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  1. Tighten up the Allen screws, gets rid of the slop.
  2. At least we won't be tripping on them in the hangar bay at night. Or smacking a trailing edge with our foreheads
  3. If they implemented he Buddy Store tank, you could also put it on a F/A-18, they did it too when needed. If built when the A-7, A-6 come out you could have it as a load out and go along and be the refueling guy on a mission. Call him, have him come to you if you are beyond Bingo............................. Hoss
  4. From what I've been reading it throttles AMD Ryzen CPU's up to 15%. MS worked with Intel on Win 11 for their new CPU's, and left AMD out of the loop.
  5. I did seven cruises in the USN from 77 to 97, on three different carriers. Any of the aircraft that could carry a Buddystore drop tank could function as a refueling platform. So the A-7, S-3, and the A-6 would perform that function with no problem. So modeling a Buddystore refueling tank is something DCS should be looking at for Carrier ops. KA-6's were what we saw the most during that time. Hoss
  6. Great group....... very knowledgeable on VUSN Carrier ops. Hoss
  7. It was still blurry with the old 1060 on low settings. Hoped the new card and better settings would help it, it did not, and depth of field was off. Thanks Hoss
  8. I have noticed when I use the Channel Map it is very out of focus, especially in external views, and mainly with the Mosquito, I don't really see it on peoples videos they make but the Normandy, Nevada, Caucasus map are not blurry. I've got most everything maxed out with a RTX 3080ti video card. It's both the beta and the release versions I'm seeing it on. Not sure what I might be doing wrong, or if it's a DCS not finnished map thing. Thanks Hoss
  9. The F9F would be my favorite "funny" feeling ride.......... Essex, Corsair, Skyraider, we have the Saber, Mustang..... just need an F-80, F-84......... and the damn map to go with it.
  10. You need to change your name from Razor to Jones, because yer Jonesing pretty bad right now...... Intervention time brother. Hoss
  11. You have the file path to that? i.e. how to find it. Thanks Hoss
  12. $6,000.00 bucks plus a $1,000 fee to use it....... Enterprise hardware to be sure.
  13. Otto Controls P/N- Otto T4-TCG3312..............................
  14. 64, Retired Navy, Retired Boeing, my crusty is an old thick layer of salt.............. and barnacles.... Cheers Hoss
  15. When you talk about OFP on the F/A-18 it's "Operational Flight Program". There's more than one, depending on which piece of equipment you are talking about. Hoss
  16. Careful, it's 1984 and big brother is watching and listening, you'll accumulate points for a DCS forum jail. I'm a backer, and at this point the 262 is a moot point, I love the P-47, the Spitfire is nice, the P-51 is a constant pain trying to get the bindings to stick. I did get the Mosquito............ one of my favorites, I don't really miss the 262, I don't fly it on the "other sim" either.... Cheers Hoss
  17. I'm sure OFP means something entirely different to me than it does you for F/A-18 Avionics Hoss
  18. I know how you feel................... quickly deteriorated into a hot mess, how about some examples of peoples curves, and the custom ones where do those go? 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, etc.... Less of the my method is better than yours, so get over it crap would be great.... I'd like to hear what people are using for TMWH with 10cm extensions for all the various warbirds, they are all a bit squirrely. I'm probably going to accumulate more ban points here............................ Cheers
  19. The P-38 would be nice, any late model to fit the late war models we have now. Give the LW a Ju-88C or 188, another 109 model, the 262 may show up one of these days...... maybe not....
  20. Did you emulate them into one device in the Device manager?
  21. If you are running Target GUI or TARGET Script Editor with the green arrow checked, so it's a red square it's in "Combined" mode. Looking at Device Analyzer to determine if it's there can be confusing. Where you need to look is start TARGET, and go into DCS and see if the "Joystick", "Throttle" and COMBINED are showing on the settings page as controllers. Never use the Joystick/Throttle columns for commands, always put everything in Combined, unless you have another controller like I do... BlackHog Explorer. You need to clear out those columns before you go in and start assigning DX keystrokes, that's step number one (having a clean sheet before you start). Or you will have multiple devices throwing out the same commands from different buttons, and you will see what "Hosed UP' looks like when you try to use it. Hoss
  22. The Navy has transitioned over to the E/F completely, VFA-147 and VFA-97 at Lemoore NAS are transitioning to the F-35's with more squadrons to follow. The only people we supported for the F/A-18C/D was the USMC. (Boeing's Avionics Repair Facility) So from all of those Navy squadrons that had freshly overhauled planes (F/A-18C/D) those went to the Marines, they will be flying them for a while until the F-35B and C's are built for them. I'm glad I retired when I did, before they were all gone, I would of been looking for a job...... . Hoss
  23. I have not run into any problems trimming the P-51, P-47, Spitfire, or Mosquito in R/P/Y. The trim on a button seems kind of slow compared to the "other" sim. But it's very easy to trim all four of the mentioned planes for hands off level flight. Yaw is the easiest, just center the ball, Pitch I very very loosely hold the stick and use Pitch Trim on a button, until the nose levels out and I'm just barely holding the stick. But that's all I fly is Warbirds, in DCS and the "Other" sim.. so it's second nature as to how I do it. It being slower in DCS, at first I tended to over hold the button and would go past the sweet spot (pitch) and have to come back. the only plane I really use Aileron trim is the Mosquito.. I have not tried to use trim on an Axis in this game yet, I want one of the Trim modules I have seen from Replika gear and the guy from Russia GVL warbird style trim boxes. Cheers Hoss
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