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  1. I'm not really sure that Stealth is the kind of movie that KBS team ever saw... but I may be wrong on this one... :lol:
  2. Well, one of the others would be Shinning, while flying over the Hummer... and the other would be the music while the instructor is presenting his fireworks? let's see what they saw on C6 ;)
  3. I really did enjoy the whole footage :) Great job on the vid, and the exploitation of such a simple idea ;)
  4. Don't worry guyz, Dobb just meant he was releasing his latest video... not his last one ever :) It's just that in French, last and latest are the same word, one more of our language subtilities :) Enjoy ;)
  5. I guess that we French, are gonna have to learn how to read Russian...
  6. Yep, but no one around could see your flaps deployed, or each others' flaps... as the tire punctures... U can see your own, hoster can see all punctures... but clients can't see any, except their own.. Wags, any chance we see it fixed some day? Or will it be like the mid-air refueling baskets?
  7. Thx Wags, just reported that on the French C6 forums, with a slight translation. keep up the good work...and giving us updates :)
  8. Thx Ice for the package... Hoping it'll interest many ones around ;)
  9. FPS on the clients can be higher than on the host... much higher ;) it's more a problem of options that can't be overriden on the clients than an issue of limited fps on the server... But a dedicated server would be such a wonderful improve...
  10. I never said that we were dogfighting with SU-25T ;) Just telling that we usually play coops missions (SEAD / AG / air-air missions) and also, we happen to play versus each others... Human vs Human, with or without IAs... Imagine an escort mission : Russian Su-27s take off and regroup onto TU-22 / 95 bombers on their nav. In front, a patrol of ukrainian SU-27s, who have to stop the bombers... what do you get? A wonderful 1.5 hours mission, with nav, bvr, tasks to fullfill, cooperation and strategies of engagement...
  11. Interest is different at more than 2, yep... First, U can assign specific tasks to wings of 2 or 3 birds, have an escort, have decoys... And of course, immersion is much more thrilling when playing at 8, human vs human, on 2 different TS channels (fight club missions)... ;)
  12. You'll find several of the missions Zeufman has created / modified for more than one year, and that we have been flying : here 25T missions are recognizable by CAC or 25T in the title... There are not many 25T missions till then, but just try to finish CAC short/long/medium, before :) Enjoy
  13. One of my pals yesterday encountered the same issue... I advised him to cancel the 'reactivation', set all his rotaries on neutral position, relauch FC, and Ô miracle, it did work normally... Just a question of assignation onto the rotaries, I guess...
  14. Well as for me, it's just a character from an old french movie (Les Tontons Flingueurs, which could be translated as The Old Gunners), and played by a famous french actor, Bernard Blier... Awful little man but great actor, playing a casino -not so clean- owner : , with great ambition I've been using that nick for the last 13 years, and naturally answer to it irl... ps: I don't look at all like him but I luv the character he plays in that movie, angry, vindicative, more pitbull than diplomat, most of my evil side ^^
  15. Well, there's gonna be a sequel, of course... As for the english subs, Dobberman will of course accept any proposition to improve the quality of the translation... and so will I, of course ^^
  16. Thanks for the advice, Han, but we don't get any trouble while playing solo games... so? any idea?
  17. Just a unpleasant bug to report here : I bought 2 licences of 1.1 last week : 1 for a 'dedicated server', one for myself as a 'client'. The 2 PC are quite powerful : Dedicated server : PIV 2.8, 1Gb DDR 3200, Fire GL 128 Mo, internet upload: 1mbit. Client : Athlon 3500 / 64, 2Gb DDR 3200, X800XT, Lan 100 Mbits connection. The issue is : When I got clients from the net, they encounter micro lags, as if someone walked on the hose, and released the pressure every 2/3 seconds. Very regular micro lags, quite unperceptible, but very unpleasant. So we tried to host the game on my usual game machine : same symptoms. Wondering if it was caused by my connection, we tested onto other host connections. Result, host is cool, with no lags nor micro freezes, but his clients get the same symptoms. So, it doesn't come from the machine itself, it doesn't come from the connection itself... Second problem : When having a multiplayer mission, random pop-ups and an awacs monitoring take-offs and announcing those take-offs, the game takes a pause of 1 / 2 seconds, which is very annoying... Would 1.1 network code have been changed? and been made worse? Should I mention I bought 1.1 just for multiplayer sessions and that solo doesn't interest me at all?
  18. Elcap, just kill the old lady next door, take her Visa Card number and pay yourself a version ^^ /me runs before wms think I'm serious ;)
  19. Hello there, I'm wondering the following thing : For over a year, I've been hosting multi games with a dedicated machine, which simplifies Lomac server administration, TS administration etc. Of course, I used to do it with the same version of my Lock On licence. Do I have to buy a new licence to offer my flying mates and I this 'cumfort' or is there any way to activate the same licence on two different pcs?
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