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  1. MiniZap - Missile Launch Zone Calculator test setup with AIM-120B AMRAAM Intercept controls: Target Aspect: 180 deg Launch Altitide: 10 000 m Target Altitide: 10 000 m Target Speed: 900 km/h Test 1: Launch speed: 1200 km/h Result distance to target: 58.5 km Test 2: Launch speed: 400 km/h Result distance to target: 46.8 km Conclusion: 11.7 km difference !!! As you know MiniZap is not 100% waterproof but it is very close with reality, much closer than FC2 anyway! Anyway it is nice to know that the issue is addressed. PS. To be honest I have not yet tested this is
  2. @Scooternutz, I see that you were not familiar with the old school Frugals community. Oh man, Aragorn was/is a flightsimmer with the most vulgarity postings ever found on the net: trust me on that :D. But anyway he is/was a hardcore flightsimmer. Of course he was the famous man too who was nailing once his wingman with an air-to-ground-missile at 30000 ft. :D The old days of online playing with falcon… great times. :thumbup: It seems that frugalsworld is down? I don't know if these falconboys still were live? PS. of course he was banned about 100 times but at the end of the da
  3. Sorry mate for complaining but my Lockon Flaming Cliffs2 DVD box says "16" PEGI Rating… check www.pegi.info Not trying to be unpleasant, but face it: FC2 is a war simulation… But anyway it is indeed gross to disgrace the oldest job of humankind like that At least 50 euro you have to pay… :D
  4. I don't know what connection speed I have to set as a Host: ADSL 256/128 LAN 1 LAN 10 Which option fits best for my VDSL2 connection? I guess my connection must be good enough for max 10 players?
  5. The Installation and Activation guide for LOCKON: Flaming Cliffs2 says: "…you must have installed either LOCKON: Modern Air Combat or LOCKON: Flaming Cliffs." Of course for Flaming Cliffs "1" you need to have also LOCKON: Modern Air Combat… as a result you need "LOCKON: Modern Air Combat" anyway :D
  6. For the Russian fighters load it would be nice to load always 2 ET's and/or 2 R-73's as preset up. If I get my preset up with a load of 6 x R-77's on the Mig-29s then the 1st thing I do is quitting that server. An easy solution for mission builders on servers could be for example: nr 60 Mig-29s: 6 x R-77's nr 61 Mig-29s: 4 x R-77's, 2 x R-73 nr 62 Mig-29s: 2 x R-77's, 2x ET, 2 x R-73 nr 63 Mig-29s … etc.
  7. I am so stupid :D; I was selecting "Mig-29S" and doing a config for "Mig-29" thus that was my problem ... Now everything works!
  8. ok thanks, I figured out how to activate your profile on my cougar with foxy! The trick is compile/download the setup file within Foxy or whatever option and this enables simulation button mode for the hotas. Now I just need to find a Mig-29s friendly TM cougar profile. Looks like FC2 ignores everything you do in FC2 options controls assignments.:mad:
  9. Example: I figured out slider 1 for the thrust, so this I have assigned correctly! For my target AA designator in the sensor section I was selecting: left: <ctrl> together with "JOY BTN POV1 L" right: <ctrl> together with "JOY BTN POV1 R" down: <ctrl> together with "JOY BTN POV1 D" up: <ctrl> together with "JOY BTN POV1 U" but it was not yet working…??? "JOY BTN POV1 …" single was already used for camera view…
  10. I found the complicated Foxy program where you can indeed write complicated macros with. But I did not find the FC2 names like JOY BTN5 JOY BTN4 JOY BTN1 JOY BTN3 JOY BTN POV DL JOY BTN POV DR JOY BTN POV D JOY BTN POV L JOY BTN POV R … I guess I start to figure out which button is what on my hardware manually: -> assign 1 button on 1 FC2 function = to find 1 button combination I have to try 100 possibilities from FC2 options list and launch the game about 100 times to find out which one is it…:D Repeat this proces for the 30 missing functions...
  11. I only have the HOTAS Cougar Control Panel , version 3.01 Firmware version 3.06 and I am running Vista 64 bit; I just need a schema with some explanation on the Lockon FC2 names. something like what is the corresponding name for the red cannon button on my cougar in FC2 options menu? :thumbup: It shows me a long list of 100+ cougar button names...
  12. ok thanks, Now I just have to know: What is Foxy? Where can I find it? :D
  13. So I made my comeback to flight simming and I picked up a DVD copy of FC2 and now I have to assign stuff to my Thrustmaster Cougar. My 1st problem is that I have to known the buttons names on my hotas. There is no easy assign tool that shows me the names of the buttons that are pushed in? Thus I need a list/schema that explains the names for the corresponding stuff on my cougar. It is been a while… 1 or 2 years? :D PS. I can figure out the stuff that is already assigned like JOY X … etc…
  14. I am happy to hear that amd is keeping up and will bring again top performance on the market but until a real Intel killer machine will enter the arena I will keep my I7 toy running on stock cooling btw. Anyway I have a AMD ATI 4850 video adapter. My old AMD FX-55 still is alive and kicking also :D. anyway my latest pc specs:
  15. DCS: Black Shark Retail Release http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=652016#post652016 Even this announcement is not correct because it is available at http://www.simw.com/ in Brussels today on 29 Mars 2009. thanks anyway. [url=http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=652016#post652016][/url]
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