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  1. I've experienced a few bugs so far: 1) Saving mission state very rarely works. Most times I just get a "couldn't save file" message. 2) TrackIR suddenly stops working during a mission. I have to exit the cockpit and re-enter it (Alt-J) in order to continue, but then I have to control the view with the keyboard. When I exit the mission and start another one, TrackIR is back on track (pun intended). ;) 3) When I start the second A-10 campaign mission, LockOn crashes to desktop. The following error information is shown: Appname: LockOn.exe, AppVer:, ModName: protect.dll, ModVe
  2. I just installed 1.1 and was eager to see if it is now possible to save state during a mission (this used to be impossible due to a bug in the first versions of LockOn). Saving state works well in the quick-start missions, but I'm unable to save the mission state when flying some campaings (such as the first A-10 and SU-25T campaigns). All I get is an error message telling me it's unable to save the file. Any ideas? :confused:
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