew like they knew what they were doing. Incidently, I was flying a one ship mission Su-33 against them. I have yet to kill both. At least one of them gets me. I'm impressed so far. Pud
  6. The AI seems to be much improved with this version. I went after a Mig 27 with guns only and he flew like a spitball! It took several minutes to nail him. I set up a mission involving 2 F-16's over the Caucuses. I failed to adjust for altitude. I watched their ingress and am pleased to report that they follow terrain (leaving dust clouds at times). Pud
  7. This copy protection system reminds me of those I've seen in the late 80's and 90's that only allowed a certain number of installations. However, they normally had an "unistall' feature that would allow you to increment your install count back up on a valid unisnstall from the primary computer (to allow you to move it to another machine). Any such support with this system? Pud
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