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  1. Yeap. Topcat is my best favorite, and I am enjoying DCS and I always appreciate ED’s effort to give us great combat flight experience. Thanks for all reply.
  2. The main reason why I would like to have this in the game is this sound can be a good interaction with the game about g loading. The only way to know g loading in game is to look at the g meter on the cockpit. But in real life, Pilot feels g loading by himself. Just like, DSC implements Plane shattering when high AOA, so PC pilot can guess AOA status without seeing AOA meter. I would like to extend flight experience through these kind of interactions. If we can hear distinct breathing sound depending on g loading, then we could know or guess g loading without seeing g meter. (Black out may have similar effect, maybe not, I don't know but sound also can be other way to give good interaction) Just idea.
  3. Just watched amazing vid in youtube. I am suprized the pilot hardly breathed as he pulled the stick hard. In the DCS, I am pulling my stick so easily and I feel guilty. If this kind of hard breathing sound depending on g loading is implemented in DCS then it will be much more fun.
  4. Yes. I know there is no ED' plans. What I want is third party MOD. I think MOD makers can do this.... Putting 3D object to cockpits data structure.... I think it's possible.
  5. Hi. due to varius mod especially 6 DOF MOD, I can feel as I am in real cockpit. I love mod makers.. Thank you.. But because FC2.0 all flyable airplane have 2D HUD Frame, when I move my head to side (X move), HUD look like just picture. Is there a method putting 3D HUD model to FC2.0 cockpits? If 3d Hud frame get in the cockpit, fc2.0 will be great game that I never seen before... This is my trivial wish... ^^
  6. Hi. I look forward to 1.2 add on and want another plane's 3D cockpit - 6DOF. That's my hope - I really want to experience real 3D flight environment and wish ED to make it.
  7. I have heard 1.2 will support all 6DOF of all fylable plane. Is this right?
  8. In Lock on, I think zoom fucntion could be achieved by camera angle change. not by camera distance change. Is this right? So. when I change my max view angle to over 120 degree, and zoom out then screen distorsion appear. Screen or cockpit look like photo by camera which use shperical lense. I want to see my all parts of cockpit without distortion. Is this impossible? Can you understand me?
  9. It is individual preference that which is more trouble between cd or downloaed. But the problem is that Ed don't say Eglish CD version FC1.1 will be released. I think they will not sell FC1.1 Cd version in western. If I knew Eglish Cd version FC1.1 will be out, I never buy downloaded FC1.1. So I complain. And with downloaded version, by all means I must contact Ed due to activation key exhaust or hardware changing. But with CD version, I just play with FC cd in cdrom. Which is more trouble?
  10. ED didn't say eglish cd version FC1.1. It's why I buy downloaded fc1.1 It is fact that using downloaded FC1.1 is more trouble than cd version. I paid for FC1.1 downloaded version because I think I can't buy cd version. How about sending cd version FC1.1 to people who bought downloaded FC1.1? Current situation is not fair, I think.
  11. Do you mean that you uninstalled 1.1 demo and reinstalled 1.1? Then I had same problem. Pherhaps is your system winXp+sp2 ? You have to tell me your system information. In my case, my system winxp+sp2 and abit nf-7 board, ati radeon 9700 system, after clean installed FC1.1 , it won't start. and nothing comes up even starforce activation windows. But double clicking one file - extracttexure.exe- , then starforce activation windows appears. So after activation, I can play FC1.1. Try this way, and informed me please. If you will success by this way, I will send e-mail to ED. I have seen another people who have same problem.
  12. I write down this problem once, but nobody answer. In install process. my system have strange behavior. First I install clean LockOn original and just install Lockon 1.1 And I start lockon 1.1. then nothing happen. No start window, no starforce activation window. Just self out program. But, I double click one excutable file - ExtractTextures.exe - then appear concole dialog and starforce activation window. So I register my activation key and out. Next. I can start Lockon 1.1 . Now lockon1.1 has no problem. I well play it. But isn't strange? Anybody here who know this phenomena? My system is AMP2500, nforce 2, 768MB RAM ATI RADEON 9700+CATAL5.4 and WindowXP+SP2.
  13. Ok. You understand my question. Hmm.. I have to be adapted this hud mark. Thanks you a lot.
  14. Sorry about my poor english. That picture... the upper Heading line and left velocity line and right altitude line 's position are strange.? I mean that left-right vertical line located too high. In Lockon 1.02 ________ |..........| |..........| |..........| but that picture |.........| |_____ | |.........| |.........| (. is blank) Do you understand? That don't look like lockon 1.02 's
  15. "http://myhome.naver.com/kiamia/ScreenShot_000.jpg" Hi, I installed Fc1.1 hardly, but F-15 Hud display like this. Is this right? How can I fix that? Fc 1.1 make me crazy. huhhh :rolleyes: My system is Winxp+sp2 AMP 2500+ , Nforce 2 ATI Radeon 9700 + Catal 5.4
  16. Hi. I installed original lockon and just install FC1.1. When I run program by double clicking lockon 1.1 icon or lockon.exe file, then nothing happpened. No starforce window appear, anything else. But. I double clicking other exe file such as extracttexture.exe, then I can see starforce window, and start lockon 1.1. Why this happened? I want to start lockon 1.1 normally. Please reply. My system is Window xp+Sp2 AMD barton 2500+ ATI radeon 9700 NF2 Mother board. ...
  17. My Problem is that window does not load lockon.exe process. After double clicking lockon.exe, in the process manager lockon.exe loaded for a second, and soon disappear. Many trial, I double clicked extracttextures.exe file in \lockon\ folder, then starforce window appear. ??? What's this?
  18. Hi. I read that thread, but problem is not solved. Is there someting to install for starforce program? or not compatitable with winXp+sp2? I am very dissapointed . I want to fly... T.T
  19. I installed LockOn and FC1.1 . When I double clicked LockOn 1.1 icon, program does not running. No starforce window, nothing else. My operating system is WinXp+sp2. I guess this is due to starforce driver or firewall , but I can't solve this problem. Help me please.
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